Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cell Phones

Cell Phones have become very important in this day and age. As important as televisions and radio's and cars. There not something you need to survive but, not having one can make things a lot harder than what we are used to. Say for example when I still worked outside of the home I would stop at the video store on my way home and call my husband to ask him if there was something in particular he might like to see. has a wide variety of cell phones and cell phone plans for you to choose from. Your sure to find a cell phone and a plan and a cell phone that suits your needs and your budget there.

They carry plans such as T Mobile, Alltel, Ampid, Cingular, Nextel, US Cellular and thats just to name a few. They even carry Sprint Cell phones. I have seen those new blackberry phones for T mobile on there site that have been advertised so much on TV lately. You know the ones with the keyboards built into them to make texting easier. those are really cool. Now that there coming out with those new unlimited texting plants thats a lot easier on people also. I have always thought getting charged per text you send was a little bit crazy.


Most people buying a house require a mortgage. I don't know to many people who can pay cash for a house and those I do know are not buying much of a house. You can buy an old used mobile home for a few thousand and that usually doesn't require a mortgage. Even in some of those cases you may still need a loan to get the mobile home. You can't get a mortgage on an old used mobile home anymore so a lot of people will opt to get a secured loan. They usually use land for this purpose. Usually the land there putting the house on.

Everyone needs a place to live and renting forever is never a good option. Your money never goes toward building up any kind of equity when your renting and thats usually why people want to own a home in the first place.

Unfortunately though sometimes things happen in our lives which tear everything apart and despite our best intentions we suddenly find out credit destroyed and our ability to buy a home farther away than ever. Thats when a person might consider looking at bad credit mortgages for there home purchase. You will usually pay a higher interest rate but at least you will have a house.

Mint Credit Cards

In the year of 2003 MINT introduced the Mint credit cards (no you can't eat it or use it to season anything, I know I was thinking of the plant to). The card was offered as two versions. The first being a standard credit card and the MC2 card which has the bottom right-hand corner removed; this was the first change to the shape of credit cards in the UK for 37 years. With 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases until December. I can't imagine a credit card that looks like that but it sounds like a pretty good deal to me, at least until December.

In September 2006 Mint launched a new Mint Gift Card. It is basically a pre-paid credit card that you can give as a gift. Those area a really nice thing to give at Christmas time for those nephews that are impossible to buy for. Give them one of those and they can go buy what ever they want for them self.

Just follow the link if your interested in getting a credit card application

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A dehumidifier removes humidity from your home. This is something you may want to utilize in the summer. Especially if you live in Arkansas or somewhere down south where the humidity can be very thick. Here in Arkansas its not all that uncommon to see days in which the humidity is 80% . You can shut your windows and doors and turn on the Ac but your still going to feel it.

For more than 50 years Aprilaire have been one of the world leaders in whole house air purification, air conditioning and humidity control. In fact, the 1700 and 1720 models can be found in an astonishing number of homes. So if your considering a dehumidifier or anything else along those lines you may want to check out Aprilaire dehumidifiers.

my fitness pal is a brand new fitness website. I actually joined it about a week ago and I really enjoy using it. Its completely free. It has a really neat food diary with a built in calorie counter in which you enter what you eat into it and it tells you how many calories you have eaten, how much fat, carbs, protein, the whole thing. Since when you join it takes down your weight, height, and what your goals are it knows exactly what you should be eating each and ever day and subtracts that from whats been eaten. That shows you whats left to eat. It also has an exercise diary and estimates how many calories you have burned per work out and adds those to what you have left to burn. Its really handy for any dieter.


I absolutely love hammocks. There wonderful things to rest and relax in. My aunt and uncle used to have one. I used to swing in it. ha ha. I would get it going kind of hi and then just lay back in it and let it swing freely. We had on in our gully for a while. It was the perfect place to rest or read or anything else on a nice day, floating freely above the oak trees. Ok well not exactly floating freely, but it was still nice.

The cats didn't like them. They wanted to jump up there and lay down with us but they couldn't do it because the hammock was full of holes.

The hammocks I have always used were attached to posts or tree trunks but now they have come out with portable hammocks that can be moved around.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bollywood Videos is like the youtube only its geared toward viewers in India . Just like youtube you can create and upload your own videos as well as download videos that other people have uploaded. They also have lots of Bollywood videos that you can download.

Bollywood, by the way, is the name given to a Mumbai-based Hindi-language filming industry in India. When combined with other Indian film industries (Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada), it is the largest in the world in terms of number of films produced, and maybe also the number of tickets sold.

Bollywood films are generally musicals. Most of the movies are made without at least one song-and-dance number. Indian audiences want songs and dances, love interest, comedy and dare-devil thrills, all mixed up in a three hour long film with an intermission somewhere in the middle of it all. Such movies are called masala movies, after the spice mixture masala. Like masala, these movies have everything.

The plots are very often melodramatic. They frequently employ ingredients such as star-crossed lovers, corrupt politicians, twins separated at birth, conniving villains, angry parents, courtesans with hearts of gold, dramatic reversals of fortune, and convenient coincidences.

The piggy banker

ThePiggyBanker is dedicated to bringing you the best CD rates, savings accounts, money market, credit cards deals, and bank promotions. Besides having a really cute name you will find the bst investments on this site that you will find anywhere else. The reason for this is because they do the research for you and save you valuable time. Time after all is money. So visit the site today and check out the highest CD rates, the best money market rates. While your there check out FNBO direct for the highest paid interest on savings accounts.

