Saturday, April 07, 2007

Well, Bear placed an order for another shipment of cleaner on Wednesday. He had 5 cases left and thought that would be enough to last him through Friday at least. Wrong answer, ha ha. He sold everything he had on Thursday. The new shipment is supposed to be here on Monday. Were using a different freight company this time so hopefully it won't get shipped to the wrong place "again".

Somebody won the Mega Millions last night and it wasn't me. That always pisses me off when they give "my" money away to someone else. Oh well, I will just keep doing the visualization thing.

I would have liked to work on the back of the property today but its only 36 degrees. I don't think were going to be doing much of anything outside today. Its supposed to be 22 degrees tonight. I'm going to have to pull some blankets and afghans out of the closet and cover some of my plants up. My day lilies and my Cannas that are just coming up. Fortunately most of the stuff planted in my wall is not frost tender.

I guess I was retaining more water than I thought this weekend because I measured my waist this morning and I have dropped another inch. I haven't gotten on the scale yet. The gym was closed yesterday.

I tried on my bluejeans and although I have room the spare in the waist the hips are still to tight for me to consider them comfortable.

I have been reading about sizes in pants lately and there is a lot of variation in what is considered a size 8. I've seen it go as small as 24 inches and as large as 28 inches. There was a point in time when I was wearing a size 3 but I think my waist was 22 inches at that time. I was very thin and didn't have a lot of muscle tone. That was 7 years ago. I don't think I ever want to be that small again. I could be pretty happy with a six or an 8. In reality I don't have that much farther to go before my waist is 28 inches. If I keep dropping in size like this it won't be long at all.

I measure out 22 inches on that belt I have been using this morning and I circle it around and look at it and its hard to believe I was ever that small.


Blogger KathyJo said...

LOL about the pant sizes. Years ago, I was gaining weight but in denial about it. One of the ways I was able to deny it was that I continued to wear the same size jeans. It was only after I started losing weight that I realized I had just kept finding jeans that were sized bigger. :D

7:40 PM  

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