Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yacht Charters

Here is something else I would only be able to do if I won the lottery. Bear and I actually looked at how much Yachts cost at one point and its probably more practical to charter a Yacht then actually buy one. I don't think we would be out on one enough to really make buying one a smart purchase.

But in that case we can always go to a company that provides Yacht Charters. Prices your a Yacht Charter typically run between $1100 and $2500 per person for a week and normally include all meals and an open bar. The meals are prepared to your preferences and are often comparable to the best restaurants in the area. That's as much as most vacations and I really don't see myself wanting to be on one for any longer than two weeks anyway. That price is for a Yacht with a crew already on it.

At Ed Hamilton and Co they carefully match you with a crewed Yacht that fits your requirements and a crew that has similar interests. This package will contain our own independent, detailed description of the boat and crew, as well as each boat's brochure. I get the impression that not only would they run the crew for you, but they would also Cater to your needs as well such as cooking and other services. That's what I would expect anyway.


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