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Have you been funked!!!! is a place for people to turn to when they feel they have been taken advantage of by a business owner, a neighbor, a customer, an employer, or an employee. What can you do about it? You can now easily and inexpensively record your side of the story publicly, taking a proactive stance against dishonesty.

Hmm, I could report plenty of employers to this and one or two employees as well.

Beenfunkd's content is provided "by the people, for the people". It is intended to be a sounding board for those individuals who feel powerless when faced with a dishonest situation and not having the resources to correct it. Beenfunkd is a solution to that problem. It is one way of making people and businesses accountable for their actions by exposing them.

Here is an example of some of the things you will find.

Thomas has been a customer of ours for years. He always got his roof pressure cleaned for $98. As gas prices and insurance prices have dramatically increased, we have had to slowly increase our prices as well. In 2003 Thomas called us to clean his roof. We explained to him that we needed to increase his price from $98 to $135 due to our increases and due to the fact we had never raised his roof cleaning price to date. He agreed to this and we cleaned the roof on 10/03. Once we completed the job, he refused to pay the $135 - only paid the $98 - even after he agreed to the $135. This man is obviously not honest and I would warn any other contractor to make sure you collect a deposit and a signature before beginning a job! No handshake agreements like we thought we could do with this long time customer!

On the 11th of July I purchased a crossbow and paid for it, including shipping from David Ruff. On August 5th, he said that the crossbow was boxed and ready for shipment. Nothing arived, no tracking number, contacted Pay-Pal. August 11th, said the crossbow could not ship, account went in the negetive, would ship on the 16th, still nothing. On the 20th, crossbow would be shipped out Tuesday the 22nd, and would send tracking number. Still nothing, no tracking number. On the 26th, emailed me, that his wife was blind and could not read the tracking number. After he had already took my money he stated that he didn't want to deal with me. How come he want me to pay a re-stocking fee if I never received anything? On the 28th, he states he doesn't want to deal with me and that he still wants the 25% re-stocking fee. He also stated that he did not receive payment, but according to my bank credit card, it was cashed out on July 13th, 2006. On September 4th email, wanting another $12.00 for shipping, if I don't sent the money he is going to resale the bow and keep 25% for re-stocking. On numerous time he was asked for tracking numbers, and we received emails, stating that he was 500 hundred miles from home and that his wife was blind. I contacted UPS and they said that if he could email me that he could email them and that UPS would be glad to email me with the numbers. I still do not have my $300.00 or the crossbow. Thank you.

Hold on to your seatbelts! I don't know whether to call these people Fleetwood or Cheatwood! I purchased a manufactured home from them and my incredible nightmare began. I paid for a circular driveway and a small concrete slab in the back. What I got was the original wasted gravel driveway, the same one that was there before I bought the house and no slab.

When I asked about this the first time Fleetwood said they didn't know anything about it. The second time I asked they told me they had already paid someone to do the work and I needed to work it out with him. The third time I talked to them, I asked them to give me a copy of the paid receipt so I could pursue the matter. No copy ever came, I never got the driveway or the slab.

In fact, I didn't even get all the shelves that were supposed to come in the kitchen. Nor did I ever get the French Doors I originally ordered. Nothing was like it was promised.

Instead, I got a sewage leak under the house that last at least six months because the toilet in the master bathroom was not hooked up to the septic system. Every room had cracks in the ceiling and staples coming out of the walls that held the sheetrock in place. There were permanent indentions in the carpet that never got fixed.

Many other things also happened but I was not able to do anything about it because Fleetwood ended up costing me all the money I made from the sale of my house, leaving me without the ability to even hire a lawyer. I am STILL trying to recuperate from the huge losses Fleetwood Homes cost my family.

My efforts went through the BBB and HUD, which almost shut Fleetwood down.

This was about a year and a half ago, and I am STILL trying to recuperate.

SOMEBODY needs to hold Fleetwood accountable and do something about them.

When I am able to put together a website, I will include photographs and signed documentation (certified letters) that prove Fleetwood knew what was going on but didn't care enough to do anything about it! Everyone got their own copies and signed for them via certified mail. Texas got one, California got one, and several others also got one.

If you're thinking about buying a Fleetwood home, don't get trapped. Other owners I talked to in the neighborhood all had similar experiences without exception. They each had their own nightmares to share with me.

Yikes, we nearly bought a Fleetwood. I'm soo glad that we didn't.


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