Boat Covers

Bear and I would love to own a boat. Bear is the one that knows about them. not me. I am a not boating sort of person.

Boats get exposed to some horrific conditions. Keeping it looking great is a big challenge. So if you have not been fortunate enough to win the lottery and don't have one of those really big huge boats then you will want to get a good boat cover to protect it from the elements when your not using it. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a boat cover. You have to choose the right size, fabric, fittings... The list goes on and on.

However there is a website that is willing to help you out with this problem. Visit for all you need to know about choosing a cover for your boat.

IMB memory

Do you need new memory for your computer, but your really really confused as to what to get for it. At the they have a search option that allows you to look up the type of computer that you have and it tells you exactly what kind of memory you need to get for it. for those of you who are not computer savy like I am thats a very useful type of search. So if your looking for IBM memory your not going to have any troubler at all finding it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Police

There going on a world tour. I used to love there songs when I was a kid. I actually have some of them downloaded onto my Ipod and listen to them while I am exercising or walking or what ever the case may be.

The police are giving away 100 copies of their new police cd. I would love to have one of those cd's. Then I wouldn't have to try and find the songs I liked so much as a kid on the internet for download.

The Police

Track Listings are
Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara


Synovate is the world's most curious company. They conduct market research and its there job to learn what people like, and why they like the things they like. That knowledge helps product designers and manufacturers give people what they want and helps you to profit from knowing what they want. The work they do at Synovate is continuously stretching the definitions of conventional research. They operate across six continents, in 50 countries and 24 timezones.

As the world's most curious people they learn a lot about, well, people. Understanding people is essential for anyone in marketing.


This is not something I have to think about often, although I often think I may be going through Peri menopause. But if you need information about it this website has everything that you would possibly ever need to know about it. From A to Z. I checked out the section for early signs of menopause and learned that they sell test kits over the counter to test for this. There just like a pregnancy test. You just hold the little stick in your urine stream and it will tell you if there are hormone changes or not.
I really enjoyed writing that post. I love colored diamonds and black diamonds have always seemed so mysterious to me.

Black Diamond Jewlery

I love colored diamonds. I've loved them ever since I figured out there was such a thing. Black diamonds are something special though. There is truly some kind of special mystery that goes along with a black diamond. To me black diamond jewelry says "haunted widow" to me or something forbidden and mysterious. Here you have a black stone that is usually clear. An element of nature embedded in rings that usually mean forever and sparkle brightly, yet these are as black as night.

Black diamonds are usually found in Brazil, and usually used for diamond drills. It occurs in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from compact to porous. Put this is not always the case and sometimes the black diamond will be of gem quality and makes a dark mysterious statement.

I have seen some truly stunning black diamonds rings made with yellow gold. They are fabulous in this form as a mans rings. I must admit they seem to give of a powerful energy when set into a mans ring.

I've also come across some really stunning black diamond pendants that have been mixed with white diamonds and set in white gold and they to are very striking and look lovely when worn with a black evening gown.

The same can be said for black diamond earrings set in either white or yellow gold. Although I personally think black diamonds set in yellow gold are the most striking. or if your looking for something simple you may want to consider wearing some nice black diamond studs.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Boy they sure do look like they have had a busy day
All of them, ha ha
I am really proud of the way these two Hostas have started to look. There called Ablo Picta Hostas and I bought them because of the bright chartreuse coloring. There supposed to be a darker chartreues in the middle and then have a lighter lime green ridge on the outside but where I had them planted before they were just plain green. I moved these two up here into damper richer soil and suddenly I had an explosion of different shades of green.
Isn't she cute!!!!
Flowering Tobacco. I picked up seeds for this plant on a whim about 4 years ago and what I grew has come back every single year. The colored ones have slowly been dying out these past few years but everything I planted in this area ended up white and has come back every single year. Its like an explosion of white shooting stars in this part of the garden most of the summer
This is a plant I have just recently developed a love affair for. Its called Spiderwort . It has no medicinal value that I have been able to find but its very tough. It withstands the summer heat and drought and has been one of the few things I have planted back the woods that has survived. Its most commonly seen growing on the sides of the road in rocky dry mountain areas and can be seen in the wild in shades of pink purple and blue. Gardeners have recently started developing hybrid shades of white and red also. I can't wait to get my hands on those!!!!
I love calla lilies. I've been trying to get my hands on more colors. So far I only have crystal blush(blooming white and turning pink as it ages) an unknown yellow variety that doesn't always bloom, and these bright pink ones.
Hollyhocks, grown from seed. Tall and splended and beautiful.
A Dahlia. My mother got me hooked on these. She grows hers from seed and gave me this one and a lovely orange one (which died of a mysterious illness this spring). I will have to get my hands on some seeds next spring. I have to have more than just this one.
Hide and Seek? Hmm, I'm getting a dirty look, maybe I wasn't supposed to be seeking.
I can never resist taking pictures of my pond. Especially with those pink roses in bloom. There wild roses and will only bloom once a year. But they are magnificent when they do bloom.
And bloom!!!!!!!
My waterfall. I have never been able to get a pump as strong as I want in here. I have always felt the water should gush down the front, not trickle.

And of course more of those lovely pink roses.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok i guess i am done

I just thought I was going to do more but I'm not.

Odin is getting big. We don't really notice it. He still looks small when compared to Commodore. But a few months ago he would put his paws up on our bed begging to be lifted up and his head would just be above the top of our bed. Now his chest is up above our bed. I guess that means he has gained at least 6 inches in the length of his legs in the last few months. We try not to encourage him but its really hard to tell him no when we see that big black head pop up and look at us hopefully with those fluffy ears perked up.

