Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can't believe it

Can you believe its already after 4 and I am still working on my damn blog. Actually I have only been working working for two hours now. I've accomplished a lot in 2 hours I think. Ii had a very busy morning.

Mouse is home and she and Coyote are already fighting. It usually revolves around what she is going to have for her after school snack. She is horrible about overloading on carbs and I am "going" to make her stop. She and Coyote both have a mother who had her first heart surgery at the age of 35 (obviously not me). Mouse refuses to eat anything other than Potato Chips, Crackers, Raman Noodles (only the noodles), and Buttered bread. I've put my foot down. She either eats the healthy foods she insists she hates or she can starve. Today she is making fish sticks for her after school snack. This came after a lot of arguing because she wanted buttered bread for her snack.


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