Sunday, April 29, 2007

Its a good thing I have a lap top

I forget who always says this but if I didn't have a lap top I would be "Up shit creek without a paddle." I've always liked that colorful expression.

My back still hurts. It doesn't feel as though it has gotten much better either. I can't sit at my desk still and its been 3 days. I can half sit and half lay on the couch as long as my legs are propped up with pillows and there is something soft behind my lower back. I can't sit like that for long though because my butt starts to go to sleep.

Someone won the Powerball last night and of course it wasn't me. That's really irritating. The mega millions is still pretty high so Bear is going to make a trip to Texas on Monday. I think the cash out is 40 million. I would like to go with him but I have to much work to do before 6pm tomorrow to go.

Bear is over at Kathy's again finishing up what he started yesterday. He only has about 5 small trees left to cut down. She invited us over last night after we were done to soak in her hot tub for a while.

She left her married daughter Jamie and Jamie's husband in charge of her house while she was gone. Jamie's husband is having a hard time keeping a job and they needed a place to stay. Jamie is the only one working and is there for gone all of the time her husband is supposed be taking care of the house. Well Kathy came home to find her lawn a foot tall and the house a mess because he isn't cleaning it (and she and her husband are neat freaks). There were tree branches floating in the swimming pool from the storm on Monday that no one cleaned out and there is a big rip in the pool liner and a foot of water underneath it. Some of her track lighting has been broken and no one seems to know how it happened. Then when we got into the hot tub last night she discovered a control panel she had replaced 6 months ago is broken again.

That hot tub was soo nice. It has a beautiful blue violet light in the bottom of it. It felt good on my back too, at least while I was in it. Its not all that old though and it keeps breaking on her. I suspected that they took some maintenance, but I didn't think they needed that much. She has only had it for about two years.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Intersting events.

Well I did my blessed buck money spell yesterday and got a call from Bear shortly afterward. He was buying lottery tickets in Missouri and decided to buy a scratcher also. Ever since I starting doing positive affirmations for the lottery we haven't lost. Even if we just win another ticket. He scratched off a 10 dollar scratcher.

Then after doing the blessed dollar spell again at Wal-Mart last night we got a call from a friend who has been out of town for a while. She came home to a bunch of dead pine trees in her front yard. It seems while she was away the pine beetles played. she asked bear to come over and cut them down and also asked him to name a price. He said he would do it for 200 dollars. her response was "Oh no! I am not going to let you cut your throat like that, I'm paying you 800 dollars and I won't hear anything else about it."

Bear said he is going to start doing that spell himself when ever he is out on the road.

Mouse has been a real pain the *ss lately. I suspect she is in the early stages of puberty. she came home the other day and did nothing but scream at everyone at the top of her lungs until she went to bed. Lately all she ever seems to want to do is argue and fight with someone. So yesterday I charged some sandalwood incense for the purpose of "exorcism" and burned it on her dresser while she was at school. Then I threw enchanted sea salt in the corners of her room and her closet.

She came home, got a snack and went into her room. The was nice to everyone all evening long. didn't try to start a fight and was actually pleasant to be around, ha ha. I should have done that a lot sooner.

On a less happy note I recently eliminated the health part of my morning affirmations. I don't know why. I just figured the chant was long enough without adding that onto it and I am pretty healthy anyway. Well, Thursday morning I went for my 3.5 miles walk (which was cut short because the wild life preserve was flooded) and then I went to the gym. I've been doing the same weight on the lower back machine for a week and a half so I don't really understand what happened. I am guessing I actually started getting this injury some other way and just finished it on the lower back machine, but I have definitely pulled something in my lower back and pretty badly too. I can't sit in a chair for long at all unless I am leaning way back in it and even then its not very comfortable. I can't lay on my side or my stomach in bed (and that's how I sleep) and the only activity I can do comfortably is a slow walk. Thursday night I could barely even walk. Two days later it still hurts and there is a big spot on my lower left side that feels bruised 9even though you can't see a bruise).

I've been doing my red candle and gold glitter spell every day. Its purpose is not just prosperity alone, but to wake up sluggish energy in the house and get things moving.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Money Spells

I decided I should start doing some of these. I've been limiting most of my work to simple positive affirmations. I found a really interesting one that I thought I would share. everything in italic was written by the writer of the spell.

Take one or more one dollar bills and write a Blessing on them
with a permanent marker. The Blessing I use is, "May You be
Blessed with Health, Wealth and Love". You can use mine or
make up your own.

Then take the Blessed Bucks out into the world and hide them in
places where people will find them, NEVER just drop one on the
ground---that might look like an accident.

Great places to hide them are:

Open a newspaper kiosk and slip one inside a newspaper,
especially in the JOBS section.

Carry a glue stick with you and go inside a grocery store ...
glue a Blessed Buck on the back of a food item, milk, or my
favorite, a box of Pampers.

Glue one to the stall door in a public restroom.

It doesn't matter where ... just wherever somebody will find it.

The only other Rule is, NEVER stay to watch who finds it!

I think the reason this Spell is so effective is, it brings the
Laws of "Reap and Sow" into play and the Universe pays off BIG
time, because while you're putting out the symbol of money, a
dollar, you're actually giving out JOY ... because, imagine
FINDING one! Wouldn't it just make your day? Wouldn't it change a
crappy mood to one of elation? Wouldn't you call everybody you
know and say, "You wont believe what happened to me today!"

Or ... suppose you were tired and broke and looking for a job ...
and opened the WANT ADS ... and saw this amazing surprise!

Altogether, for one crummy buck, a LOT more than a buck's worth
of happiness comes from it ... I think the Universe pays back in
the same symbol, dollars, but matches and 100-folds the Joy with
MORE dollars.

Plus, it's so much FUN. Once I was sliding thru the A&P looking
for a new place to hide my Buck and noticed the assistant manager
following me ... so, I hurried over to the Pampers and quickly
glued my Buck to a box ... just as the guy rounded the corner ...
and I froze, like a deer in the headlights, and he says, "HOLD
IT! OK ... what are you trying to do ... I've been watching
He probably assumed I was a shoplifter ... so, I showed him the
dollar bill glued to the Pampers ... said, "It's my hobby ..."
and left him standing there, open-mouthed. teehee!