I've tried to get him and Commodore side by side so i can see if he is closer to approaching commodore's height but its hard to catch them when Commodore is not asleep in the floor and Odin is standing still. Actually its hard to catch Odin when he is still period!!!! I thought he was supposed to be calm!!!

He looks identical to a Newfoundland. I think his coat might be a little bit shorter than a Newfoundland, but its because he is actually a Saint Bernard that is black. Its hard to tell since he is not full grown though. He had a very short coat up until the last month or so and now its getting a lot longer and it curls a little bit (just like a Newfoundland) so he may or may not develop the long coat his Newfie Ancestors had.

I hope he calms down soon!!! He bounces off of the walls sometimes. I was out in the yard this afternoon and he was whizzing around all over the place.

Not really done

I'm not really done with posting today. I'm just running out of time to get things done.

AIM Promote

AIMpromote has a much much lower cost of use and total cost of ownership than any of the other CRM programs that are out there for many many reasons. There are absolutely no setup fees at all, and they integrate your system with your website free of charge. The whole thing is very very easy to use and to install.

Out of all CRM software AIMpromote is your very best choice for increasing sales and improving business intelligence. They do offer a free trial so give it a shot and form your own opinion about the software.

Just Say Hi

Just say Hi is a brand new 100% free dating site and is one of the best among free dating sites. There are no hidden fees or limits on the emails you can send or anything like that. Its all free. I used to sit next to a single woman when I worked at the mortgage company and she wanted to join some dating sites but did not have 40 bucks to pay for the membership. Its silly to have to pay for something like that. So if your single and your dating you may want to check it out and see what you think of it

Drug Rehab

At Stone Hawk Drug Rehab Center they definitely know all about addiction and how to deal with it because we were once addicts them self. They can sympathize with what you and your family are currently going through and sometimes personal experience can make all of the difference in the world.

At Stone Hawk they deeply care about addicts and there problems and want to help because someone made the effort to help them when they desperately needed it.

Stone Hawk stands by the Narconon® program, because the Narconon program has worked for them when other programs failed.

Drug addiction is a problem that we take very seriously. Start a new life at Narconon Stone Hawk and let the healing begin. Learn how to save a life, and your family.

Condo Hotel Marketplace

This is an interesting website. Condo Hotel Marketplace is a site for buying, selling, or renting investment properties. If you are looking to rent one of the worlds’ most exquisite vacation properties or hoping to sell your property fast, easily, and affordably, Condo Hotel Marketplace is the ultimate Vacation Rentals. With an easy to use interface, countless resources, and an expert staff on hand, Condo Hotel Marketplace is the smartest way to directly link buyers with sellers, and renters with owners.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eneryg balls

Well I have reached the last of what will be posted on this blog today. The rest are on my other two blogs.

On Monday while on my walk I stopped at several bridges and did "energy ball manifestations". Included in them was for Jeff to find a job, for them to hurry up and get a campsite, and for Bear to sell 6 cases and a few gallons. Jeff did find a job Monday but I was disappointed when Bear only sold two gallons and they didn't find a camp site Monday. Tuesday however bear sold exactly six cases and two gallons and they did find a camp site. I guess there was a 24 hour lag there, ha ha.

I've talked to other witches about time delays in spells. I know you cannot expect instant results most of the time. If you do a spell for rain it may take a couple of days to arrive. We came to the conclusion that the reason for the time delay is that energy moves on a universal scale which is on its own time, not on ours. Consider the length of time it takes for light to travel through the universe. Therefor what takes 3 days or a week or even 24 hours to us is less than a blink of an eye to the universe. I guess that's why really big spells can take so long.

But I thought that it was interesting that Bear sold "exactly" 6 cases and two gallons yesterday.

Bear did two more prosperity spells yesterday and today I will pick out 1 or 2 people and send some sort of random blessing there way. It was funny to do that in the gym the other day and watch him get covered in goose bumps. He rubbed his arms and the back of his neck and got one of those "what the hell was that" looks on his face.

As far as prosperity goes I am still being bogged down by paid posts. I have done 8 of them today and I have 10 more to go. I'm probably not going to do those today though. I'll probably do them tomorrow. I have time.

Lasik eye Surgery

Most people know I am supposed to be wearing contact lenses or glasses, but I usually don't because I can't afford them and because I have learned to live without them. However if the day comes in which I can win the lottery then i may go ahead and get lasik eye surgery. Thats that laser surgery they do that corrects your vision so you don't have to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore.

At you will find a wealth of information on this surgery. and when I say wealth I really really mean wealth. I have never ever seen so much information on one surgery in a single place.

For example, you can find a list of Lasik Complications for this surgery on here. I wasn't even aware that there was a list of complications for this surgery. I would have just walked in there and got the surgery without any type of research.


Most of us are aware that Rhinoplasty is a nose job. Most people that read this blog are not aware that I used to desperately want a nose job. This desire faded as I got older. I never really liked my nose. I'm told that it can be assigned to a particular ethnic group but I don't know what that group is. I don't think native Americans have a big nose like this.

Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty offers an innovative approach to this type of nose surgery. At this center, they offer rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills done by two surgeons with slightly different but complementary backgrounds. These surgeons work as a team with the goal of providing excellent results both in aesthetics and in breathing function. They call their approach to Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty.

I certainly can't afford rhinoplasty Beverly Hills style or rhinoplasty Los Angeles style, but maybe someday if I win the lottery I might be able to get that nose job done. If I still want to. I'm not really sure that I would because as time has passed I've become pretty comfortable with my appearance. well I wouldn't mind getting rid of my double chin. Thats hereditary too.


