Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Diet Pills

I used to take these. It used to be Stackers back when they still had ephedra in them. They don't have them anymore. My husband and I both took Adipex at one point which you can only get through prescription. It works really well until you go off of it.

This diet I am on now I eat so much that by the end of the day food is the last thing I want to think of. I'm actually due for a meal right now and I am just not in the mood to go in there make make it. But my husband is someone who does not like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so he still takes appetite suppressants when he can get them.

Ionamin is similar to the stimulant Phentermine and has the same side effects from dry mouth to insomnia. These amphetamines can be dangerous to the body, which makes the non-prescription appetite suppressant Ionimine a great alternative for people seeking significant weight loss.

The unique formula of Ionimine provides stimulation to those parts of the brain that control hunger and suppress the body’s need for food without stimulating other parts of the brain that produce unwanted side effects.


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