Saturday, June 30, 2007

A slow Saterday Maybe

Well its the end of the month and i have exactly 200 texts left to take for the Uk texting company I work for to have my monthly quote. its not a lot of money. It might total to 140 dollars. I have 1 and only 1 paid add to do today also. That doesn't mean that won't change throughout the day. allows me to take 3 post a day as they appear on there website. The problem is that there aren't any appearing at the moment. They will probably start popping up there about 10 o'clock and continue to do so through out the day. I don't like slow days on ads. My goal is 100 dollars 7 days a week and it bothers me when I don't have a lot to do. Having had 3 100 dollar days with just my 3 free blogs makes me feel really positive about achieving that goal. I really do wish this blog and the other would hurry up and get page ranked. I am anxious to get started using it for more than just promoting affiliate programs that I might make a few cents a day from.

My real goal is 300 dollars a day but thats a pretty far away possibility. I would probably need 20 blogs to achieve something like that. Maybe more. Well to tell you the truth my real goal is to just win the lottery so I don't have to worry about it anymore, but there is really no telling how long that will take, even with the law of attraction.

Bear is in Missouri today. its not a business trip this time though. He and Squirrel left at 2am this morning to go to the other side of Missouri and get the fireworks for the display. He will be worn out when he gets home and probably sleep all day. He may be sleeping on the couch because I am not going to put up with his snoring.

He is pissed off and frustrated at the commity working on this and says he feels like they have been blocking him and trying to screw things up all along the way. You would think they would be nicer to someone who raised so much money for the show in the first place. I suggested that he not do it next year and he was quiet for a minute and then said "But, I like to blow things up!"

Why would they put a man off of a train in the middle of knowwhere

This is so strange

Friday, June 29, 2007

A trip to Jamaica

My mother went to Jamaica once for a seminar. She has to have so many hours of classes each year to keep her license as a radiology tech and this particular year she got to go to Jamaica for the classes. After she got back it was all she talked about for weeks! I got so sick of hearing about it.

The beaches were the most striking thing in the pictures she brought back. The sand was crystalline white and the water looked (probably due to the sand being white) turquoise in color. the pictures were beautiful but the true beauty of something can sometimes only be fully appreciated when seen in person. I would like very much to visit Jamaica some day. My husband wants to go there someday also.

Maybe someday if we can ever manage to win the lottery we will get to appreciate those white sands and turquoise water also

This is really amazing


Epay is an online bank account sort of thing. Just like PayPal actually. Now eBay owns PayPal now and eBay has made some people pretty mad. usually if a company has made me mad I prefer to avoid doing business with them if at all possible. At this point in time thats not possible though. However with a company like ePay it would be.

After looking over the site it appears that Epay offers all of the same things that Paypal offers including a Master Card Debit cards for your account. Those are so handy to have when you have an eAccount. The reason being is it usually takes 3 days to get money from your eAccount into your checking account and sometimes you need that money faster than 3 days. I had that experience recently and I really found myself wishing that I had a debit card for that account. I ended up having to borrow money from my mother and pay her back when the deposit went through. I really really hate it when I have to do that. I feel I am way to old to have to borrow any money from my mother.

Debit cards have a lot of other advantages too. A lot of places in this area I live in including gas stations are no longer accepting paper checks. They only take debit and credit cards and cash. So you can imagine how problematic that can be when you have to drive 3 hours outside of town and you don't have a debit card to pay for gas and food with. They can also be used online just like a credit cards.

Ethenol Demand Grows

Texas May get relief from rain

Poor Bear

Cliffside Malibu Drug Rehab

Alcoholism and drug abuse are a real problem for a lot of people. I have read that some people are genetically more inclined to developing this problem and if its in your genes you know its going to be hard to conquer.

Drug rehab Treatment is not one size fits all and at Cliffside Malibu, they will help you to determine what kind of treatment best suites your needs. The process is as follows.

* Determine what appropriate for treatment of each resident
* Detox affected residents when they need it.
* Evaluate individuals for and substance use disorders.
* Offer each patient an individual drug rehabilitation plan with the best potential for success.
* Provide treatment for residents' families through our three day family program
* Develop an aftercare plan.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

this is a video about that wrestler that killed his family is a singles website that has been around for a very long long time. Its not free to join the site. Well, you can join for free but what you can do is limited unless you buy the paid membership. However, unlike all of the "new" free singles sites that have popped up all over the web this one has an abundance of listings because it has been around for so long. And also unlike all of the free websites you know the people on this site had to at least have the money to join in the first place. After all if a singles site is free to join there is really no telling who your going to end up meeting. After all its very people to lie on the internet. I can't tell you how many times I have heard of a man pretending to be a successful single doctor and get interested in a person and she fins out later he is on unemployment after being fired from McDonalds or something like that and is married with 12 kids or something like that.

Another advantage to using a paid singles site verses a free one is a free website is going to be full of spam. The kind of spam you will find on such a site is girls with adult websites or phone sex hot lines of cam girls trying to bum up some business. Its a big enough pain in the butt to deal with those girls in a chat room. You certainly don't want to have to deal with them on a singels site.
I think thats all of the ads on this blog today. I actually have 6 others waiting to be written on 2 other blogs not linked to this one in any way. This might not be it though. Here is todays post regardless.