This is the UK equivalent of refinancing your current mortgage. Sometimes things happen after you buy a house, illnesses and what not that can ruin a persons credit. Remortgage Guild help people get a remortgage (this is the UK equivalent of refinancing) when they have less than perfect credit. No remortgage is a problem for them according to there website. Whatever your credit situation. It does not matter if you've simply missed a few payments, have debts, defaults, CCJs, arrears or IVA / bankruptcy. They have a remortgage to suit you. They will even tell you if a remortgage is the ideal option. Remortgages are possible with bad credit.

My Fitness Pal

A membership to will get you all of the tools you need to successfully take off the weight you want to get rid of. Your 100% free membership will get you the easiest to use food diary on the web with a calorie counter, a searchable food database of over 6000 items and its growing every single day, your own personal food database, support and motivation from people just like you that are trying to loose weight, a personalized diet profile, and flexibility and its all 100 percent free.

It sounds so good to me that I just signed up for it, ha ha. I went looking for what I was having for breakfast which was coffee with flavored coffee mate creamer and even though they didn't have coffee mate creamer I was able to add it. There free calorie counter does the calorie counting for you

Diamonds are a girls best friend. We all know how it goes. Your supposed to buy a diamond ring that the equivalent of 3 months of your salary at the time when you get married. But we ladies love more than just diamonds. I personally love colored diamonds. I don't own any, but I love the way the way look. I once saw a beautiful yellow diamond of a necklace surrounded by white ones. And I think champagne and those pretty brown diamonds are nice too. My offers a beautiful variety of black diamonds in lovely white gold sets (white gold is something else I love dearly). On site site they have a lovely assortment of engagement rings and the part for the big stone in the center is left empty so you can choose the perfect diamond for it. There is much more to a diamond than its size after all.

What I thought was really awesome was the option to choose a set with something other than diamonds in it. Usually that's all you see when it comes to wedding rings are diamonds, but actually have a set with sapphires in it. They even have an option for designing your own ring.

Also on the site, I saw a lovely white sapphire ring that was set on a white gold band and a pink gold setting. One of my favorites was a barrel cut mystic topaz ring set in white gold with diamonds around it.

There is a nice variety of stones and sets on the site which is important for those of us who are looking for something a little different.

Red Bullet Energy

We all need a burst of energy every now and then. Life is busy and crazy and hectic so who doesn't need extra energy. Bullet Speed Energy Supplement are a good choice for that extra burst of energy you need to make it to the gym after work, keep your mind sharp and focused to study for those exams, be sharp for that morning meeting, take the kids to soccer practice, be awake for that 6 am commute to work or school or where ever else it is that your going.

Orlando Florida

When I think of Orlando Florida the first thing that comes to mind is palm Trees. Although most people tend to think of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and such. Orlando Florida serves as the backdrop for high-end shopping areas, luxury resort hotels, cultural venues and other family-oriented activities. This region also hosts six theme parks, and a nice variety of Orlando Florida hotels. provides affordable prices on the widest selection of hotels, car rentals and flights throughout the greater Orlando Florida area. offers the most comprehensive travel and vacation arrangements in Orlando, with a travel guide offering tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife and more! So if your planning a vacation to Florida you may want to check out before you make plans on any other website.

Co Op Loans

A housing cooperative is formed when people join with each other on a democratic basis to own or control the housing and/or related community facilities in which they live. Usually they do this by forming a not-for-profit cooperative corporation. Each month they simply pay an amount that covers their share of the operating expenses of their cooperative corporation. Personal income tax deductions, lower turnover rates, lower real estate tax assessments (in some local areas), controlled maintenance costs, and resident participation and control are some of the benefits of choosing cooperative homeownership. At least this is the definition I got off the internet. Up until this point I really had no idea what that was.

The Co-operative Bank turned away some £10m worth of business for ethical reasons last year, according to its annual profitability analysis published today. Environmental concerns are costing the Bank most of these business. More than 50 per cent of the value declined was for activity that conflicted with its ecological policies, and 25 per cent of the total (£2.4m) related directly to the Bank’s concerns around global climate change.

A of Co-op's financial products are bound to their ethical policy. For this reason customers can rest assured that the money they borrow for there loans has not come from the profits of unnecessary pollution, human rights abuses.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good News and Bad News

The good news is I lost another pound. My waist didn't get any smaller, but interestingly enough that roll of fat bellow my belly button has gotten significantly smaller. I think my hips look thinner too, but that could just be me.

The bad news is I am another year older today. I'm 33 years old. Actually, I didn't even remember that today was my birthday until my husband wished me happy birthday this morning. Not that today has been different from any other day today. I've been working my butt off pretty much since I got up, although I did treat myself to some Donuts from Paradise Donuts. just two of them.

I've had another nice bunch of paid posts to do and still more to finish up. I opened up another blog on wordpress called "Quietly Into the Night". I used wordpress because I've
been told its a lot easier to host your dominion from it. I'm not sure if I am going to like it better than blogger though.

I'm in a really pissy mood right now. I'm not sure why. I felt pretty good this morning. But yesteray was like this too. I woke up feeling pretty good and as the day wore on I just got more and more pissed off. I stepped outside for a minute and pulled a few weeds but never got any happier.

It could be because I am realizing that pretty soon I am going to have to put up with Mouse and Coyote being home at the same all summer long. They fight like cats and dogs. Trying to put up with that and work at the same time is never any fun.