Even ONE Blessed Buck a week will work, tho I try to put four or
five out there. If you KEEP doing it, money will constantly be
coming back to you, MANY-fold.

I did this one today. I pulled a dollar bill out of my purse and wrote her blessing
on it and stuck it inside of a DVD case before putting it into the movie return at
Hastings. I'm going to give bear strict instructions to start doing this when he is
out selling too.

This one is mine.

1 red candle
a little bit of honey
gold glitter
candle holder

I prefer to use those little red votive candles and the small clear glass holders that
you can buy for less than a buck at Wal-mart. Draw the Mars symbol on the candle and
the dollar amount your looking for. Then rub honey on the candle coating it half way
up from the bottom. Then coat it in gold glitter. Light it and let it burn until it
out. Then take the remaining wax and shape it into your favorite shape while its still
soft. I prefer a heart. Put it in your purse or wallet or shape it around a green
ribbon and hang it over your rear view mirror. when you get the money bury the wax on
your property somewhere or if you live in an apartment in a flower pot.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Amsterdam Vacation

Amsterdam is probably one of those places I would visit after I won the lottery. I don't know. I would have to look it up. There are probably other places I would want to go first.

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I don't really think about going on vacation very much. There really isn't any point because I never get to go on vacation anywhere. I can't really relate to those people that buy condos in there favorite vacation spot. I mean, I can see it as a great income property because you can rent it out when your not there. But its not something I am able to do. I can dream though.

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Truck Toolboxes

If my husband can ever find a truck to buy he may be investing in a truck toolbox. I have never ever had to look at these things before. My first husband had a truck but he wasn't the sort to have to drive around with a toolbox in it or anything like that. Now that I look at them they do look really interesting. I don't know if it would be practical for us to get one simple because it would take up space in the truck bed and that space is going to be pretty important. Wow, now that I am looking at them I see they even offer tool boxes that will fit on a 4 wheeler. If we had a 4 wheeler that would probably be a more practical thing for us to do. that is if the kids weren't going to ride it. They certainly cost more than what I expected them too, but I guess they are probably made out of good quality materials too.

Online Sweepstakes

I think everyone likes to play games and win prizes. runs continuous online sweepstakes with a twist. The twist is that on WhoGets, you get to decide. Who walks away with the cool products we're giving away? It's up to you. Will you pick the neediest contestant? The struggling college student? The person who made you laugh? Or someone for no reason at all? We'll see but however it goes, YOU are in control.

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Grandfather Clocks

I have always thought grandfather clocks were really really beautiful. A cousin of mine that I used to stay the night at had a grandfather clock in there living room. I didn't realize at the time that these big tall beautiful wooden clocks were so expensive. But they are. Even for a grandfather clock on sale your going to pay a couple thousand dollars. I have seen some in expensive furniture stores that were priced over 6000 dollars.

I don't think you see these stately clocks as much as you used to, but I do think they make an elegant addition to any home if you have the money to spend on one. After all a grandfather clock does not require a battery or electricity to run. There a big giant wind up clock.

Secure Zip

Data security is something Bear talks about a lot. Now that we have wireless Internet in the house there is the concern of someone getting on it and trying to get information off of our computers. Since were 250 feet from the road and the wireless Internet only reaches 80 feet I don't think its really a big issue for us. Were going to know if someone is 80 feet from our house trying to steel Internet because Commodore will try and take the tires off of there vehicle. But if you were living in a suburban neighborhood or an apartment building it would be an issue.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bear finally had to put the Rav4 in the shop yesterday. He had plans to head out to the Arkansas Missouri border and work some small towns out there but the Rav had other ideas. It started to jerk and sputter as Bear got on scenic 7 so he called up a friends father who is also a mechanic and made arrangements to trade our cleaning product for the repairs. He did the same thing with our gym membership a few months back, ha ha.

The Rav needed a tune up and the mechanic suspects that most of our problems were coming from a loose wire (the speedometer hasn't worked since some time last year and the transmission has a mind of its own. He is driving my car today. He sooo hates driving my car!

Our one and only salesman has finally decided to go job hunting. It hasn't been working out for him. Door to door sales is extremely difficult. You can either do it or you can't. I'm not the least bit upset about it. I told Bear before not to hire any salesmen this time and just go it alone but does he ever listen to me, of course not. The good news about not having another salesman around it that Bear can now go out of state over night. He can carry enough supplies in the Rav4 to do an overnight trip out of state. That opens up more of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee (he doesn't like Louisiana).

He also did not work on any rock on Sunday. He said he was just too sore. I did start tamping the most recent row of bags though. That left me with sore hands yesterday and today. Its raining today so I won't be doing any work down there (unless I go and finish tamping the rest of the row.

He is going to have to do stone work this weekend though.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is the kind of weather we have been having lately.
The 42 bags I pre filled during the week did not quiet make a complete row. Were about 2 bags short, maybe a bag and a half. Bear really appreciated the pre filled bags.
This picture was taken standing on the west side which is the highest point of the hill. Its the closest I can get to getting the entire circle in.
Bear trying to pretend he is tough. He is hurting today though.
The southern side of the dome.

If anyone wants to see the rest of the pictures here is the link.

It took us about 3 hours to get all of the bags in place. Bear didn't seem to have a lot of energy yesterday. They probably would have gone faster if it wasn't for that. Today he plans on working on the fireplace. Friday afternoon I walked around and tried to find as many big rocks as I could in the dirt and pile them up for him to use. We bought a bag of mortar yesterday too and if he ever gets his but out of bed we might get some of that done today.

What do you know he just climbed out of bed!!!!

I found the website for someone else who is building an Earth Bag home. Its in a place called Midpines in the Sierra mountains in California. I looked it up on map quest and it looks like the foot hills. Kind of like here. Here is there link. It looks like they started last spring and so far have laid 3000 feet of bag. It looks like an interesting floor plan made up of several smaller circles that are all combined. They appear to be using plastic to protect there bags from ground moisture also.

