Friday, April 13, 2007

This is a picture of that little lost puppy we found. Wasn't he a cute. Now that I know how far he traveled to get here I can understand why he fell right to sleep.
Sadly this is stills all we have done. The weather is just not cooperating for us. I would go out there and bag now but its going to start raining again pretty soon from the looks of the sky. Your probably remembering that just yesterday I said I don't care what the weather is like, I will work in it anyway and that's true. Rain does not bother me. But lightening does. It only takes being hit by it once to be terrified of being out in it. Several people have said "Well, what are your chances of being hit by it again?" My answer to this question is "What were my chances of being hit the first time!" Those odds were 1 in 3 million.

I must have a hormone imbalance that's making me all crabby because I am retaining water too. I did go to the gym and went to the wild life preserve to walk after that. Then I still helped unload the cleaner when it got here. While meeting with the chemist we were informed that the price of the orange oil used in our cleaner is going to go up because of the freeze almost the entire country experienced last week. Its not such an issue for us, we just raise the price of our cleaner to cover it wen that time comes. There are people out there charging a lot more than we are.

I bought two new buckets while I was out yesterday. I got 2 2 gallon buckets instead of one gallon buckets because these have a pour spout on them. I don't know if that will make a big difference or not.

While passing through the mountains yesterday Bear found a piece of real estate for sale. It was 20 acres on top of and going down the side of a mountain with a river running through it. Its one of those things we might look into buying if we ever won the lottery. The property was just outside of Jasper. Its about two hours from here. But my mother would kill me if we moved two hours away. Its not as though i live on an unattractive piece of property anyway. My 7 1/2 acres rolls along the hillside in a back slanted W shape and is covered in trees of all species, ages, shapes and sizes. I tried to walk through the property when we first moved here and count the dogwoods and lost count somewhere around 750. There not all blooming age though. Some of the trees here are 200 to 300 old. And there are two wet weather streams.

We've mentioned several tines that if we win we would try to buy up as much property around us as we possibly could. The 10 acres above us is for sale. There is another 10 acres next to that that we could probably get if we offered the man enough money. The 6 acres below us would be a little harder to get. The property to the east of us belongs to a hunting club . Its a 1000 acre parcel. I wouldn't want to whole thing, but I might want to shave 20 or so acres off of it. At the bottom of our hillside is a big beautiful empty field. It belongs to Mrs White. Its probably 30 acres and sits in a little valley between our hill and another hill of equal height.. I would like to have that also. The grass is green all year long and it would be a great spot for horses.

Speaking of the lottery ever since I changed the way I do my morning life affirmations our luck in the lottery has changed. We haven't won the big one yet but we win something with every single ticket! Even if its just a few dollars. I found myself sitting in my sacred space some mornings and wondering how long its going to take for the energy to get the numbers right.

The way life affirmations work is you say something out loud that you want as though its already happened. For example. "I have won the jackpot in the lottery" (its a important to be specific). "I am thin." "I am happy". You repeat these phrases over and over again. 5 or 10 times. More if you have time. I was doing it wrong before.

Ugh its cold in this house. I'm going to have to turn the heat on soon. Its also cloudy and gray and its going to rain on us later.


Blogger Tick said...

Some people are never satisfied. Huh????

8:04 AM  
Blogger dragonfly183 said...

Oh man what happened to my pictures :(

8:08 AM  

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