Thursday, April 12, 2007

Telecom Bill Auditing

The worry and Hassel of a TeleCom Audit is a thing of the past With little effort on the part of your staff, NMA will review and ensure each and every charge and service is billing accurately and your network is operating efficiently and effectively. Discover how NMAs revolutionary process can enhance Network Visibility while reducing costs between five percent (5%) up to fifty percent (50%).

Using one month of billing and the related provider contracts, NMA will create a detailed blue print of your voice & data environment known as TeleMap™. During the TeleMap™ Process our analysts will uncover cost saving opportunities that in most cases have gone unnoticed for years (even after an audit has been performed). The TeleMap™ Process is a granular approach to evaluating bills, contracts, service records, usage patterns, and associated per minute rates that will uncover all waste and billing inaccuracies. In many cases the TeleMap™ Process will increase network capacity and service reliability. This proprietary method of manually evaluating telecom environments is so comprehensive that our clients have labeled our approach "Telecom Forensics". Our unique results provide our customers with annual savings of 10%-40% above and beyond what they may have saved through any and all internal as well as external auditing efforts.


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