They've also used the last of the dirt they dug out of there foundation. We haven't used up that much of ours. I think we probably have more than they do. The deeper end is over 5 feet deep and there a good 6 feet wider in places than what we were supposed to be. We haven't really used that much at all.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bitch Bitch Bitch!!!!

Well, I am not in the best of moods today. First of all I left my Ipod in Bear's vehicle and he is off to some far off part of the state today so I can't get it. I can use Coyotes but he is throwing a fit about it even though he can listen to music on his computer while I am gone.

Then my boss pissed me off this morning. They were sending test messages through he system Tuesday night that I was not aware of. I had been off line all day long and did not see them flashing messages about it and I answered one of them. I have had 3 people complain to me about it since it happened. It was one lousy freaking message and I PM'd the manager on duty at the time and told her about it and explained that I just didn't see the message not to answer them until it was to late. I followed procedure after I saw the mistake and I have still had 3 freaking managers complain to me about it. I think thats serious overkill. It sounds to me like they don't have enough to keep them busy!

Then this morning Cindi sends me an email accusing me of copying and pasting stuff. I don't "ever" do that. Its against the rules and I know that and I am not about to start doing something thats against the rules. She sent me examples of the messages she was talking about and I pointed out the differences she apparently didn't notice the first time. Then she didn't even apologize for falsely accusing me. She just bitched about a few messages that had type O's in them but was only able to give me 3 examples. Everybody has messages with type O's in them every now and then and she knows that also.

Once again it sounds to me like she has way to much time on her hands and it looking for stuff to fill it. Well I am not about to log on and try to start work pissed off. I am going to go work out and then start work after I have worked out my frustrations.

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First Aid Kits

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Energy Pills

i don't take energy pills anymore. I try to just eat healthy to maintain my energy levels. But sometimes we all need an extra boost. after all there are times when we simply do not have the the time to eat healthy and maintain a good energy level what with careers and kids and family events and I honestly don't always have time to eat the 5 to 6 meals a day I am supposed to eat. sometimes I go to work out and I literally feel week.

Thats when Red Bull Bullet Speed Energizer Pills will come in handy. Just pop one of these and that 3.5 mile speed walk or two mile run won't seem so out of reach anymore.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A new day

Well its a new day. and a pretty one at that. There isn't a cloud in the sky and its warming up quickly. I think I will go ahead and put my seedlings back outside. I may have to have Bear plow up the garden spot in the back yard this weekend. My little tomato seedlings are now taller than the jar there planted in. So are the annual herbs. I will be starting my cucumbers over because one of the cats decided the pot they were in was a litter box and shredded them.

I am not very sore from my work out yesterday. Just a little bit in my stomach near the points of my hips (no I can't find them but I know there in there somewhere) I was sure 3.5 miles of race walking would leave me pretty sore but it didn't. Neither did the half mile I ran on the treadmill. I have been pondering weather or not I am going to go to the wild life preserve or to the gym today or not. I want to work on the bags but at the same time I miss it when I don't go. That period of working out is like a meditation almost. Just me and my muscles seeing how far I can push them. One of my favorite work outs used to be walking up Mount Nebo.

Well working on the back of the property can be like a medication too. I don't think I will do 27 bags today but I think I can manage 12 and thats enough to complete the row were currently working on. 1 more row after that and we will be putting forms into place. At least we think so.

There is a long walkway from what we consider to be a "parking area" to the house. I did this because when people come to visit I don't want them to be able to see the house until there right up on it. And I want the trail going to the house to appear dark and overgrown and creepy. Kind of like the dark and frightening forest that Hansel and Gretal might have walked down before coming to the witches cottage or other such stories and children wandering lost through the woods. I also plan on putting a sign at the front of the trail reminding people not to forget there bread crumbs.

I've been slowly moving plants back there from my garden and keeping my fingers crossed that they will survive. I can't carry water back there for them because it is such a long distance and I could never carry enough. So far I have had Shasta Daisies survive, chocolate mint, lots of daffodils, a few dark green hostas, a tiny bit of ivy, some spider wart, and a little bit of monkey grass. oh and those bright orange day lilies that will grow everywhere. I am desperate to get my hands on some creepier plants. such as Voodoo lilies which are not only creepy and smell like rotten meat when pollinating they will tolerate the heavy shade and the dry conditions.

The plant is after turning a corner they will finally see the house and with it a lush and beautiful garden. After all the witches cottage is supposed to be very beautiful and enchanting in the fairy tales.

Mail Boxes

When we moved here, I put a lot of thought into our mailbox. We bought a beautiful red cedar one and put a high gloss finish on it and then bought some beautiful brass numbers and nailed them to the post. Its 4 years later and it looks awful now. It needs a good pressure washing and refinishing. Its set in dirt, not in concrete so its easy to pull back up. We just don't feel like doing that.

Some people put a lot of thought into there mailboxes. They consider it an extension of there personality. The really cute ones I have seen are the ones that are models of there homes. I've seen some very very interesting styles online lately.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an interesting place with an interesting history. Worth looking up if you ever have the time.

There is a lot of work in Las Vegas. There are restaurants you can work at Casinos you can work at and a number of other things you can do. Bear has told me that he always made loads of money when selling in Las Vegas also.

Obviously if your going to move there and work there your going to need a place to stay. or maybe your just looking for vacation property that you can rent out when you r not there. You may want to consider Highrise condos . They are beautiful and elegant, although not exactly cheap. below are some pictures of what you might find.

Window Blinds

As we discuss building forms for our new house I start to think of windows. I don't really think I am going to need window blinds. After all I am 100o feet from the road and the nearest neighbor is 1500 feet away (irritatingly enough in the winter I can still see the light on her front porch when standing back there).

But you never know. The east facing windows that will be in our bedroom might need blinds to block the sunlight if we want to sleep late or maybe the light coming off of the pond during the day will be to bright and we want to block it out. With any of these being the case I will want something very specific to go on those windows I am sure.

On they show you how to measure your windows so that you get the correct size 9which is very important when ordering online or buying any mini blind. Its very irritating to have to make a 15 mile trip back into town just because you bought the wrong size. They also have a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, today I race walked 3.5 miles and estimated (according to figures I looked up on the internet) 375 calories. Then I went to the gym and got on the bicycle machine and did 3 miles on that in 10 minutes (thats a speed between 16 to 17 miles an hour with the resistance set at 4). Then I did the weight machines.