Island of Kihei

Hawaiians used to refer to the area of Kihei as "Kama'ole" which means "barren." Situated on the coast, southwest of Haleakala, the area was noted for its dry, dusty and hot days with less than 13 inches of rain annually. This is something kind of unusual amon the Hawiian islands. An effort in the early 1900's to establish a sugar plantation in the area met with complete failure for this reason. Although it is questionable as to why someone would want to put one in such a dry area.

By 1930 only about 350 people made Kihei their home. There were no paved roadways to speak of. Other than non-native kiawe trees and good fishing spots, there was little to attract people to Kihei.

By 1950, plots capable of being farmed sold for a mere $225 an acre. Residential property could be bought for as little as five cents a square foot. It seemed that aside from a few scattered businesses, no one wanted to live or work in Kihei.

Even today this island is cheaper to live on than the others so if your looking for a more affordable place to stay when visiting Hawaii it might be wise to keep Kihei homes in mind when considering your Hawaiian Beach Rentals

More of Hawaii

The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727 square miles (1883 km²). Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest island in Maui three other Molokai belong to four known as Maui has a resident population 000 which is ranked third within state behind the islands of Oahu.

Native Hawaiian tradition gives the origin of the island's name in the legend of Hawaiiloa, the Polynesian navigator attributed with discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. The story relates how he named the island of Maui after his son who in turn was named for the demigod Māui. According to legend, the demigod Māui raised all the Hawaiian Islands from the sea. The Island of Maui is also called the "Valley Isle" for the large fertile isthmus between its two volcanoes.

There are truly some beautiful Maui vacation home rentals and a truly perfect place to stop or stay during your Hawaii Travel experience.

Flea Advice

I have a lot of pets. Most people reading this blog know that. It wasn't on purpose, it just sort of happened. so any time I can get some advise on taking care of them i always welcome it. As long as its friendly advice anyway.

We seem to have a big problem with fleas in my current location. Almost as bad as ticks. But they have been unusually bad this year. Sometimes it can take a little bit more than just flea shampoo to control them though. There are a lot of products out there that can help keep this problem under control and the above link can advise you on all of them.

I was a Fan

Big Screened Tv center

Ok I love beautiful furniture. Anyone reading this blog for a long time probably knows that. I can't help it. I like to look at beautiful things and that includes my furniture.

I haven't really talked about this here but there is currently a big screened Tv sitting in our living room. We did not pay for it. Its one of those high def flat screened ones and its less than a year old. It belongs to a friend of our that recently got demoted. He had to move back in with his brother. Well, his brother already had a big screened TV and he didn't have room for another one so this friend asked if we would keep it for him. Like were going to say no to that!!!

I don't really have room in that spot for anything over than the TV but it would be nice to have a nice piece of furniture to set it in or on top of. Like a big screen tv entertainment center or something like that.

I don't have room for a big one in that room, but if I did I would want something that looked like this.

Click to enlarge. Isn't that just beautiful! They have a couple of other ones on the site that are a little more traditional. one that is not as large and they are all beautiful. They have a lot of other really beautiful furniture on the site as well. I could spend hours surfing through there website. They have truly beautiful bedroom furniture. Some truly beautiful and elegant office furniture and they even have sectionals. I don't like sectionals all that well but my husband loves them.

Another Day

In case anyone missed this post (I did a lot of posting that day) here is the story about my track alone through the mountains to get Bear's supplies to him in Mountain Home.

The last few days have been mostly uneventful. We won more money playing the lottery. 8 dollars this time with the other numbers on that line all being 1 digit off. Whoopdy do, it happens all of the time.

I have been working on a new afghan which I will take picture of and post when I get a little further along on it. Its an interesting basket weave pattern.

Among other things. I just got a second harvest off of my basil plants and will soon have another harvest off of my chives. I have taken two off of my oregano which is now slowing down for the summer. I have hand pollinated the first ornamental gourd to form on my vines and collected some male flowers and put them in the fridge in prep for future female flowers . I planted tiger pumpkins too and they are just now starting to form tiny female flowers. I also have little green tomatoes on my tomato plants and my cucumbers are growing like there on steroids.

The weather has continued to be rainy. Were getting a lot of moisture from Texas and Oklahoma and although we are not flooded we are getting a lot of rain. It seems to be we get a little shower just about every day. It has not really gotten hot yet this summer. Here is is nearly July and we have yet to see a day over 100. The humidity is so thick that you don't really notice that though.

We haven't been able to work on the house any at all because of the rain. There has been a foot of water in the foundation for almost a week now.

I haven't had a chance to make jam with my blackberries yet, but plan to soon. I also plan on making mint jelly (with the addition of apple juice this time).

American Eexpress Business Gold Reward Cards

American Express Business Gold Rewards Credit Card is currently running a limited promotion for 25,000 Rewards points after first purchase. The 25,000 points can be exchanged for a free round-trip airline ticket anywhere in the U.S or $250 rewards gift certificate. You can choose the $250 gift certificate from stores such as Home Depot, Gap, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic, and so on.