And I still have not had time to get my garden planted now that its finally plowed and thats pissing me off too. Maybe I will be in a better mood tomorrow.

VACATIONS.NET, the leader in the all-inclusive travel experience has launched aredesigned website.

After extensive research has created a website that sets a new standard for websites catering to the high-end while offering great rates, tremendous savings up to 50% off regular rates.

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The booking engine functionality rivals that of global online travel sites.

In addition to the increased functionality of the booking engine, new website,, offers new features such as:
• Compelling visual images & virtual tours
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• Hot Deals and much more…
Visit or call toll-free at 1-888-205-3315 for reservations or more information.

Smile Credit Cards

What an interesting name for a credit card :). Anyway, if you're after an award winning credit card Smile's is the credit card for you. Smile's credit card has been voted 'best credit card for 4 years at the Guardian Consumer Finance Awards 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. They have two different credit cards to choose from. One of them has a 15.9 APR and the other one has an 11.9 APR.

With their classic card you get 0.5% cashback on purchases, a preferential rate of 13.9% APR typical if you have a smile current account, an attractive rate of 16.9% APR variable if you don't have a Smile current account, no annual fee – ever, up to 46 days interest free if you settle your balance in full.

If you earn £20k or above, you could have a Smile gold card. With that you will get a preferential rate of 9.9% APR typical/variable if you have a Smile current account, an attractive rate of 14.9% APR variable if you don't have a Smile current account, no annual fee – ever, and up to 46 days interest free if you settle your balance in full.

Folding Chairs

I don't that folding chairs are really something to many of us think about. I think a lot of us take them for ranted. If we have to rent a place for something there are usually folding chairs provided. Our churches might have nice padded folding chairs. When I had my first wedding we rented the bluff of a local resort on a mountain top and had to rent folding chairs from the church of the pastor that preformed the wedding.

At best they have a wide variety of folding chairs. I didn't realize folding chairs came in so many varieties. They have some that look as comfortable as some really nice desk chairs that I have seen. They can even customize them wit your logo. If your in need of folding chairs it would definitely be worth checking out.

Customer Relationship Software

AIM promote is a program that handles all of your sales lead management. The program has a wide variety of features that would come in handy for any business owner. AIMpromote is cheaper to use and cheaper to buy than its competitors for several reasons. There are no setup fees, and they even integrate your system with your website free of charge. Also, the ease of use and fast learning curve will keep your sales people working efficiently.

This program is superior to traditional CRM software. AIMpromote is the best choice for increasing sales. There is a free trial available and its definitely worth checking out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy Morning

This has been a busy morning for me so far. I've done 50 dollars worth of paid posts. Yesterday I did 90 dollars worth and the two days before that I did 45 dollars worth each. I don't expect this to continue since a lot of this comes from sites I have just signed up with. But who knows maybe it will. Maybe my income is about to increase. That would get Bear off my back. I guess maybe its some of that prosperity magic getting back to me. I never expected it to come along the lines of blogging, but magic has a tendency to surprise you. It would be nice if it keeps coming. I wouldn't mind having 45 to 50 paid posts a day to do 7 days a week.

Credit Cards

My opinion about credit cards is that they are a nessicary evil. I don't think that its to easy to get credit cards but I think that to many people taker them. I don't see any reason why places such as McDonalds, Taco bell, and local grocery stores take your credit card. With so many places taking credit cards its very very easy to find yourself in over you head very quickly. I also think thats why there are so many people in the USA that have bad credit, because they did get in over there head. But there does come a time when a person has to learn to say no to the temptation to use those credit cards and I think that should be taught in high school, not in real life situations.

Breast Augmentation

This is one of those things I would have done if I ever won the lottery. When I was younger I was a lot smaller. When I graduated high school I could still wear a training bra. They have gotten bigger as I have gotten older (a fact I can't really explain but I seem to have that in common with other women.

Now I would like to have it done not because they are small but because as I get older they are starting to loose there shape. That's just something that happens I guess, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!!!

If I were going to have it done I would probably want breast augmentation in Las Angeles . I would want the best and I am not sure Arkansas is the best place for that. I've looked at a gallery oh photos of Los Angeles breast augmentation and they look really good. There very natural looking. To be honest that's kind of what I looked like in my late and mid twenties. So if you ever win the lottery or come into some other sort of windfall then definitely check out breast augmentation los angeles


There is a wealthy neighborhood in my town that sits on the bluffs of the Arkansas river. There is a house that's been there for years. Its owned by a local business owner. It has wooden siding on the site of it and a big deck on the back. Its 3 levels with a walk out basement and sitting in the front yard is a big tall flagpole with the American flag flapping away on it every morning.

Since the first time I saw that I thought it might be kind of neat to have a flagpole in my front yard. I just think the addition of flagpoles to a home or business is kind of neat. I don't know that I would have an US flag on it. I might want a custom flag to put on it. A black one with a big silver pentagram on it.

At united-states-flag. com they have a section where you can have a custom flag made like that. They also sell state flags, world flags, patriotic gifts and decorations, and offer advice of how to care for your flags. its probably the most complete flag site i have ever seen.

Watch Videos on Ipod

IPod is really cool. I think we can all agree to that can't we. Have you ever tried to convert your favorate DVD movies, your own family videos into your iPod? Its a little bit above and beyond what i am capable of doing.

But you can use iPod Video Converter software made by PQDVD, which is a great tool to convert all kinds videos, DVDs into iPod video with a few mouse clicks. You just download & install the software from , after launching the video converter software, click "open" button to select a dvd or video file. Now you can start recording the video into iPod format. When it is ready, you may put the converted file into iTune library and sync with your iPod. Doesn't that sound simple!