I used to run. I was never one of those people that could run 6 miles or anything. But I used to run a mile and then stop for a breather and then turn around and run another mile. Well today I decided to see if I could still do it. After all if walking several miles on the treadmill doesn't bother my feet then maybe running on the treadmill won't either.

I decided to take it easy the first time. I was only going to run a few minutes and then walk, and then run more minutes and then walk and just do that for 10 minutes. I set the treadmill at a comfortable speed of 5.3 . It took me a few minutes to get the hang of running on the treadmill. Its different than running on a the ground. The first minute passed and I felt fine so I kept running, and the second minute. and the third. I finally stopped running at 6 minutes. Not because I was tired or winded but because it was noon, I didn't have anything for breakfast but coffee, and I felt like I was going to throw up. In that 6 minutes I ran half a mile. I was really really surprised.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, Coyote took the bandage off of his foot for the first time yesterday and called me immediately to tell me he thought he needed to go back to the foot doctor on Monday.

"This doesn't look right to me at all Lucy!"
"Coyote have you ever had a wart burned off of your foot with acid before?"
"Then how would you know what looked right?"
"Well Nick's mom says it doesn't look right and she is almost a doctor!"
"Coyote, Nicks mom does book keeping in a veterinarians office, that does not make her almost a doctor!"

It looked like a puss filled blister on the bottom on his foot with a big black dot in the middle of it. But we are going back to the doctor on Thursday anyway and since he has shown signs of significant improvement since Thursday of last week I was pretty sure there was no need to go back to the doctor until then. It does look better this morning.

After yesterday my back is only slightly sore from the work I did. I have a sun burn on my right shoulder (which is odd because I had a pretty good tan already). My fingers are raw on the ends from picking up the heavy bags and moving them(woven polypropylene is rough on the hands) and I had a hang nail before I started that caused my cuticle to rip open and bleed. I'm hobbling around like an old lady because my feet are sore, but anytime I spend more than two hours standing on them without wearing walking shoes they hurt badly the next day.

Bear is off to Conway today. He has 1 delivery to make, a 275 dollar profit order so I have my fingers crossed that they don't change there mind. Nothing is more irritating than when he calls a customer to confirm a delivery and then plans the rest of his work day around it and the bastards change there mind when he gets there.

Were supposed to get more rain on Wednesday which means our hale in the ground will be a mud pit again. But there is a chance that it will dry out by Saturday and I can make Bear work in it. He did say yesterday that we need to start making the forms this week.

I assumed the first half of the form was going to be 6'x6'x2' but he acted like that size was just nuts. I was under the impression that we had already planned the size of the openings in the dome. There just going from one room to the other after all. Its not like there going to have actual doors in them! He is probably just going to have to think about it. It might be wise for me to measure to doors in this house and give him those measurements also. I'm pretty sure there 6'x6'.


As hard as I work out I really should be taking vitamins. I walk 2.5 miles before I go to the gym and then at the gym I do 20 to 30 minutes more cardio before I start weight training. Some days I go in there and my body feels weak, like it hasn't gotten the nutrients that it needs.

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They have an excellent variety of costumes from the major charectors to storm troopers and even some of the different aliens in that you see in the movies. They even offer light sabers.

Now these are not costumes for rent but costumes for sale. So you will have to buy your costume. You might e able to sell it on eBay after to use it if your not planning on wearing it again.

Gamma Knife surgery

A brain tumor is one of those things that we hope we never have to deal with. Just like any other type of cancer I guess.

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Radiosurgery is the delivery of a single, large dose of radiation to a specific target in the brain with surgical precision. The radiation will react on a molecular level with the cancer cells and stop their reproduction, which kills the cancer.

Stereotactic radiosurgery, as is used in Gamma Knife surgery, means a 3D reference frame will be attached to your head during the procedure. This type of frame is used for almost all major neurosurgery, and it is simply a lightweight metal frame with pins that are secured to your head in four spots. Patients say it can be somewhat uncomfortable for the few hours your wear it, but the absolute assurance of accuracy is worth it.

CyberKnife doesn’t use a frame, but instead relies on a claustrophobic mask to restrict head movement. This type of mask was tried with Gamma Knife, but discarded because it didn’t offer the certainty of the stereotactic frame. So technically, CyberKnife is not “stereotactic radiosurgery” because it doesn’t use a 3D reference frame.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bags of dirt

Right now there is cat rolling around net to my head. Its hard to tell if he is trying to love on me or attack my hair because he is using his teeth and claws. Ouch! he is about to find his butt outside.

I couldn't convince anyone to go back to the back of the property and work today so I went back there by myself. It was very wet and muddy and would have made laying any bags in place wet and nasty. So instead I pulled them out of the box and filled them half full. That means they were full to the point where you don't have to pack them anymore. There still easy to move when there only half full of compacted dirt. Putting together a row goes a lot faster when your working with half full bags too. A LOT faster.

I filled up 27 of them before I started to loose steam and my back started to ache a bit to much. 27 bags is more than we have ever filled at one time, even when all 4 of us are back there filling them. I have 12 more empty bags back there diddled and folded and I think I will try to get those filled tomorrow. That would be enough to fill up the rest of the row.

I pulled out the book this morning and took another look at the forms were going to have to build. I think we will be ready for them after we finish this row and one more row. We plan to use roman arches or the doorways. The forms for the roman arches are actually built in two sections. The square box for the bottom and the arch for the top. Your supposed to your thin Masonite to cover the top and bear says that's expensive. I haven't priced it yet. But with the bottom being a simple box that should be easier to do. We still have a lot of scrap wood that we picked up from construction sites. I don't think were going to have what we need in it though.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This is a picture of that little lost puppy we found. Wasn't he a cute. Now that I know how far he traveled to get here I can understand why he fell right to sleep.
Sadly this is stills all we have done. The weather is just not cooperating for us. I would go out there and bag now but its going to start raining again pretty soon from the looks of the sky. Your probably remembering that just yesterday I said I don't care what the weather is like, I will work in it anyway and that's true. Rain does not bother me. But lightening does. It only takes being hit by it once to be terrified of being out in it. Several people have said "Well, what are your chances of being hit by it again?" My answer to this question is "What were my chances of being hit the first time!" Those odds were 1 in 3 million.