Whether you have a home-based business or that you have sold something on Ebay, you can apply for a business credit card. You can put your name as the business name and your social security number as the tax id. Your business is called sole proprietorship and it’s perfectly legal with the IRS.

There will be a hard pull, but business credit cards will not show on your personal credit report. Hence you can open and close accounts, open more new accounts, and max your credit limit without worrying about your credit report. The $250 bonus is worth a hard pull in my opinion.

Business Gold Rewards Card from OPEN(SM) the small business team

The $125 annual fee is waived for the first year. If you don’t find the card worth keeping, keep in mind that you can always cancel the credit card without paying any fees.

Here’s the fine print from American Express:

Apply for the Business Gold Rewards Card and make a purchase by 12/31/07. Upon the Basic Cardmember’s first purchase, a one time bonus of 25,000 points can be earned toward the Basic Business Gold Rewards Cardmember’s Membership Rewards® account and may appear as separate credits of 5,000 and 20,000 bonus points. The maximum 25,000 bonus points are available to first–time Basic Business Gold Rewards Cardmembers only; they are not available if you transfer an existing account. Welcome bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account 6 to 8 weeks after your first purchase appears on your monthly billing statement. The bonus 25,000 Membership Rewards points may be redeemed for one domestic round–trip airline ticket.

The 25000 points bonus is a limited time offer. Just like the $250 Chase bonus, take advantage of this offer and apply right away.

For more information, check out Hustlermoneyblog for all credit card bonuses.

Bevery Hills Plastic Surgery

At Rodeo Drive plastic surgery, they specialize in ethnic plastic surgery. They have many patients who are Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native American. In fact, more than half of their patients are non-caucasian. Because we do so many procedures for members of different ethnic groups, they have People of different ethnic backgrounds often have unique features and bone and body structures. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery they try to provide overall balance to your face and body while at the same time keeping these factors in mind. This is not something a lot of plastic surgeons take into consideration. They pay close attention to ethnic features so the results of surgery bring good harmony to your appearance. Modern plastic surgery is not about erasing ethnic features. This is something that no individual should attempt to do. Their approach works to enhance appearance without minimizing a persons unique identity.

One of the drawbacks to any cosmetic surgery is the scar created in order to do the procedure. That's why at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery they do more and more of their procedures with scars hidden under an area of the body that will not be seen. Such as with breast implants. Since the breast usually hangs over this portion of the skin, this in many ways is a "silent" scar -- far from prying eyes. Their Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has found that most patients prefer to have the scar hidden in this position. This is also the case with there Beverly Hills Breast reduction surgery and can probably be done with there Los Angeles Liposuction surgery as well.

People with darker skin tend to have much more noticeable scarring. They use a special approach at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery for wound closure in ethnic patients to avoid unsightly scarring and to preserve an even skin tone. This process includes includes fewer stitches near the surface of the wound so as not to create scarring in this type of skin and very aggressive wound management following your surgery to minimize the development of thick and raised scars.

Sunset Malibu

Sunset Malibu is a well equipped residential alcohol rehab and drug treatment center located in Malibu. They offer a truly incredible 180 degree whitewater ocean view and are located just outside the sunny confines of Los Angeles, California. Their beautiful facility is one of the finest drug rehab centers in the country. They specialize in alcohol detox, substance abuse treatment, painkiller addiction treatment, and the treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression and eating disorders.

I seem to remember Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi coming on Tv not to long ago and saying that he had gone through alcohol detox. This is not the same thing as having a drinking problem. He had just been drinking to much and needed to detox.

Sunset Malibu is a highly acclaimed top notch treatment center. Their addiction recovery program is set in a breathtaking and private location that offers the best of amenities and comforts. Our addiction treatment philosophy is one that incorporates a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods utilizing the talents of the best practitioners in the world.

After looking at the pictures this looks more like a luxury resort than a treatment facility. If you click on the link above check out the "Tour the facility area".

Cliffside Drug Rehab

Alcoholism and drug abuse are a very real problem. When it comes to choosing and addiction treatment program several things need to be considered. Addiction treatment is not the freewheeling horror show that often gets portrayed in movies and on TV. Addiction treatment is a difficult process but not what Hollywood would like you to believe. The best addiction treatment programs help recovering addicts navigate the long road to recovery with a minimum of discomfort and dis-ease, and aim to ensure that every patient finds success on the way from addiction to sobriety.

Its not one size fits all at Cliffside Malibu, they will help you to determine what kind of treatment best suites your needs. The process is as follows.
  • Determine appropriateness for treatment for each resident
  • Detox affected residents, when necessary
  • Evaluate individuals for substance use disorders and any co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders
  • Offer each patient an individual drug rehabilitation plan which maximizes comfort and the potential for success
  • Provide treatment for residents' families through our three day family program
  • Develop an aftercare plan which supports the program's philosophies and objectives

Navtej Kohli

Navtej Kohli is a business consultant. He is from San Jose, Costa Rica. He is the CEO and Director of Grafix Softech, a software application company operating out of Costa Rica. They provide payment solutions for online businesses and have also been exploring the world of internet marketing. The company he is the CEO of, Grafix Softech, employs around 250 people and has seen a good rate of growth over the past seven years. He has a personal web page which is worth reading. He really seems to know what he is talking about. To learn more about him click here, here, and here also.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense

I do like to play these. being an adult with plenty of work to do I very rarely get the chance to do so. My 13 year old step son not only plays them but he designs them also. I keep hoping he will find a way to make money with them like so many other people online have done, but it hasn't happened yet. I can't seem to get his interest when it comes to making a living with his games. I am sure that will change when he decides he wants a car though.