There is a free trial offer so yuou don't have to shell out the money unless you really like it and have a use for it. For $39.95 you can convert unlimited number of DVDs and videos and enjoy the freedom of entertaining yourself anywhere, anytime. Even if you've missed yesterdays TV show, you can convert the recorded video into iPod to be watch anytime you want. If you like the idea, please spread the word about it. That would be really useful if you missed House and want to watch it on your break at work the next day.

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The website has a cheap gifts page which is cool because it lists gifts in categories regarding price ranges such as gifts under 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 30 dollars, and 40 dollars.

There are also a lot of those new really cool digital picture frames where you upload your pictures to the frame and they change pictures every few seconds or so. That way you never have to have just one picture displayed.

With fathers day coming up on us quickly you may want to take advantage of there gifts for men page. I myself find I am often at a loss as to what to buy the men in my life.

Disability Insurance

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Life Insurance

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Your Credit Network

Your Credit Network is a very interesting site. Its loaded with credit card applications of all kinds. the purpose of the site is to provide to is consumers with information about as many different kinds of credit card offers as possible. The reason for doing this is because different people require different kinds of credit cards. When I was younger a credit card was a credit card and the biggest difference in them was the difference in interest rates. That's not the case anymore in a world with frequent flyer miles and cash back offers and a long list of other things I probably know nothing about. The credit card network even has its own credit card blog that might be worth checking out.

Hotel Reservations

We haven't had a need to make any hotel reservations for a long long while, but Bear's sales trips will be taking to to far out of town soon to drive back the same night. It would be wise to have reservations made before he heads out to that town so its nice to be able to make them online.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Bear plowed the garden. I thought he was never going to get around to doing it. Hopefully its not to late to start everything. I have started Basil, Parsley, Fennel, Dill, ornamental Gourds, Tiger Pumpkins, Bird House Gourds, Luffah Gourds, mixed colors of bell peppers, cantaloupe, orange watermelons, roma tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, two kinds of sweet corn, and maybe some strawberry popping corn if i have room. It would look pretty to decorate with.

Our dirt looks healthier this year. I guess it should. Last year we burned some leaves on top of it and then let more leaves fall over it and let them decompose. Then the grass sprouted back and its been catching run off in that spot since. A large portion of the garden has nice dark rich dirt in it. But there is still a section that doesn't. Its a light shade of fleshy yellow. But it doesn't mean that i can't improve it.

I'm going to have an issue with grass growing in my garden this year again. I'm sure of that. I may just try covering large portions of the ground with wet newspaper and covering that with plain old ordinary sawdust.


I've been seeing previews for this bug movie on TV lately. The previews really didn't catch my attention, but the trailer on the website sure did.

The Exorcist's William Friedkin makes a strong comeback directing the Bug movie, the screen version, adapted by original playwright Tracy Letts, of his off-Broadway powerhouse about trailer trash paranoia that rocked the Village's Barrow Street Theater two years ago.

Agnes resides in a sleazy motel room on the edge of the desert and works in a bar with her lesbian friend R.C. (Lynn Collins). Agnes, for whom life is an obvious struggle, is tormented by the loss of her little son, who disappeared years ago in a supermarket. Later R.C. brings an odd, seemingly recessive guy named Peter (Michael Shannon) whose gradually emerging story becomes the film's/play's focus. He claims to be a Gulf War veteran. A fifth character is a man who claims to be a doctor, played by Brian F. O'Byrne.

Bug is about process, and the process is Peter's taking over of Agnes' fragile mental and physical world and the destruction of his own in a compulsive, creepy, but somehow exhilarating display of sleazy folie a deux. The insects that he sees everywhere, inside and outside, parallel the contagion of his diseased mind, which sends out invisible tendrils that envelop Agnes.

hang over cures

Hangover cures are the sort of thing that would be a nice addition to a care package being sent to a collage student. Or it might be a good gift to give to your graduating senior on graduation morning. I know a lot of graduating senors that will need a hang over cure the next morning. Come to think of it there have been a few new years days when I could have used this.

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A hose reel you don't have to crank

This is really interesting. I do a lot of gardening and if its one thing I really really hate doing its dealing with those !@#$% water hoses. I hate to roll them up and my husband hates it when I leave them laying out. Her is a solution to both of our problems

A no Crank hose reel uses water pressure to roll the hose back up. You flip a switch on the crank and the water goes into some water powered pistons and they roll the hose up for you, nice and neat. The cheapest I found was just under 50 dollars and the most expensive was a little over 100 dollars. This would make a great fathers day present.


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Bloggerwave is a new paid to blog site that just recently opened. I just signed up for it. They don't appear to have a whole lot of offers to start with but that doesn't mean that won't change really soon. It was really easy to get signed up for it and they approved all 3 of my blogs, including the two newer ones that are only a few months old and don't have a whole lot of traffic.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jeff and Korena took the 1 bedroom furnished apartment. They went and signed a contract on it today. There aren't any campsites available for them to take while they are waiting to move in though. There is a bass fishing tournament going on at the lake this weekend so everything is booked solid until tomorrow when they start to leave.

Korena is still in shock over the 350 a month. The lady at the front desk told her her monthly expensive (not including groceries) would probably be less than 700 dollars a month. Both of them said they have always had to work two jobs each to make ends meet and will not know what to do with all of there new found free time and money.

