Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Its another beautiful day in Arkansas today. Bright and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I went for a 2 mile walk around a nearby subdivision. The main reason for doing this was to burn 200 calories before going to the gym tonight and to let the sun lighten my hair a little bit. The sun usually gives me blond highlights in the summer. I feel like I could go and walk another 2 miles.

Yesterday Bear had a crappy day. He only sold 2 gallons and had to work his butt off to do that. Mondays usually suck though and bad days are bound to happen. He did make enough to pay for yesterdays gas and todays gas though. He stopped in Dardanelle planning on checking on a customer there and the knocking noise he has been hearing in the rear end of the Rav came back with a vengeance. He claimed that it sounded like the rear end was about to fall out of it. He was probably exaggerating.

My dad is a mechanic and drives a Tow truck so I called him up and went over there and got him. They took it to the shop and put it up on the rack and it turns out that when my dad rotated the tired a few months back he didn't but all of the lugs back on the tire. One of the rear tires only had 1 lug on it and the knocking noise we were hearing was the tire about to fall off!

Bear called me a short time later and told me he thought my dad was trying to kill him by leaving them off on purpose. he said he made sure and told everyone there at the shop that my dad was the only one that works on his car so if something happened to him later they would know who did it. I called mom and reminded her I don't have any life insurance on Bear and if dad is planning on trying to kill him he needs to let me know first!!!! ha hahaha.

Now for an update on the neighbors son who burned his parents house down and recently crashed into a tree driving his mothers car. We finally got the full story from his mother.

Apparently after burning his parents house down he decided he was going to turn over a new leaf. he went out and got a job and an uncle of his was going to co sign and he was going to get his parents a new trailer. He was going to pay for it himself. Thats scary in itself because he can't seem to keep a job longer than a few weeks.

Well he was so committed to turning over a new leaf and not drinking anymore that he got drunk and he and a friend took his mothers car and crashed it into a tree. The tree went through the windshield and pushed Carl into the back of the car. It took them 3 hours to cut him out. He was life flighted to Little Rock and they had two doctors in the helicopter working on him during the whole flight. He has 14 broken bones and has had 5 surgeries since the accident. I'm not really sure how long its been. His first surgery was brain surgery which lasted 10 hours. He is still in Critical ICU and if he lives they will be moving him to regular ICU after completing 3 more surgeries. He's going to be in the hospital for a very long time and its very unlikely that he will be able to take care of himself after he does get out of the hospital ever again.

You know, he used to come over here drunk off of his ass all of the time. I used to stand in the kitchen and say "Carl, you really need to get help, you have a problem." he used to say "Nah nah, I don't have a problem, I'm alright."


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