Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bags of dirt

Right now there is cat rolling around net to my head. Its hard to tell if he is trying to love on me or attack my hair because he is using his teeth and claws. Ouch! he is about to find his butt outside.

I couldn't convince anyone to go back to the back of the property and work today so I went back there by myself. It was very wet and muddy and would have made laying any bags in place wet and nasty. So instead I pulled them out of the box and filled them half full. That means they were full to the point where you don't have to pack them anymore. There still easy to move when there only half full of compacted dirt. Putting together a row goes a lot faster when your working with half full bags too. A LOT faster.

I filled up 27 of them before I started to loose steam and my back started to ache a bit to much. 27 bags is more than we have ever filled at one time, even when all 4 of us are back there filling them. I have 12 more empty bags back there diddled and folded and I think I will try to get those filled tomorrow. That would be enough to fill up the rest of the row.

I pulled out the book this morning and took another look at the forms were going to have to build. I think we will be ready for them after we finish this row and one more row. We plan to use roman arches or the doorways. The forms for the roman arches are actually built in two sections. The square box for the bottom and the arch for the top. Your supposed to your thin Masonite to cover the top and bear says that's expensive. I haven't priced it yet. But with the bottom being a simple box that should be easier to do. We still have a lot of scrap wood that we picked up from construction sites. I don't think were going to have what we need in it though.


Blogger elise said...

You're going to build that whole house yourself:)

5:47 AM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

well, my husband and kids are supposed to be helping, lol. Although to be honest I think I get more work done without the kids. They fight and argue the whole time were down there. My husband is an ex city slicker and he doesn't like to get muddy, ha ha. I don't have a problem with mud.

6:46 AM  

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