Thursday, April 12, 2007

Window Blinds

We were lucky when we bought this mobile home that it already came with some very nice Blinds in it. Most mobile homes only come with those cheapy plastic ones like you find at Wal-Mart but this one came with very nice thick plantation style blinds that really made the look of the house.

The first house bear and I rented together was a big huge place on a hill with a gated neighborhood. At the time we could afford it. The economy was good and gas prices were low and we had money in the bank. It had 48 windows. There were two windows in the bedroom that were an unusual shape. They were high off the floor but low enough to look through. They were also an odd shape and very small. I had to get custom blinds made for them. They cost me 350 dollars. For two small, lousy windows.

At Terry's blinds you will find blinds in all sorts of sizes and colors and types and at very good prices also. If you have to cover some windows it might be worth checking out.


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