Monday, May 21, 2007

Watch Videos on Ipod

IPod is really cool. I think we can all agree to that can't we. Have you ever tried to convert your favorate DVD movies, your own family videos into your iPod? Its a little bit above and beyond what i am capable of doing.

But you can use iPod Video Converter software made by PQDVD, which is a great tool to convert all kinds videos, DVDs into iPod video with a few mouse clicks. You just download & install the software from , after launching the video converter software, click "open" button to select a dvd or video file. Now you can start recording the video into iPod format. When it is ready, you may put the converted file into iTune library and sync with your iPod. Doesn't that sound simple!

There is a free trial offer so yuou don't have to shell out the money unless you really like it and have a use for it. For $39.95 you can convert unlimited number of DVDs and videos and enjoy the freedom of entertaining yourself anywhere, anytime. Even if you've missed yesterdays TV show, you can convert the recorded video into iPod to be watch anytime you want. If you like the idea, please spread the word about it. That would be really useful if you missed House and want to watch it on your break at work the next day.


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