Monday, May 21, 2007

Breast Augmentation

This is one of those things I would have done if I ever won the lottery. When I was younger I was a lot smaller. When I graduated high school I could still wear a training bra. They have gotten bigger as I have gotten older (a fact I can't really explain but I seem to have that in common with other women.

Now I would like to have it done not because they are small but because as I get older they are starting to loose there shape. That's just something that happens I guess, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!!!

If I were going to have it done I would probably want breast augmentation in Las Angeles . I would want the best and I am not sure Arkansas is the best place for that. I've looked at a gallery oh photos of Los Angeles breast augmentation and they look really good. There very natural looking. To be honest that's kind of what I looked like in my late and mid twenties. So if you ever win the lottery or come into some other sort of windfall then definitely check out breast augmentation los angeles


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