Gametap is a good place to go to play games at. You can get a membership there for small monthly fee or you can play some free games they have set up. I signed up for free and played Desktop Tower Defense (DTD).

The way the game works is you have these little guys called "creeps" that go across your screen and you have to place towers in places where they will be shot at. when the creeps get close enough to the towers the towers start firing on there own and kills the creeps after so many blows. The more point you rack up by killing the creeps the bigger and better the towers you get to buy. The creeps increase in strength as the game goes along though although with each level you are able to collect still more points and more towers. The path of the creeps can be altered by your placement on the towers. To keep them on the screen longer so you can fire at them longer its a good idea to put the towers in as a maze instead of just making a straight path. At least thats what I did.

Its a relatively simple game that you could play while working or doing something else. That's why I liked it as well as I did. It wouldn't require my full attention while I was playing it and its very rare anything I am doing when working gets my full attention anyway.

As you go up to higher levels of the game such as medium and hard you get less and less points to buy your towers with and more and more creeps coming at you from different directions. You also get different types of creeps coming onto the screen at the same time and not all of them will choose a path determined by placement of your towers. Some of them are able to crawl right over your towers as there being fired at. I found that to be a lot more challenging than the east level that I played to start with and requiring much more strategic placement of the towers.

This is one of those relatively simple games that would get addictive really really fast. You play this for hours and hours while you did work on your computer and other things (just don't let your boss catch you).

The Rare Ocelot

Microsoft MGx Meeting

Apparently there is about to be an annual Microsoft MGX meeting in Orlando soon. I am not familiar with what this is but its sounds pretty important. They certainly did pick a nice place to stay didn't they. International Plaza Resort and Spa in Orlando, Florida is offering a Special Rate for the people attending this meeting of $119 a night. For this Microsoft MGX Special Rate they offer free wireless internet, an On-site L'Esprit full-service spa, three expansive palm tree-lined swimming pools, Lagoon pool with waterfall, on-site casual dining, 24-hour security, multilevel lounge, complete fitness center, game room, 24-hour guest services desk, daily maid and room service, transportation to all theme parks, referral babysitting services, valet and free self-parking, valet laundry services, comprehensive business center, kids jungle gym. it does sound like a nice place to stay doesn't it. Heck with all of that of offer, while bother going to the meeting at all!!!


Its more than you could have imagined and much much more than you knew. O'ahu is a rich and rewarding destination. its nicknamed "The Gathering Place" and is the third largest island is home with a fusion of blended eastern and western cultures. It the most diverse of the Hawaiian islands with a dazzling array of attractions, activities, and venues. from the pictures I have seen much of the island appears to still be in its natural state and it seems that there are all kinds of events going on for the tourists all of the time.
You can hike down a lush and rich, tropical mountainside, just minutes away from a soaring cityscape. Feast at a luau under the stars one night, dine at a five-star restaurant another. Sunbathe all day on the North Shore then dance all night in Waikiki. There’s no shortage of things to do on Oahu.


Vacation home rentals + kauai. The tropical Paradise of Kauai basks amidst the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and is conveniently Rainbow Catamaran on Kalapaki Beach, Kauai, Hawaii about 20 minutes by air from Honolulu. Although I think if I was going to go from one island to the other I would probably rather take a boat. It just seems much more vacation like. Formed some six million years ago, the island encompasses roughly 550 square miles and is the oldest and Surfer Going In at Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands.

To visit Kauai is to quickly lose yourself in the quiet majesty of the island's lush tropical setting and extraordinary natural heritage. Come, discover the legendary aloha spirit that abounds in this friendly garden island paradise. This breathtaking island is appropriately known as the garden isle and if your into things looking a little more natural an unsettled as I am this is probably the place for you. It would definitly be a lush destination for your Hawaii Travel

Kailua Kona Hawaii

Kailua-Kona is a census-designated place located in Hawaii County, Hawaii, in the North Kona District of the Island of Hawaii. It is the center of commerce and of the tourist industry on West Hawaii. It is famous in the sports world as the site of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament. The town's post office is designated Kailua-Kona to differentiate it from the larger, Kailua located on windward Ahu, although it is referred to as "Kona" in everyday speech. Many place names in the Hawaiian Islands are repeated on several islands, but the two Kailuas are the only confusing conflict in this regard. The city is served by Kona International Airport. Kailua-Kona was the closest major settlement to the epicenter of the 2006 Hawaii Earthquake.

In 2000 it was determined that there are a little over 9000 people there so once again in your looking for a quiet kind of place for your Kona Hawaii vacation rentals this sounds like the place to start looking. There are so many beautiful places for Hawaii Travel though why stop here.