I must have a hormone imbalance that's making me all crabby because I am retaining water too. I did go to the gym and went to the wild life preserve to walk after that. Then I still helped unload the cleaner when it got here. While meeting with the chemist we were informed that the price of the orange oil used in our cleaner is going to go up because of the freeze almost the entire country experienced last week. Its not such an issue for us, we just raise the price of our cleaner to cover it wen that time comes. There are people out there charging a lot more than we are.

I bought two new buckets while I was out yesterday. I got 2 2 gallon buckets instead of one gallon buckets because these have a pour spout on them. I don't know if that will make a big difference or not.

While passing through the mountains yesterday Bear found a piece of real estate for sale. It was 20 acres on top of and going down the side of a mountain with a river running through it. Its one of those things we might look into buying if we ever won the lottery. The property was just outside of Jasper. Its about two hours from here. But my mother would kill me if we moved two hours away. Its not as though i live on an unattractive piece of property anyway. My 7 1/2 acres rolls along the hillside in a back slanted W shape and is covered in trees of all species, ages, shapes and sizes. I tried to walk through the property when we first moved here and count the dogwoods and lost count somewhere around 750. There not all blooming age though. Some of the trees here are 200 to 300 old. And there are two wet weather streams.

We've mentioned several tines that if we win we would try to buy up as much property around us as we possibly could. The 10 acres above us is for sale. There is another 10 acres next to that that we could probably get if we offered the man enough money. The 6 acres below us would be a little harder to get. The property to the east of us belongs to a hunting club . Its a 1000 acre parcel. I wouldn't want to whole thing, but I might want to shave 20 or so acres off of it. At the bottom of our hillside is a big beautiful empty field. It belongs to Mrs White. Its probably 30 acres and sits in a little valley between our hill and another hill of equal height.. I would like to have that also. The grass is green all year long and it would be a great spot for horses.

Speaking of the lottery ever since I changed the way I do my morning life affirmations our luck in the lottery has changed. We haven't won the big one yet but we win something with every single ticket! Even if its just a few dollars. I found myself sitting in my sacred space some mornings and wondering how long its going to take for the energy to get the numbers right.

The way life affirmations work is you say something out loud that you want as though its already happened. For example. "I have won the jackpot in the lottery" (its a important to be specific). "I am thin." "I am happy". You repeat these phrases over and over again. 5 or 10 times. More if you have time. I was doing it wrong before.

Ugh its cold in this house. I'm going to have to turn the heat on soon. Its also cloudy and gray and its going to rain on us later.


Fortunately Daycare is no longer an issue for me. Coyote has been watching his sister when were away for some time. But it used to be an issue and it was expensive. Back when Mouse was 5 years old it cost 400 dollars a month. Its probably a lot more than that now.

At Daycare bear they can help you find a daycare provider thats best for you. Daycare Bear is quickly becoming the main meeting place between parents and childcare providers (daycare centers, pre-schools, home and family daycares, babysitters...). They provide detailed and current information about the available openings across the nation and help parents quickly find the daycare provider they are looking for.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not a good day today

I woke up this morning bitter and angry. I'm mad because bear has to loose another day in sales exchanging the bad cleaner out for good cleaner when its not our fault it froze during shipment. Thats a day of sales and a tank of gas we loose. For this reason our mortgage payment is going to be late also.

I'm also pissed about our lack of progress on the Dome. There is standing water in the lowest end right now and more rain expected tonight. It will be a mud pit by Saturday morning and bear probably won't want to work in it. I don't see the problem. So its muddy. Your going to take a shower afterword anyway. I have no problem wading in the mud to get the work done but Bear does.

I went back there this morning to start filling some half bags and I got through the first one and the handle on my bucket broke. I can fix it. I just have to use the baling twine we bought. Its thin stuff, but I take a good length of it and crotchet it and then crochet that it will make a good strong handle. Probably stronger than the original one the bucket had (plastic rope).

That little blue bucket is really the perfect size. I think it holds a gallon to a gallon and a half of dirt and works a lot better than the coffee cans the book recommended. I got that one at the dollar general 5 years ago for gardening. I had two of them but the first one tore into a bunch of little pieces while we were hand digging the first part of the foundation. Maybe I need to check out the dollar general today and see what those things cost. I don't remember it being very expensive and it certainly fills up the buckets faster.

We've been stuck on this row for a week and a half. Cold Weather and rain is really limiting our outdoor activities. Well I should say its limiting Bear's activities. I could care less what the weather is like when I work outside.

I'm tempted to skip the gym today and just work outside for a little while. I will be carrying the replacement shipment inside when Bear gets back later today anyway.


Remember when gas was only 25-cents a gallon? I don't. I'm not that old. But I can remember when it as 89 cents a gallon.

Once upon a time that time our dollar was backed by REAL money, real silver. Guess what? That same amount of silver coin still buys four gallons of gas! That just shows that real money like gold and silver holds its value and it is the green paper money that is now worth a lot less. As a matter of fact, when you think about it, you realize that gas, food, and almost everything else has NOT gotten more expensive. It only seems that way because the value of the green paper money is worth less and less and so it takes more and more of it to buy the same goods and services. Most people think prices have gone up, but in reality: it is the value of the US dollar that has actually gone down.

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Well I have one add left to write now. I have to do this little post in between because that particular website requires me to make two posts in between each of its adds.

I'm not in the best of moods this morning. I am ticked off because Bear has to take the shipment to Missouri to exchange it for a good shipment. I don't understand why he has to do that. We called the chemist the day it arrived and told him then we suspected it had been frozen, but he told us to go ahead and unload it anyway because he thought it would be fine. Well its not fine!!!!

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Pet Supplies

I have a lot of pets. Most people know that. I have 8 cats and two dogs. Two giant breed dogs so when it comes pet supplies they require more than a typical dog would. Take Dog Chews for example. You know those huge dried Sows ears that dogs love. Well one of those might last a regular dog a week or more. We had a much smaller dog at one point that could chew on one of those for a long time. Commodore, our Pyrenees, eats them like candy! So when I buy treats like that I like to get a good deal on them since I usually have to buy more than one!

