Friday, March 09, 2007

Your not going to believe this.

I ran into my ex husband while out renting movies last night. Bear and I had gone to dinner with Coyote and a friend so we both looked really nice which was a nice thing. Its the first time I have seen him in 7 years so I am glad I looked good. I didn't even notice him, which is kind of funny. He had on a t-shirt that was the exact same color as the vests worn by the people that worked there. Bear and Mike and Coyote had gone on ahead of me and when I turned the corner they were standing down at the end of the isle laughing. I thought "well they think have have done something funny." I really didn't care what. I noticed this lady with really fried bleach blond hair and really thick greasy make-up. You know the kind that so thick you can see it sinking into every pour and it looks like you could fry an pancake on her face. I noticed she was starring at me but I was tired and wanted to get home and really didn't pay any attention. I just walked right past, looking for a movie so I could hurry up and get out of there.

Then I heard someone say "You look familiar." I turned around and saw this really pale guy wearing a green t shirt that was way to tight for him. I looked at him and thought he looked familiar. and then it suddenly clicked who it was. I recognized his nose first I think. It didn't look like him.

Let me remind everyone that my ex husband was one of those men who spends 2 hours a day in the gym. He is obsessed with the way he looks. He wouldn't go to the gas station without every hair being glued into place. I had never met a man like that when I met him and I guess at the time I liked it. It was different. But after a while of being married to him I guess I got tired of him looking at himself in darkened windows.

I didn't look at him for a long time. He looked at me like he didn't really want to talk to me, even though he is the one that made me notice him. But Bear and I commented after word that there was something weird about his skin. It didn't look real. Like plastic. Like Micheal Jackson looked years ago, right after his surgery. His skin looked fake and plastic. It didn't even look as though he hadn't shave. It wouldn't surprise me if he has had something done, because he didn't even have any wrinkles or anything

As for that woman he had with him. Shesh. I heard from my mother that he was dating a 50 year old woman. My first thought was trophy boy (which doesn't shock me, he was a trophy boy to another woman when I met him).

My mother was the one that told me he was dating a 50 year old woman. Come to find out it is a cousin of my hair dressers who is not 50, she is over 50. I mean, if there in love, great, I am happy for them, it means he finally got over the whole physical thing, but if not, shesh.


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