Registery of Life

Registry of Life is a new website created for those who have recently lost someone they loved. A father, a mother, a husband. What ever the case may be. On this site you are able to create a web page with the appropriate template regarding you lost loved one. You could probably put the link in the obituary so that those who wanted to know the details about the funeral and may not be able to get a hold of you (or maybe you just don't want to be bothered with it) can go to the website and read what ever information you choose to put up there. My mother for example doesn't want a funeral. she wants to be cremated and have the ashes spread in an area that she has yet to determine. I told her that funeral homes will often give lockets to people containing some of the remains of the person cremated and she says she doesn't even want that done.

To be honest I kind of feel the same way about it. So does Bear. We think the whole coffin and underground tomb and the whole embalming thing is really kind of over the top. Our bodies were meant to return to the earth just like everything else on this planet, not be preserved with chemicals and buried in a concrete box under the ground. In that case a website like this would be a good way to let the relatives know this. Both of my parents have very large families so this would be a good way to notify everyone without having to make tons of phone calls and such.

Capella University

Sara Orem, PhD, is a member at Capella University (an online university) and has co-authored a new book titled Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change. Recent developments in psychology and organizational development suggest that people and organizations flourish when they focus on peoples achievements, and best practices.

In addition to serving as a faculty member and coach at Capella University Sara Orem is the principal of her own coaching firm. She has presented programs such as Appreciative Inquiry at the National Organization Development Network, and International Coach Federation annual conferences.

Binkert is an executive coach who specializes in working with people in charge during times of change in a business. Clancy is president of Clancy Consultants and has worked with community organizations, large corporations, and federal agencies. All of these people are on staff at Capella University.

Capella University was founded in 1993 and is an accredited fully online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology. I for one know how important it can be to be able to go to school at home if you want too. Its a lot easier now than what it used to be.

Capella currently offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate programs. The online university has more than 17,900 students from all 50 states and 56 different countries. If your looking into adult education but don't want the headache of having to attend classes or travel to school this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Beautiful Furniture

Everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how much I love beautiful furniture. Thats why I get so excited when I get to review furniture stores with awesome pieces that I have never seen or heard of before.

This one actually sends you a printed catalog which I think is nice. Not all of us has time to sit there and go through an online catalog. I sometimes don't get a chance to look at things until I am waiting for dinner to cook on the stone or something like that. They also offer interior design services which is a plus. I have met some people that are just not able to decorate anything themselves. I have that problem sometimes. Not all of the times. Bear is pretty good at it though, lucky for me.


Travel Insurance

Its to bad they don't have insurance that insures you against losses when you get lost. But all I really lost yesterday was time and a little bit of gas anyway.

Cover My Travels offer one of the widest ranges of medical travel insurance policies available, with a market leading claims service and exceptional customer care.

In addition to their exceptional customer care they offer one of the widest ranges of travel insurance products available on the internet. They also include coverage for pre-existing conditions. Some of the activities they cover for injury are
Archery, White Water Rafting (up to Grade 3, Golf (who gets hurt during golf)Scuba Diving (up to 7 days cover, limited to 30 metres depth, must be accompanied by a qualified instructor), cycling, Motor Cycling (up to 125cc with helmet worn and correct licence available), Hiking, Parascending Over Water, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Snorkeling, Hot Air Ballooning (must be pre-booked with a UK tour operator), Deep Sea Fishing, Roller skating/Inline skating, Sailing (within territorial waters only). Many other activities are covered but it would take an eternity to list them all. You would have to call them for more details on that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The traveling Lucy

I know its a dorky title to this post but I couldn't think of anything else to call it. Last night bear called to tell me he had sold 4 1/2 of the 1o cases he took with him when he left for Mountain Home on Monday. We went over his profit after gas and hotel and determined that he really would not have enough to cover things until July 9th after he sold his 5 1/2 remaining cases. The week of the 4th of July is the most popular vacation time in the USA and the majority of buyers for businesses and business owners go on vacation so there isn't any point in bear trying to sell during that time. Keeping that in mind this morning I loaded 6 cases into my car and headed up to the area. I should have taken 9, by the time I got up there he already had 3 of what I was bringing sold.

There have only been 2 other occasions in which I have had to drive myself far from home. I wasn't nervous about it. I looked up the directions on Map Quest the night before and wrote it down. plus it was a nice drive through the mountains and I was going by myself for the first time so I was pretty happy about going.

Well I reached highway 14 and looked at my directions and realized i did not right down if I was supposed to go East or West on 14. I pictured the map in my mind and determined that I was supposed to go eat. 1 1/2 hours later when I still had not reached the next highway I realized I had made a mistake. I was now in Prairie Grove which is little more than a tiny dot on the map. I don't even know what the population is but when I went looking for a city website I couldn't find one. That should tell you something. I pulled over at what I think was a gas station. It was really nasty. I tried to get Bear on my phone so he could look at a map and see how far off i was but I couldn't get any service at all. I walked inside and asked the man behind the counter if he had a map and where I was. he laughed and told me I was in Tennessee. I knew better than that. I don't think there is a Pleasant grove in Tennessee. He gave me a map and told me my best bet was to drive back up to Mountain View (30 minutes from where I was) and take highway 5 to Mountain Home.