Window Blinds

We were lucky when we bought this mobile home that it already came with some very nice Blinds in it. Most mobile homes only come with those cheapy plastic ones like you find at Wal-Mart but this one came with very nice thick plantation style blinds that really made the look of the house.

The first house bear and I rented together was a big huge place on a hill with a gated neighborhood. At the time we could afford it. The economy was good and gas prices were low and we had money in the bank. It had 48 windows. There were two windows in the bedroom that were an unusual shape. They were high off the floor but low enough to look through. They were also an odd shape and very small. I had to get custom blinds made for them. They cost me 350 dollars. For two small, lousy windows.

At Terry's blinds you will find blinds in all sorts of sizes and colors and types and at very good prices also. If you have to cover some windows it might be worth checking out.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its been a windy day today. The weather channel says 19 miles an hour but it feels like a lot more than that. I have laundry on the line trying to take advantage of it.

Bear's shipment of supplies were frozen at some point during shipment rendering it pretty much useless. It still works a little bit but not like it should. The chemist mixed us up a new batch and he is going to meet Bear at the Missouri border tomorrow to pick it up. If we wait and let them ship it then we may not get it until Monday and there is a chance it could freeze again this weekend and we loose that much more time waiting on it. It kind of sucks because it means that much more time Bear could have been selling and he has lost that time.

I have 5 adds from two different websites to write before 3pm tomorrow. Its not a problem. 5 adds might be 1 1/2 to 2 hours of work, I just don't feel like writing adds right now, lol. I am still going to do it. That's an easy 25 dollars.

I also lost another pound bring the total amount of weight I have lost to 8 pounds! I don't think I am getting enough protein though. I just do not have time to eat the amount of protein I am supposed to eat on this diet and I can feel it. There have been several days when I go into the gym to work out and my muscles feel weak. Not as in weak like I am tired, but like my muscles are just not strong enough to do what I am asking them to do. But they have to be strong enough because I do the same things every single day. If my body is starting to strip away muscle to replace the protein I am not getting as well as the fat stores then I am going to have to talk to the nutritionist about meal replacers or protein supplements or something.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well I am sitting here killing time while my Ipod charges up for a little bit and then its off to the gym. I had to take Coyote to the foot doctor earth this morning to get a wart removed. He is walking around here with a bandaged foot now.

It was an odd looking wart. I'm not totally convinced it was a wart and the Dr said he is not 100% positive that it was a wart either, but he was 90% positive, ha ha. It did bleed like a Wart when he sliced it open.

Boy I could use a massage right now. My back is sore from helping Bear carry in the boxes yesterday. I don't feel like I got a very good nights sleep. The episode of "The Riches" I saw last night keeps playing over and over in my head. The happens a lot with the very last thing I watched on TV. Especially if its a series that I am into.

To be honest I don't feel very well today. I'm probably going to just come home, get into bed and work on the laptop all day long. Laundry and housework and everything else can wait.

Monday, April 09, 2007

He followed me home, can we keep him?????

I was out for a walk in the woods yesterday with the dogs. Now walking with the dogs does not mean they stay with me the entire time. They go for frequent dashes out into the woods. After one particular dash they showed up with a very young golden retriever puppy following close behind. He couldn't have been more than two months old.

I called him over and he sat on my feet. He had a collar on but no tags. He was tick free and to be tick free while walking through the woods someone had obviously put something on him to keep them away. I continued on my walk and he followed on my heels and right back up to the house. He tried to follow me into he house but I pushed him out with my foot and shut the door. I thought once I went back into the house he would eventually go back to where ever he came from, but he didn't. He curled up on the steps out front. When he was still curled up out there 3 hours later Bear and I finally brought him into the house. We gave him food and water and he curled up next to Commodore and Odin in the family room floor.

Bear and I knew he had to have an owner worrying about him somewhere. He was clean and flea and tick free. I wasn't about to keep him. Two large dog is enough and believe it or not that little golden retriever would have a bigger appetite than my giant breed dogs. Most people don't realize that. My Pyrenees and my saint Bernard Puppy together eat less dogfood than my 8 cats do. A whole lot less!

I went to bed last night knowing that someone was worried sick over that poor puppy. Bear and I were planning on driving around the neighborhood tonight and checking with all of our neighbors to see if we could find its owner but as fate would have it we wouldn't have to.

Bear's shipment arrived today. He always has to meet the truck driver at a gas station near I40 and lad him to our place. Well I was sitting out by the road waiting for them to show up and Odin and the little puppy were out there with me playing in the driveway and this black van pulls up into the with a very frantic looking woman behind the wheel.

As it tuns out she lives 2 and 1/2 miles from us. She was outside with her kids and her other two golden retrievers yesterday enjoying the Easter Holiday. She just assumed that her two older dogs would take care of the puppy but when it came time for them to go back inside they realized the puppy was no where around. They spent there evening searching the yard and the woods around the house and checking with there neighbors and no one had seen it. She had a friend with one of those dogs that find missing people out in the woods trying to track him down. Her two daughters cried themselves to sleep last night. Her son was trying to be all mature about it but she heard him crying himself to sleep behind his closed door and of course that got her going and she cried herself to sleep.

She was so relieved that another animal lover found him and had taken care of him when he got lost. I was relieved that she had found him. She called her kids at school right away so they wouldn't have to be sad during school. Then Commodore showed up and she said "Oh my gosh, your a Pyrenees, I bet you found my poor lost baby didn't you you wonderful dog!" and then she was on her knees hugging him in the driveway.

She tried to give me money but I wouldn't take it. As it turns out she has a kennel and a dog grooming business and offered to groom Commodore for free as thanks. I'm not about to turn down a free grooming!!!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

The kids informed us yesterday that they had no interest in hunting eggs today, they just wanted the candy. So last night we went ahead and handed over there Easter baskets. This morning the family room table is covered in candy wrappers.

