Thursday, April 05, 2007


PROPHIX Financial Reporting Software uniquely provides a readily accessible tool to suit all of your management, financial, general ledger transactional and ad hoc reporting needs. You can report and perform analysis, produce many types of reports, and deliver those reports to anyone at anytime. This tool is specifically designed for the business user and allows you to create detailed reports without IT involvement. PROPHIX Reporting enables organizations to transform valuable enterprise data into shared information for insightful, timely decisions.

PROPHIX is different because its reporting modules are easy to use, but it is also the only reporting software specially designed for both financial and non-financial applications. The easy-to-use reporting environment is used for ad hoc, slice-and-dice, drill-down reporting, financial and formal boardroom style reports. PROPHIX's report creation and distribution bring accountability back to end users and to provide improved reporting analysis.

The ability to structure financial reports around business requirements is essential to a useful reporting process. Many applications, however, lack the flexibility to design reports without restraint. Because organization structures differ, it is often inadequate for an application to apply the same reporting template across the board. PROPHIX Reporting software, on the other hand, allows for ad-hoc reporting using any type of data in the model, providing a very versatile tool that works with your organizational structure and company's unique reporting requirements.

Controlling the accuracy of data in reports involves overcoming security concerns. Without the ability to effectively manage access to reports and restrict data manipulation, data integrity is jeopardized. With PROPHIX Reporting, security issues are solved by administering user access and monitoring audit logs. There is no need to be concerned over unauthorized personnel manipulating data and essentially corrupting data, calculations or reports.

The value in reporting also depends on the convenience and ease. Many reporting applications require heavy IT involvement, which causes time inefficiencies and a great deal of dependency on few personnel. With PROPHIX Reporting, reports are easily accessible and distribution is automatic, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy.


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