Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dogwoods by Moonlight

Last night I went for a walk in the woods. Its something I do just about every night if its not to cold or the weather is not to nasty. There are things you can experience walking in the woods in the dark that you would not see during the day. I have seen how beautiful the stars look while looking up through branches that are bare in the winter and leafy during the summer. I've listened to the frogs and crickets and whip-er-whils all singing together at once while moonlight pours like water through the trees and fireflies dance around me. I've watched stormy clouds race across a moonlight sky and I have been able to appreciate the "distant" flashes of lightening in the dark from an approaching storm. Last night I got to enjoy the moonlight shining down on and filtering through the dogwoods. There in full bloom right now. its odd that I have lived here for this long and walked in the woods in the dark so often and never seen this before .

My mother has asked me several times if I am not afraid that someone will mug me. I think its a pretty unreasonable fear. Its probably coming from a past life memory. That's what usually causes unreasonable fear. For example, I am afraid of wide open places. Wide and flat. When standing in one, When I stand in one my heart will start to beat rapidly and my mind tarts to race and I think"There is no where to hide here" and I get the feeling that I am being chased by someone.

Another unreasonable fear I have is swimming in a large body of water in the dark. Not because I can't see whats in the water but because I may not be able to find the shore.

Before you ask I have never been anyone famous in any of my past lives. A least not that I am aware of.

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day trying to get the last of my messages in. I finally finished at 4pm. 2 hours ahead of cut off. It was not until then hat we were able to go to the grocery store. We missed going to tan and going to the gym. Bear made sure to let me know it was all my fault too.

Speaking of working out I've been kind of pissed the last few days because I haven't lost anymore weight. I know this is not going to be accurate since I am building muscle at the same time but its still disappointing to not see hat scale drop. Well the other day I got a belt out of my closet and pulled it tight around my waist and then measured the notch on the belt with a ruler since I don't own a measuring tape. I'm not going to tell you what the measurement was (although it wasn't anything to be ashamed of). Even though I haven't lost any weight I still thought I looked thinner when I looked in the mirror, so I pulled out the belt and measure. Sure enough I have lost another inch off of my waist.

All of my pants are loose in the waist now. I put on a pair of pants yesterday that I haven't worn in 3 weeks and I had to keep pulling them back up. Some of my pants can be pulled 2 to 3 inches away from my belly button, but there all tighter in the hips. I know exactly whats causing this. For 10 to 15 minutes out of each work out I get on the treadmill and pump that incline up to 15. I do this because I can walk at a speed as slow as 2.7 and still burn 10.5 calories a minute. If I increase the speed up above that then I can burn 13 to 14 calories per minute. When I do this I can feel the muscles in the backs of my legs and in my butt start to burn and that's probably whats making the hips of my pants fit tighter.

I'm not going to stop doing it though. I have always had a bigger than average rear view. It was always a really nice rear view. Up until these past few years I have always kept myself in really good shape so when I started to notice my butt sliding down the backs of my legs I was more than a little concerned. I guess its not sliding anymore!!!!!!

One thing I will tell you is that my current waist size in only 5 inches away from being a size 8. I dropped an inch in a weeks time. Am I 5 weeks away from a size 8???? Stranger things have happened.

Speaking of strange things. Some of you may remember back in the winter when my neighbors house burned down. This happened 3 hours after there sons drunk ass had to be physically removed from our home and stood on our deck threatening to kick my husbands ass for 10 minutes.

A few days ago he got drunk, took his mothers car, and crashed into a tree. All we know so far is that his arms and legs were broken and that they have done several surgeries to repair internal injuries. He is not expected to live.

I do feel bad for his parents. Its going to be very difficult for them to loose there son if he passes on.


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That was a beautiful description of walking in the woods at night. Makes me yearnsome.

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