Someone on the Texas Lotto last night and is 44 million dollars richer. This mean all of the lotteries including the Mega Millions, Powerball and Texas lottery are down low again. Bear said it just means he doesn't have to make that long drive to Texas for a few weeks and he can wok some other part of the state. He is going to have to start staying the night in the places he works soon. This getting home at 10:30 at night like he did on Thursday is ridiculous. The new supplies are expected on Monday or Tuesday.

You know I remember hearing on the news that state officials are talking about trying to push the lottery through here. Every time they put it up for a vote the idiots around here keep voting it down. Then they sit there and scratch there heads and ask everyone where were going to get more money for education. It gets old having to drive to another state when ever the numbers start to get high.

The big 22 degree freeze we had seems to be over. At least according to the The Weather Channel. My more tender plants are covered in blankets. I guess I need to bring everything back inside, fold it up and put it away.

I don't know what Bear plans to do today. He cleaned the carpets on Friday so that's finished. The house needs straightening up but we have kept it pretty clean this week (despite the kids best efforts to destroy it). We need to go to the grocery store. I guess I need to make a list.

Its a little chilly today, but I would like to work on the back of the property. I know he will do I tomorrow regardless, but I would like to lay at least 10 or 15 bags in place today. You know. I think I will straighten up the house and go back there and fill up some bags by myself or maybe just some half bags.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Well, Bear placed an order for another shipment of cleaner on Wednesday. He had 5 cases left and thought that would be enough to last him through Friday at least. Wrong answer, ha ha. He sold everything he had on Thursday. The new shipment is supposed to be here on Monday. Were using a different freight company this time so hopefully it won't get shipped to the wrong place "again".

Somebody won the Mega Millions last night and it wasn't me. That always pisses me off when they give "my" money away to someone else. Oh well, I will just keep doing the visualization thing.

I would have liked to work on the back of the property today but its only 36 degrees. I don't think were going to be doing much of anything outside today. Its supposed to be 22 degrees tonight. I'm going to have to pull some blankets and afghans out of the closet and cover some of my plants up. My day lilies and my Cannas that are just coming up. Fortunately most of the stuff planted in my wall is not frost tender.

I guess I was retaining more water than I thought this weekend because I measured my waist this morning and I have dropped another inch. I haven't gotten on the scale yet. The gym was closed yesterday.

I tried on my bluejeans and although I have room the spare in the waist the hips are still to tight for me to consider them comfortable.

I have been reading about sizes in pants lately and there is a lot of variation in what is considered a size 8. I've seen it go as small as 24 inches and as large as 28 inches. There was a point in time when I was wearing a size 3 but I think my waist was 22 inches at that time. I was very thin and didn't have a lot of muscle tone. That was 7 years ago. I don't think I ever want to be that small again. I could be pretty happy with a six or an 8. In reality I don't have that much farther to go before my waist is 28 inches. If I keep dropping in size like this it won't be long at all.

I measure out 22 inches on that belt I have been using this morning and I circle it around and look at it and its hard to believe I was ever that small.

Have you been funked!!!! is a place for people to turn to when they feel they have been taken advantage of by a business owner, a neighbor, a customer, an employer, or an employee. What can you do about it? You can now easily and inexpensively record your side of the story publicly, taking a proactive stance against dishonesty.

Hmm, I could report plenty of employers to this and one or two employees as well.

Beenfunkd's content is provided "by the people, for the people". It is intended to be a sounding board for those individuals who feel powerless when faced with a dishonest situation and not having the resources to correct it. Beenfunkd is a solution to that problem. It is one way of making people and businesses accountable for their actions by exposing them.

Here is an example of some of the things you will find.

Thomas has been a customer of ours for years. He always got his roof pressure cleaned for $98. As gas prices and insurance prices have dramatically increased, we have had to slowly increase our prices as well. In 2003 Thomas called us to clean his roof. We explained to him that we needed to increase his price from $98 to $135 due to our increases and due to the fact we had never raised his roof cleaning price to date. He agreed to this and we cleaned the roof on 10/03. Once we completed the job, he refused to pay the $135 - only paid the $98 - even after he agreed to the $135. This man is obviously not honest and I would warn any other contractor to make sure you collect a deposit and a signature before beginning a job! No handshake agreements like we thought we could do with this long time customer!

On the 11th of July I purchased a crossbow and paid for it, including shipping from David Ruff. On August 5th, he said that the crossbow was boxed and ready for shipment. Nothing arived, no tracking number, contacted Pay-Pal. August 11th, said the crossbow could not ship, account went in the negetive, would ship on the 16th, still nothing. On the 20th, crossbow would be shipped out Tuesday the 22nd, and would send tracking number. Still nothing, no tracking number. On the 26th, emailed me, that his wife was blind and could not read the tracking number. After he had already took my money he stated that he didn't want to deal with me. How come he want me to pay a re-stocking fee if I never received anything? On the 28th, he states he doesn't want to deal with me and that he still wants the 25% re-stocking fee. He also stated that he did not receive payment, but according to my bank credit card, it was cashed out on July 13th, 2006. On September 4th email, wanting another $12.00 for shipping, if I don't sent the money he is going to resale the bow and keep 25% for re-stocking. On numerous time he was asked for tracking numbers, and we received emails, stating that he was 500 hundred miles from home and that his wife was blind. I contacted UPS and they said that if he could email me that he could email them and that UPS would be glad to email me with the numbers. I still do not have my $300.00 or the crossbow. Thank you.

Hold on to your seatbelts! I don't know whether to call these people Fleetwood or Cheatwood! I purchased a manufactured home from them and my incredible nightmare began. I paid for a circular driveway and a small concrete slab in the back. What I got was the original wasted gravel driveway, the same one that was there before I bought the house and no slab.

When I asked about this the first time Fleetwood said they didn't know anything about it. The second time I asked they told me they had already paid someone to do the work and I needed to work it out with him. The third time I talked to them, I asked them to give me a copy of the paid receipt so I could pursue the matter. No copy ever came, I never got the driveway or the slab.

In fact, I didn't even get all the shelves that were supposed to come in the kitchen. Nor did I ever get the French Doors I originally ordered. Nothing was like it was promised.