It might have worked out better that way, other than loosing 3 hours by going the wrong way and having to back track. Highway 5 took me through some really really beautiful country which included Calico Rock. I have never really seen anything like Calico Rock before. I came down through the pass in the mountains into a flat open area and there in front of me rose this tall chunk of rock splashed with shades of rust, light gray, and black. All along the top of that bluff sat buildings and houses and a little water tower. It was a lot closer before I saw the river. the white river, flowing along the bottom of the bluff. The town itself was small, only a few thousand people and its streets and sidewalks have been patched and repaired many times. Many of its buildings were very old and built with the areas native limestone.

I finally made it to Mountain View. bear bought me lunch at one of the places he had sold cleaner too. I was kind of disappointed. They sold sandwiches and pizza's and I was really hoping for a steak lunch. But oh well. It was still good enough.

We discussed bear selling out of cleaner so quickly. Its getting more and more common. I suggested that from now on when he goes out of town I follow him carrying more cases or drive up there the next day with fresh supplies. He can carry 10 cases in the Rav4 and I can carry 7 to 9 in my corolla. he has three left after what i brought him today and he called me and said he thinks he has that sold already, but won't know for sure until the morning. If he does sell all three then that makes 16 cases in 3 days.

Monday, June 25, 2007

remember that asshole that wanted 54 million for the lost pants

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This course is intended for, Enterprise Board Clients, Chambers of Commerce Clients, Training Organizations' Clients, Skillnets Clients, City Council Clients, Small Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Website Administrators, and Web Developers / Designers.

There standard course covers everything a business owner or marketing manager needs to grow sales or inquiries in the online market place. The course itself is very practical with frequent live examples, regular group interaction and regular group interaction. The course covers technical issues in a non-technical way so that no technical knowledge is required before attending the course. It also covers everything required for a business to achieve high free website rankings for its product or service on Google & Yahoo and if you have ever tried to get good rankings on these search engines then you will know just how difficult that really can be. There is also an explination of why some sites rank highly and others don't and its explained in depth with relative answers. There is also an explanation of online shopping systems and content management system structures.

I wonder if they show you how to work a shopping cart feature. I have one already embedded in my web hosting and I have been trying to figure out how to use it all weekend long.

How much does the government actually underestimate.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coupons for Sur La Table

There is an online store that I really really like. I can't shop there because even with online shopping coupons things are more than I am really willing to pay. But I love there stuff. Its called Sur La Table.

On you can find a lot of discounts and coupons for that store so if you do find something that you like you can get a nice discount on it. Coupons like if you spend 500 dollars or more they send you a 250 dollar level bonus plus a Panini pan and a free apron. Right now they are having a clearance sale, but I think you have to go through CouponChief to get the discounts.

Handshakes replaced by nuckle bumping?


The band "Police" from back in the 80's who just kind of disappeared off of the music scene completely are re releasing a police cd and going on world tour. They wrote the songs "King of pain" "Roxanne" "Message in a Bottle" "Every Breath you Take" and several others and had there own very unique sound. I haven't heard it anywhere else.

I am excited by the fact that they are going on world tour but I probably won't get to see them. I think if you visit there website there is a way to try and win a free police cd.

All of the songs bring back special memories. I was just a kid when there music was popular. A kid in grade school actually and it brings back memories of summer breaks, vacations with my parents and my sister (she was still living at home then), camping trips, swimming at Heber Springs lake and a lot of other very pleasant memories. The kind of things that make you feel good when you remember them.

I don't know why they quit producing music. Maybe the band had a fight and broke up or something. You know, creative differences or something like that. I think I saw a commercial for people magazine where they did an article about it but I haven't heard anything else regarding it.

Hawaiian Vacations

Can you imagine what Hawaiian Vacations . Its usually the sort of thing I only think about when I am seeing something on Tv about Hawaii or filmed in Hawaii, but wouldn't it be nice. Actually it that be truly amazing. What a vacation that would be. Every moment in the luxury of those beautiful tropical islands. The white sand, the black lava rock, and that beautiful ocean.

If your going to take a vacation to Hawaii your going to want to stay at a really nice place. I think nice Hawaiian Beach Rentals would be the sort of place you would want to stay. I can't think of to many things nicer than that. A beautiful luxury home on the beach on an island in Hawaii. That would truly truly be a dream vacation. Maybe someday I will get to go to vacation in Hawaii. I just have to keep thinking positive.

Hawaiian Home Rentals

There are truly some fabulous Hawaii home rentals in Hawaii and I think there all worth checking out if your truly wanted to plan a magnificent vacation. There are some very very nice homes to stay in. Homes with anywhere from 2 to 6 bedrooms and more, swimming pools, gourmet kitchen, truly beautiful furniture and decorating.

Some of the places are so nice I'm not sure if I would ever want to leave the house if I rented such a nice place to stay. The Hawaiian Beach Rentals are probably my favorites. I don't really understand the reason behind having a swimming pool when living next to the ocean. I guess maybe its one of those things you have to actually live by the ocean to understand. Maybe if the pool was heated. You can't swim in the ocean in the winter after all can you. it would be way to cold.


