Monday, April 02, 2007

High Performance Digital Cable

For high definition all-digital video are displayed in a pure digital form that looks its best GoldX products HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable with enhanced durability and optimized signal transfer, offers an extraordinary high-definition video experience.

The connectors of the HDMI Cable are especially molded to provide a textured comfort grip to make the installation of the product easier.
The maintenance of signal integrity is also assured by a high-density, double-layer shielding.

The center conductor is surrounded by an oxygen-free copper durable PVC jacket. This yields a high quality digital signal along with flexibility strength and appeal. The inner shield has100% Mylar backed aluminum foil. This prevents high frequency signal noise and interference. The outer shield consists of a 95% copper braid, which prevents most low frequency signal noise and interference.
The 24k gold contacts make for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance. These contacts are precision-machined and provides reduced signal loss at the connectors.

• 24K Gold plated studio grade connectors
• Improved signal transfer with high grade oxygen free copper wire
• Dual Shielding reduces interference, noise and distortion
• Corrosion-resistant connectors designed for maximum conductivity and low signal loss
• Balanced cable for optimum performance
• Designed for HDMI interfaces and Hi-Def Video


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