Instead, I got a sewage leak under the house that last at least six months because the toilet in the master bathroom was not hooked up to the septic system. Every room had cracks in the ceiling and staples coming out of the walls that held the sheetrock in place. There were permanent indentions in the carpet that never got fixed.

Many other things also happened but I was not able to do anything about it because Fleetwood ended up costing me all the money I made from the sale of my house, leaving me without the ability to even hire a lawyer. I am STILL trying to recuperate from the huge losses Fleetwood Homes cost my family.

My efforts went through the BBB and HUD, which almost shut Fleetwood down.

This was about a year and a half ago, and I am STILL trying to recuperate.

SOMEBODY needs to hold Fleetwood accountable and do something about them.

When I am able to put together a website, I will include photographs and signed documentation (certified letters) that prove Fleetwood knew what was going on but didn't care enough to do anything about it! Everyone got their own copies and signed for them via certified mail. Texas got one, California got one, and several others also got one.

If you're thinking about buying a Fleetwood home, don't get trapped. Other owners I talked to in the neighborhood all had similar experiences without exception. They each had their own nightmares to share with me.

Yikes, we nearly bought a Fleetwood. I'm soo glad that we didn't.
Well someone won the mega millions last night and it wasn't me. How dare they win my money like that. of all the nerve. The pot is back down to 12 million dollars again. But the Texas lottery is still at 44.5 million cash out. Missouri is at 15 million still. It always pisses me off when someone wins. I should be happy for them I guess. It just pisses me off because its not me!!!!!!


My son has a paintball guns. I have played the game before. It would have been more fun if it weren't for the fact that those paint balls are going fast enough that they hurt when they hit you. I mean they hurt enough that they leave little red welts all over your body. When I am playing something for fun I prefer to play something that isn't going to leave little red welts all over my body if you know what I mean.

its amazing how expensive those suckers can be too. Like the Bog Long Imfamous paintball gun that cost 949 dollars and thats on sale.

There are cheaper ones you can buy for your kids who want to play paintball though. There is the mongoose II LCD thats 169 dollars.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

We nearly won the lottery again!!!!

Ha ha. We had tickets for two Texas lotteries. The regular Texas Lottery and The Mega Millions and on both lotteries we had 1 ticket that as missing two numbers. What are the chances of having that happen back to back. Wow!

Nothing much as changed since yesterday. Especially my weight!!!!! I did go garage saleing this morning and found two pairs of pants I was sure would fit. imagine my disappointment when I got home and discovered that they didn't fit at all. I can fit into one of my jumpers that I couldn't fit into a year ago.

Hopefully I am not showing any weight loss because I am retaining water or something.


My mother works for one of these. She is an Xray Tech. her job might be where some of my natural healing influences may have come from as a little girl. I can remember being hauled off with her to work to get my back popped even when I had the flue.

Its to bad I don't have health insurance or I would be off to see him now. He would throw a fit if he knew how I get my back crunched these days. I lay on the floor and prop myself up on my elbows and one of the kids stands on my upper back and "crunch". Its not perfect but I don't have to pay for it and it does help the pain.

My migraine headaches are caused by problems with my neck. If I don't have some type of support underneath my neck when laying on the couch I get a migraine. If I pop my neck myself to many times in one day then I get a migraine headache.

TMJ is something I have never heard of before. I have never had this problem and I hope that I never do. It sounds painful. If your in New York and you have this problem the you may want to seek out New York TMJ Treatment to correct this problem.

Can't believe it

Can you believe its already after 4 and I am still working on my damn blog. Actually I have only been working working for two hours now. I've accomplished a lot in 2 hours I think. Ii had a very busy morning.

Mouse is home and she and Coyote are already fighting. It usually revolves around what she is going to have for her after school snack. She is horrible about overloading on carbs and I am "going" to make her stop. She and Coyote both have a mother who had her first heart surgery at the age of 35 (obviously not me). Mouse refuses to eat anything other than Potato Chips, Crackers, Raman Noodles (only the noodles), and Buttered bread. I've put my foot down. She either eats the healthy foods she insists she hates or she can starve. Today she is making fish sticks for her after school snack. This came after a lot of arguing because she wanted buttered bread for her snack.


Ooh yeah here is something I need to think about.

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Broadband Internet

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It was a very frustrating experience for me. I would find a perfect parcel of land. 5 acres with a lake or mountain view far enough from town that I wouldn't have to worry about traffic noises or anything else disturbing us only to find out that phone internet was my only option. Someday I am sure we will be able to have access to high speed internet anywhere in the world, even the most isolated mountain top. but until then finding affordable broadband internet access is still an important issue when looking for a place to live.

Pain Relief

Here is something we all experience at times. Some of us more than others. for example pain is pretty much a daily thing for me. My feet hurt all of the time. I get migraines. My wrists hurt from the typing I do. My lower back will hurt after working on the back of the property.

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Free Diet

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They are so sure you will be pleased with our product, they are offering a risk free, 7-day free trial of MetaboFire. You only pay the shipping to get the product to your door. Hurry, there are a limited supply of free trials available. Thats what I like to see free diet supplements.

computer memory

Computer memory is one of those things that we always seem to need more off. We just had to add memory to my sons computer so he could play that darn World of Warcraft game. Its not expensive so its important for you to find the write kind for the best price.

The Memory Store has a wonderful search option that allows you to look up your system or brand of your computer so that you can find the right kind of memory for it.


This is something that I need to start paying more attention to. I have just started noticing traces of wrinkles. There on my forehead of course. My eyelids are getting baggy too. I always put a lot of detail into my eye make-up so I'm not surprised that there the first thing to go.

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Diet Suppliments

My husband uses diet supplements. There usually energy boosters or appetite suppressants or a combination of both that are designed to help you out on your diet. Some of them are simple meal replacer for you to take when your on a diet like I am where I am supposed to eat 5 meals a day but don't always have time. My nutritionist has advised me to use a meal replacer when I get a smoothie for breakfast.

There are some days like this I was this morning when you just need some energy to get you through your workout. for what ever reason you are tired and feel like crap and really just want to lay in bed and watch TV all morning. Since I can lay in bed and work thats a very easy temptation for me to give in to.

Drug rehab

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