Usually spelled Kauai outside the Hawaiian Islands and pronounced it is the oldest and fourth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands, having an area of 552.29 sq mi. Known also as the "Garden Isle", Kauai lies 105 miles (170 kilometers) across the Kauai Channel, northwest of Oahu. Of volcanic origin, the highest peak on this mountainous island is Kawaikini at5,243 ft. The second highest peak is Mount Waialeale near the center of the island, (5,148 ft) above sea level. One of the wettest spots on Earth, with an annual average rainfall of 460 inches, is located on the east side of Mount Waialale. The high annual rainfall has eroded deep valleys in the central mountain, carving out canyons with many scenic waterfalls.

It truly does sound like a garden paradise. Arkansas gets 48 inches of rain a year. I can't begin to imagine what 460 inches of rain a year would be like. I bet you could find some truly spellbinding Kauai vacation rentals. Its certainly the first island I would look at when considering Hawaiian Beach Rentals


The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727 square miles (1883 km²). Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest island in Maui County. Three other islands, Lānai, Kahoolawe, and Molokai belong to Maui County. As of 2005, Maui has a resident population of ~141,000 which is ranked third within the state behind the islands of Oahu and Hawaii.

Being as large as it its Maui Vacations would definitly be the place you would want to go if your into the whole hustle and bustle and night life scene as some people who go to Hawaii are. I am more of a quiet person. I would prefer a smaller island with less of a population.

The island has experienced rapid population growth in recent years with Kīhei one of the most rapidly growing towns in the U.S. The growth is occurring because many people, having visited Maui, decide to move or retire to the island. Who knows Maui may become the next Florida.

Kailua vacation homes

You know when I read the word Kailua I am reminded of that coffee flavored Liqueur that bear uses in his white Russians. I think its spelled differently though.

Kailua is a beach town, located in the City & County of Honolulu, in the Koolaupoko District of Oahu on the windward coast at Kailua Bay.

It is in the judicial district and the ahupua'a named Ko'olaupoko. It is 12 miles northeast of Honolulu - over Nu'uanu Pali, the tallest mountain peak in the Ko'olau mountain range.

In the Hawaiian language Kailua means "two seas," or "two currents," a contract lagoons in the district.

Kailua is primarily a residential community, with a centralized commercial district along Kailua Road. It has a compact, easy-to-shop business district surrounded by mostly single-family homes. it also has a population of 50 thousand people and might be a little more ideal to a person who is not into anything fast passed and full of hustle and bustle.

Kailua home rental does appear to be just as nice as anywhere else on the island. The vacation rentals on the beach are just as beautiful and just as luxurious. It would definitly be a nice not so busy spot to find ideal Hawaiian Beach Rentals.

Luxury Hawaiian Vacation Rentals

Now if you have the money for an expensive trip to Hawaii and you decide you want to stay in a house on the beach maybe you want more than just a regular 3 or 4 bedroom home. Maybe you have a group of people with you. A lot of family or maybe its a business trip and you have several employees with you.

If thats the case you may want to consider big island Hawaii luxury homes as your vacation destination. I went and looked at them myself and I must admit these are some truly luxurious vacation get aways. These beautiful houses which often have 5 or 6 bedrooms are truly the ultimate in Hawaiian Beach Rentals. Those are the sorts of places I might want to spend a week or two living in. There not cheap though. You can expect to pay over 1000 dollars a night for something this luxurious.

Below are some pictures.

Hawaii Beach rentals

I would love to visit Hawaii someday. Thats one of those far away destinations I will probably never be able to afford to see. Well I can always see it on the internet or on Tv or in my dreams I guess, ha ha.

If you had the money to do something like that I don't think I would want to stay in a hotel. Hotel rooms are not necessarily comfortable. I think I would rather rent a beach front home or something like that. offers a wide variety of beach front vacation rentals you can stay at. Beautiful homes on the ocean with pools and decks. There Makena homes look especially nice. These Hawaiian Beach Rentals offer such wonderful things has hot tubs, jacuzzi tubs, swimming pools, decks overlooking the ocean, kitchens, 3 and 4 bedrooms, fully furnished of course. Now that would be the way to take a vacation to Hawaii

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soo Busy

I guess its better than not being busy at all. thats kind of what a lot of last week was like. I hardly had any adds to write at all and it was very frustrating. Thats about the change again though. Google runs page ranks next month and my two new blogs will get ranked. I'm not sure about alexa scores. I expected those to be done by now but there not. Oh well it doesn't matter. it just gives me more time to get the new blogs linked up. I have a brand new one centered mostly around pets that still needs a lot of work as bar as blog lists go. I only have it listed in about 8 of them. I've been generating traffic to it mostly through blog carnivals and networking but doing surprisingly well with that.

Having those two new blogs page ranked should make a big difference in the adds i am able to accept. There both on there own domain name and that alone will earn me more money than my three free ones will.

Its time for me to start work on the Uk sites now though. Reminders started running not to long ago and with it being the end of the month people are logging on and nabbing them very very quickly. is a Fantasy MMA fight game. The difference between this one and others is not that you play a game in which you fight another player. What happens is you place fantasy bets of fantasy fights between known fighters. You have a fantasy bankroll in which you collect money in. its not really my sort of thing but any martial arts fan who likes to place bets like this and knows a lot about the different fighters and the fights would love this sort of thing. Plus its a free membership. Definitely worth checking out.

