Monday, April 09, 2007

He followed me home, can we keep him?????

I was out for a walk in the woods yesterday with the dogs. Now walking with the dogs does not mean they stay with me the entire time. They go for frequent dashes out into the woods. After one particular dash they showed up with a very young golden retriever puppy following close behind. He couldn't have been more than two months old.

I called him over and he sat on my feet. He had a collar on but no tags. He was tick free and to be tick free while walking through the woods someone had obviously put something on him to keep them away. I continued on my walk and he followed on my heels and right back up to the house. He tried to follow me into he house but I pushed him out with my foot and shut the door. I thought once I went back into the house he would eventually go back to where ever he came from, but he didn't. He curled up on the steps out front. When he was still curled up out there 3 hours later Bear and I finally brought him into the house. We gave him food and water and he curled up next to Commodore and Odin in the family room floor.

Bear and I knew he had to have an owner worrying about him somewhere. He was clean and flea and tick free. I wasn't about to keep him. Two large dog is enough and believe it or not that little golden retriever would have a bigger appetite than my giant breed dogs. Most people don't realize that. My Pyrenees and my saint Bernard Puppy together eat less dogfood than my 8 cats do. A whole lot less!

I went to bed last night knowing that someone was worried sick over that poor puppy. Bear and I were planning on driving around the neighborhood tonight and checking with all of our neighbors to see if we could find its owner but as fate would have it we wouldn't have to.

Bear's shipment arrived today. He always has to meet the truck driver at a gas station near I40 and lad him to our place. Well I was sitting out by the road waiting for them to show up and Odin and the little puppy were out there with me playing in the driveway and this black van pulls up into the with a very frantic looking woman behind the wheel.

As it tuns out she lives 2 and 1/2 miles from us. She was outside with her kids and her other two golden retrievers yesterday enjoying the Easter Holiday. She just assumed that her two older dogs would take care of the puppy but when it came time for them to go back inside they realized the puppy was no where around. They spent there evening searching the yard and the woods around the house and checking with there neighbors and no one had seen it. She had a friend with one of those dogs that find missing people out in the woods trying to track him down. Her two daughters cried themselves to sleep last night. Her son was trying to be all mature about it but she heard him crying himself to sleep behind his closed door and of course that got her going and she cried herself to sleep.

She was so relieved that another animal lover found him and had taken care of him when he got lost. I was relieved that she had found him. She called her kids at school right away so they wouldn't have to be sad during school. Then Commodore showed up and she said "Oh my gosh, your a Pyrenees, I bet you found my poor lost baby didn't you you wonderful dog!" and then she was on her knees hugging him in the driveway.

She tried to give me money but I wouldn't take it. As it turns out she has a kennel and a dog grooming business and offered to groom Commodore for free as thanks. I'm not about to turn down a free grooming!!!!!!


Blogger Jenn S said...

I bet he was adorable. I've always wanted a pyrenees. My husband has a pyrenees/yellow lab mix, but he's older and lives with my mother in law. I've already told my hubby we will eventually have another one that we don't have to share!

BTW- I'm tagging you!

6:58 PM  

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