Korena was originally unhappy about the move. She liked Florida and was not happy about leaving most of her stuff behind. "It was just a bunch of junk," she said "But it was my junk." I think she is feeling a lot better about it now.

Korena has a strange accent. She is a Yankee and that part of her accent is obvious. But every now and then you hear a little bit of British in it. Especially when she says the word bathroom. We were all drinking around a bonfire last night and it got really thick a few times. It turns out she lived in the UK with her first husband for 8 years before returning to the states.

It kind of bugs me a little bit. I like British accents but the bits and pieces of it in hers combined with the Yankee accent kind of gets on my nerves a little bit.

My southern accent probably gets on her nerves too, ha ha.

We took them garage saling today. This is something neither one of them has ever done before. They always buy there stuff new. Its never the expensive stuff. Its always the cheap Wal-Mart brands. Korena picked up a pair of Ralph Lauren Jeans at one of them and says "I've never heard of that brand before". I said "Korena those jeans would cost you 75 to 100 dollars if you bought them new." Her eyes got big and she threw them over her shoulder. I explained to her in the car that if you to to wealthy neighbor hoods and shop at there garage sales you can get very expensive things for very little money. She paid 1 dollar for those jeans. We also found them a TV for 25 dollars. Theres got stolen before they made it here. Korena said someone stole it right off of the back of the trailer while it was still parked in front of her house.

Online Coupons

I don't use coupons. I don't have time to sift through the paper and clip them and I really prefer to just buy them on sale. But getting them online might be a different story. Coupons on the Coupon site have to be printed out and I don't own a printer so this is still not something that I can use, but I am sure that someone would find a lot of uses for it.

On Coupon they have a list of name brand like Best buy, Blue Nile, Dell Home , eBags, Gap, Overstock, Staples,Target, and Zappos. They also have a long list of categories for you to choose from.

We don't have a gap in Russellville. I like Gap. I wish we did. Even though I buy all of my clothes used. If I had the money to buy them new then I would shop at Gap and I definitely would like to have coupons for what I purchased.

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This will be a short post

This is one of those posts that I have to make in between paid posts because they require an unrelated posts in between there posts. I should have another paid post to go here but is giving me problems. They have gone from emailing assignments each week to creating a website you can log into and get your assignments. This is great for me. it means i don't have to worry about the email not getting her for some reason. The problem is none of us have passwords. Were supposed to go to the site and click the link for recovering a lost password. Its supposed to send us a temporary password and we use it to sign up, but its not sending me that replacement password. I have emailed the boss 3 times. He usually gets right back to me but he sure hasn't done that this time.

I have found two other sites to blog for though and that has certainly added to my income this month. Both sites pay weekly, although one of them limits the amounts of posts I can do to ten. PasyPerPost has slowed down for me a lot. There are a lot of Ops on the board but there all not available to me because I use blogger. i need to set up a blog with my own dominion name to get those ops. Actually more than one of those would not hurt. On Blue Host I can host 6 dominions. I'm not sure if i want that many blogs. Its work doing all of those posts after all.


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This is really cool

You know I think I saw something like this on a sci fi movie back in the 80's. It was called The Last Star Fighter. The guy from earth is talking to the alien in the space ship next to him and they pull out pictures of there family. The earth man pulls out a typical picture and the space man pulls out a picture with a button on it that changes pictures . So its like an entire photo album in one picture. Thats sort of like what this digital picture frame does.

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There is no complex setup required. Plug your 9V adapter (comes with the frame) to your Digital Picture Frame and you are ready to go!

Hotel reservations

We haven't needed to make any hotel reservations for a while, but Bear's sales trips will be taking to to far out of town soon to drive back the same night. It would be wise to have reservations made before he heads out to that town so its nice to be able to make them online.

Hotel offers listings for hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals etc. When staying out of town I have always preferred hotels over motels because hotels have restaurants in them and you can eat breakfast right there. When its just Bear he tries to stay at the cheapest place he can possibly find since the cost of his hotel cuts into his daily profits.

One great advantage to the website is its way of searching for a place. You just enter the city into the search box, check in check out dates, number or rooms, and how many people and the sites search engine finds what your looking for. They even list motels, hotels and resorts in other countries such as Germany Greece, Belgium, and France. You also have the option of having your search results listed by lowest or highest priced, quality, Alphabetical and you can choose to have hotels listed that are near a landmark in the city you might like to visit and the site has those landmarks listed on a drop down bar with the search results.

The links in each of the search results all come with a small picture and description and they link to a page with more pictures and a lot more details about the area. On the search results each hotel is rated by stars telling you the quality of rooms you will find there and you can even book your reservations right there on the website. That way you don't have to go searching through a whole bunch of pages before you get where you need to go. Its simple and easy when making reservations on Hotel

Friday, May 18, 2007

what to write about today

Today is Friday but I guess it says that above my post. Our guests from out of town are her. In case I forgot to mention it they have decided to move to Arkansas. I guess they needed a change and decided to come where they knew someone.

Korena just got her drivers license 4 days ago. She is 42. She says she's always lived in cities where there were plenty of other ways to get around other than driving such as buses or trolleys or taxi's and such so she never felt the need to get a license.