Candy Under Cover is a really cute new site. Never anywhere else have I seen edible cookie picture frames. Thats adorable. They offer completely unique, and personalized edible wedding favors, edible baby shower favors and much more. What else would you ask of personalized candy bar wrapper favors? Most brides and moms to be would ooh and awe over this stuff.

I think the personalized candy bars are really cool a woman had these made up when her baby was born and handed them out to everyone. They also carry personalized mint tins, retirement party favors, engagement favors, easter favors, decorated cookies and business function party favors. Like that work Christmas party or something like that.

Even if you don't need anything like this now you may want to have a look at it and consider it next time you do.

Its a Guy Thing

I guess its a guy thing. When we lived in our big house on the hill in the fancy gated neighborhood we had a neighbor who had all kinds of fancy "man toys". His garage floor was painted with this shiny paint and it made it look very fancy. My husband used to ooh and awe over that floor. I guess this paint on the floor of his garage was actually epoxy paint. On they sell epoxy paint chips for you to sprinkle on your garage floor. I'm not really sure what the reason behind this is. I guess maybe it makes for a better garage floor. Its probably something my husband would be really interested in. I should call him back here and show him this.

This is the last place i would think of having wild fires.

I have always thought of Alaska and being icey most of the year. I know when ice thaws you usually have mud and mush so hearing about wild fires burning in Alaska is really a major surprise for me. A major major surprise. Who would have though.

well I am sure they will be put out eventually and the beautiful Alaskan landscape will recover. It is someplace that I would very much like to see one of these days,.

Use Online Coupon Codes

I don't really shop online all that much. Although I probably should since I work at home and don't really get out very much. I don't really know if I would use less gas by doing this since things still have to be delivered to your home but it would ave wear and tear on an already well worn and torn car. has tried to make a coupon site that is consumer friendly and that is useful for finding the latest bargains on the web. The way a coupon "website" works is you use discount codes rather than paper coupons. Some of the sites they offer discounts for are Circuit City,, Camping World, BabiesRus, Puritians Pride, Smart Bargins, and a long long list of others also.

Engagment Rings

Its pretty much set in "stone" that an engagement ring should contain 1 or more diamonds. Although I sometimes thing this is a little bit silly. There are a lot of beautiful stones out there that would make really amazing engagement rings, including some amazing colored diamonds. I for one love cognac diamonds and champagne diamonds.

To be honest I think its a bit short sited to consider only diamonds rings for engagement and wedding rings. I think emerald rings would make stunning engagement rings. I love emeralds. There green so of course they would be one of my favorite stones. They remind me of wind blown waves white capping in the emerald green lake water when there in a set surrounded by diamonds.

My husbands favorite are sapphire rings. He likes the tear drop shaped best. I think these would also make truly stunning engagement rings.

I really think any gemstone ring should be considered. Such as pearl rings, ruby rings, aquamarine rings, amethyst rings, topaz rings, pink sapphire rings, garnet rings,

Hoodia Diet Pills

I have heard bits and pieces about these things. I don't usually pay a whole lot of attention. I just really don't take over the counter weight loss diet pill. These might be worth looking at though.

Hoodia is a cactus. Much of Hoodia's popularity stems from claims that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert relied on Hoodia for thousands of years to ward off hunger and thirst during long hunting trips. Research has shown that the Hoodia Gordonii species contains a molecule ( P57 hoodia molecule) that is very similar to glucose, but it is much stronger. The Hoodia Gordonii molecules fool the body into thinking it is satiated (just eaten).

They have used this cactus to create a highly effective weight loss pill that work by suppressing your appetite and without harmful side effects. if your looking for a good diet pill you may want to consider this. it does seem to be something that would do the trick.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Investing in Gold

As an investment product, gold, is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally gold ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape like those bars you always see on TV. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots. Buying gold has been recognized for centuries as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. It was once put to me like this. Gold will always be worth something.

From the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has had an affinity for gold. Man has been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold. Today, the beauty of a gold bar lies in its proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power.

You can purchase gold or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery through Monex Deposit Company. Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

This is kind of sad

Talk about a freak accident


My husband plays a lot of online poker mostly poker games and such. I have actually never seen a site like this one before. On this site you can make bets on sporting events like football games and horse races and such. You can even make these bets via your cellphone. It doesn't mean that they don't exist though. It just means I have never seen one before.

Its called Bet365. At Bet365 they also have an online casino, interactive games section, and bet365poker. They provide a one wallet system so that you can enjoy the benefits of our full range of services through one manageable account.

Maybe its a good thing we don't go to amusment parks

Last Minute Trips to Australia

I don't see myself taking any last minute trips anywhere to tell you the truth. but lets say I had the money and I suddenly decided I wanted to take one of those horseback riding tours to Australia that I have heard so much about I would go to and find a booking for Hotels in Melbourne. Last minute trips can be pricey. I can remember a night when bear and I were stuck in Hot Springs at 10pm one night and we were not going to be able to make it home. We booked a hotel room and the only one there for the evening was going to cost us 100 dollars and it was because it was the only one there.
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