Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not a good day today

I woke up this morning bitter and angry. I'm mad because bear has to loose another day in sales exchanging the bad cleaner out for good cleaner when its not our fault it froze during shipment. Thats a day of sales and a tank of gas we loose. For this reason our mortgage payment is going to be late also.

I'm also pissed about our lack of progress on the Dome. There is standing water in the lowest end right now and more rain expected tonight. It will be a mud pit by Saturday morning and bear probably won't want to work in it. I don't see the problem. So its muddy. Your going to take a shower afterword anyway. I have no problem wading in the mud to get the work done but Bear does.

I went back there this morning to start filling some half bags and I got through the first one and the handle on my bucket broke. I can fix it. I just have to use the baling twine we bought. Its thin stuff, but I take a good length of it and crotchet it and then crochet that it will make a good strong handle. Probably stronger than the original one the bucket had (plastic rope).

That little blue bucket is really the perfect size. I think it holds a gallon to a gallon and a half of dirt and works a lot better than the coffee cans the book recommended. I got that one at the dollar general 5 years ago for gardening. I had two of them but the first one tore into a bunch of little pieces while we were hand digging the first part of the foundation. Maybe I need to check out the dollar general today and see what those things cost. I don't remember it being very expensive and it certainly fills up the buckets faster.

We've been stuck on this row for a week and a half. Cold Weather and rain is really limiting our outdoor activities. Well I should say its limiting Bear's activities. I could care less what the weather is like when I work outside.

I'm tempted to skip the gym today and just work outside for a little while. I will be carrying the replacement shipment inside when Bear gets back later today anyway.


Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

I hope all is back to good soon...

6:27 PM  

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