She was in shock when she learned we lived 13 miles from town but was relieved to see there were apartments near areas that she could get a job in. She was shocked by how much cheaper everything is here when compared to things in Florida. She paid 1200 a month for her place in Florida and all of the jobs here pay the same amount of money. 1200 in Arkansas will buy her a 4 bedroom house in the middle of town. Unfortunately they left most of there furniture in Florida and some things were stolen out of there car before they left. I guess her old house was in a really bad part of town. Bear took her into town today and showed her some of the apartments available. She has been ooing and awing over the prices and how nice they all look.
She says there is going to be a lot to get used to. She hasn't seen snow in 20 or more years and had never heard of anything like a tick. We explained what they were and showed it to her and explained why she needed to check herself when ever she walked through the woods or tall grass. She thought the ticks looks like spiders and said she didn't think she would be making to many trips into the woods or tall grass.

There going to stay here for a few days and then get a camp ground while they look for jobs and decide where there going to live. There is a furnished one bedroom apartment near the busy section of town in a very nice complex and within walking distance of several places they could both work. Its fully furnished and only 350 a month. The facilities have a swimming pool and a gym and all of the apartments have washes and dryers. That's what there thinking of taking since they left all of there furniture behind. They said it would have cost more to move there furniture then it would have to replace it all.

Jeff and Korena are Coyote and Mouses Aunt and Uncle on there Biological side.

Contest on Go Fish is running a contest that allows you to win a date with celebrity, Mirelly Taylor from "Kiss Me Again", "Serving Sara", "Las Vegas" and "Numbers". Mirelly Taylor who's name reminds me of a firefly is as cut as a button herself. She has long thick luxurious brown hair of the warmest most perfect color and beautiful creamy skin. And of course a perfect complexion. Any man young or old would love a date with her. There are probably a few women that wouldn't mind having a date with her either, ha ha. Not me though, I just think she is pretty.

The way the whole contest works is that the celebrity submits her own videos describing to you what exactly it is she is looking for and then you submit your videos explaining or showing her the qualities that you think you possess that fit what she is looking for. The winner who has the best video wins a date with the celebrity. Some of the Free videos at that have already been submitted have been really really funny. Definitely worth visiting the site and checking them out if your up for a good laugh.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Commodore after he ot back from the groomers. He has finally stopped running from me.
My pond with the waterfall running and the roses in bloom and dye in the water. This is not the best picture. Its a little washed out. I'm not sure why.

My camera is installed and Picasa is uploaded so I can finally post pictures again. For the rest of my post just scroll down 1

Bid for Prizes

This is how this website works. To win a prize, you must have the lowest unique bid at the end of the game. The lowest bid for any prize starts at one penny. If more than one person bids 2 cents then 3 cents is the next lowest unique bid. And so on and so on.

Click on your favorite prize then enter your cell number and your bid in cents. As an example you want to bid $1.77 on the Plasma TV, so enter your cell number in the phone field and your bid, 177, in the bid field. Last click bid now and bid4prizes will send you a text message telling you whether or not you have the lowest unique bid.

The dollar amounts in bids are phony and are just used to determine the winner of the prize. If you win a prize it is absolutely free. Bid4pizes even pays for the shipping. As with winning any prize taxes may apply. Check with your state tax department or with your financial adviser to determine if taxes apply or not.

It actually sounds really cool. Similar to but better than an auction. There is a bmw on there now with a bid of 3.07. I bid on that one a few times. I desperately need a new car. The paint is wearing off of mine. The seats are stained. It smells like a dead chicken. i definitly would love to have that red BMW.


I just got my camera re installed and picasa downloaded so the post after the next paid one will have pictures with it.

I am going to drag Bear down to the back of the property to work on the house this weekend. he can do the stone work on the fireplace. Its dry enough for that and he really could have done it before now. Plus I guess its time to put my back to the test.

Our guests will arrive sometime today and the house is spotless thanks to Bear. I really was not in the mood to clean it. It never stays clean for very long. Not with a teen and a preteen in the house.

Seduce a Celeb

Seduce a Celeb is a reality dating show. Its based online only so your your not going to see it on TV anywhere. The way it works is the celebrity, currently the host on the show submits videos to the site telling you the sorts of things she would like to see in a date and then the viewers who want to win a date with her have to submit videos showing how they fulfill those requirements.

Even if your not interested in dating a celebrity, I for one am not, you can still go and view the Free videos at that other people have submitted. There actually pretty funny. I really really hope that some of these people were just kidding.

Here are a few of the top contestants at the moment. Go fish doesn't provide html to imbed the video and I don't have time to look it up so here are the links.

All I can say is that some of these people really have guts. I would never post something like this up there. Well now I just said never. I know better than that. Never say you will never do something or you will.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new day

It did rain enough yesterday to flush the slime out of my pond. Thats a good thing because it was turning into the skin of slime that builds up in nasty green bubbles on the top of the water. The local run off water in brown, the color of tea actually (must be the plant matter it runs over) so after the pond had finished draining I put some of the blue food coloring in it that I bought. I think i overdid it a little bit. But thats ok. I don't doubt another storm will come along next week and flush the pond yet again.

Its a beautiful day here in Arkansas today. They sky is brilliant blue and there isn't a cloud in site and the temperature is perfect. Somewhere in the low 80's I think. The windows are open and I
am enjoying the cool breeze. I just realized bear came in here and turned on the fan and blue out my red oil candle. HELLO thats a spell candle!!!!!

I went looking for red lamp oil yesterday and didn't find any anywhere. Its much cheaper for me to buy the oil than it is to buy red candles.

I have so much stuff in my garden to thin out. Lost of irises and some of those orange ditchlilies. My beautiful orange velvet daylily or what ever its called needs to be thinned too. I don't like digging that one up. Its the most beautiful daylily I have. Hmm, well, maybe not. There is also my lovely strawberry parfait spider lily.

I have to run an errand for Bear, oh well.
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