Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eneryg balls

Well I have reached the last of what will be posted on this blog today. The rest are on my other two blogs.

On Monday while on my walk I stopped at several bridges and did "energy ball manifestations". Included in them was for Jeff to find a job, for them to hurry up and get a campsite, and for Bear to sell 6 cases and a few gallons. Jeff did find a job Monday but I was disappointed when Bear only sold two gallons and they didn't find a camp site Monday. Tuesday however bear sold exactly six cases and two gallons and they did find a camp site. I guess there was a 24 hour lag there, ha ha.

I've talked to other witches about time delays in spells. I know you cannot expect instant results most of the time. If you do a spell for rain it may take a couple of days to arrive. We came to the conclusion that the reason for the time delay is that energy moves on a universal scale which is on its own time, not on ours. Consider the length of time it takes for light to travel through the universe. Therefor what takes 3 days or a week or even 24 hours to us is less than a blink of an eye to the universe. I guess that's why really big spells can take so long.

But I thought that it was interesting that Bear sold "exactly" 6 cases and two gallons yesterday.

Bear did two more prosperity spells yesterday and today I will pick out 1 or 2 people and send some sort of random blessing there way. It was funny to do that in the gym the other day and watch him get covered in goose bumps. He rubbed his arms and the back of his neck and got one of those "what the hell was that" looks on his face.

As far as prosperity goes I am still being bogged down by paid posts. I have done 8 of them today and I have 10 more to go. I'm probably not going to do those today though. I'll probably do them tomorrow. I have time.


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