Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are you Superbad!!!!!

The very same producers of the movie a 40 year old virgin bring you a very cautionary coming of age film called Superbad. This movie is about two painfully socially inept high school boys (they look like a couple of serious geeks on the movie website, and I mean really really serious geeks). All of them have no real social skills to speak of and are horribly dependent on each other but are about to graduate high school and be forced to attend separate collages. There little world is ending. There personalities range from terrible, fowl mouthed with nothing but sex on the brain to sweet and kind and completely terrified.

Superbad is made for laughs is about there terrified attempts to end there life long loosing streak with the ladies in one panic driven night. Its humiliating and horrible but all in good fun for the viewer. I'm sure there are a lot of nerds that will be watching that can totally relate to what there going through. Thank the goddess life is not like highschool!

You can find clips to the movie one http://www.SuperbadClips.com. Today and today only you can watch 5 superbad video clips on you tube so make sure that you check those out.

Its not even safe to ask for a raise anymore

You have to wonder what was going on in this mans head to do this. This is just not rational thinking.

Duvet Covers

I need a new duvet cover so unbelievably bad!!!!! The one I have is white cotton, white on white stripe and it gets dirty pretty easily. Especially when Commodore jumps up there with dirty paws and gets it all dirty. He isn't allowed on the bed, but it doesn't stop him from jumping on it when I'm not in the room.

That duvet cover has been bleached and bleached and bleached so many times that now its ragged and full of holes and still doesn't come completely clean. Rosa Duvet Cover Gold I really really like this duvet cover of quilt covers. Its still light colored which was what I was going to try and avoid if possible. But I really really like the cream and gold and the stripes on the gold strip at the top. Its priced at 24.99 pounds. I'm not sure what that is in dollars. I'll have to add it up but thats a heck of a good deal. The international shipping would be a bit expensive but probably still cheaper than the prices I've been finding online from American companies.

Eco Candles

I like to burn scented candles. Actually I love to burn scented candles. The problem is the heavily scented ones seem to burn a suit filled black smoke and over time that black suit can build in on things. I have found it on the inside of my freezer door before (don't ask me how it gone in there because I don't know).

Caterpillar Creations has come out with a new line of eco candles made with that soy wax and clean burning pure aroma's. These beautiful, natural, soy candles feature top-shelf fragrances based in all natural vegetable oil, not traditional liquid petroleum based fragrance. Caterpillars Soy candles last three times longer than petroleum-based candles and have an incredible scent throw with virtually no black soot. These are truly the best soy candles you will find anywhere.

They come in a variety of scents sizes and colors and also in some really beautiful containers. Caterpillar Creations also packages there candles in gift baskets. with the holidays slowly approaching us that might be worth checking out.

Rate your day

Tell the world what kind of day your having. There are times when i don't think the world would really want to know, but they don't have a button that would describe that kind of day, ha ha

Click here to read my rating!

All in all this is a really cute little website. You could tell everyone who reads your blog what kind of day your having before they actually read your entry. That way they can decide if they want to read it or not.

There also having a contest in which you can win a microsoft Zune media player. The requirements for entering are as follows.

  • have an account on I Rate My Day;
  • enter by completing this registration form before July 31th;
  • if you have a blog:invite 4 friends and install the IRateMyDay widgeton your site
    if you don't have a blog: invite 10 friends;
  • have evaluated your day at least 30 days throughout the contest.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mondays Post

I am sooo sick and tired ofwriting about Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. I usually take every single offer tha comes along but I don't think I'm going to take anymore from them. I just don't see how there is anything new I can possibly say about them.

As far as adds go this week looks like it might be a little bit slower than last week. But that could change at a moments notice.

I finished tamping the row I laid in place last week this weekend and started the next row today. I spent an hour this morning laying the two rows of barbed wire down. Bear swore up and down it could not be done all on one piece. He was wrong. I did it this morning. My thumbs sure are sore though. I think maybe it had something to do with me pushing the little spikes down into the bags to help them stay better.

When I started the row last Sunday I discovered that my bucket was full of dirt and had been rained on and filled with water also. There was 2 inches of water sitting on top of the mud in the bottem. So I poured off the water amd poured the runny mud into a bag and put dry dirt into what ever that didn't fill up. I tamped just about the whole circle by Sunday but it rained a little bit Sunday and I decided to re tamp everything after it rained because it tamps better when its wet. I had completely forgot about that that. When that iron tamper hit it it didn't make the thudding sound a bag would usually make, or the splash it made when it was still wet. It made a ""clank"" sound, like metal hitting metal.

I have a new row started. I lay 15 bags this afternoon and I have plans to lay 15 more tomorrow. I'm skipping the spots where the forms for the doorways will go. Bear is going to have to build those when he get back.No more waiting!!!!

A Well Dressed man

Back in the spring shortly after bear went back to selling cleaner we treated ourself to a night out. it wasn't something we had done for a really long time. We picked out an elegant Italian restaurant thats in one of the old historic buildings downtown and got dressed up and went. My husband decided to wear a dinner jacket this particular time. He looked very very nice. He had one a nice pair of slacks and the jacket and even wore a tie.

The point of this story is people acted differently. He got better service from our waitress. He had to stop at a drug store before going to dinner and got treated very well by the man behind the counter/ After dinner we went to rent some movies and people made sure and got out of his way faster, lol. It just goes to show you people notice how you dress when you dress nicely and treat you differently.

At Belisi.com you can find a lot of very fashionable dressy mens clothing that any man would look very nice in. They have a nice collection of purple ties that caught my eye also, plus those pocket squares. Those are supposed to be coming back into fashion. I think they look very dashing.

This is a cool little site

This a cool little site related to schools that offer teaching for careers in the medical industry. This page I have open was of interest to me because I have a friend from high school that became a dental assistant. I think she only has to work 3 or 4 days a week and still makes a decent amount of money. She's not going to get rich at a job like that, obviously but it keeps food on the table and her kid in clothes. As long as her husband brings home a paycheck anyway. I have a cousin who is a dental assistant also. She's a surgical Dental Assistant.

You know I wish there was a site like this when I was getting out of high school. Tt would have given me a lot more choices.

Kitchen Faucets

Ok so kitchen faucets are not exactly the most exciting thing to talk about but if your building a home it might be something thats on your mind. I for one am really really tired of the plain old chrome or gold plated finish. Especially the gold plated ones. There starting to look really dated to me.

Since the house I'm building will hopefully e the last house I ever live in I want everything that "I want" in that house and that includes a truly decked out kitchen faucet or kitchen faucets depending on how many sinks I have in the house.
Delta 473RBSD
I would like to have something similar to this. I have one like this already, its chrome and to tell you the truth I'm kind of tired of cleaning it all of the time. You won't see finger prints on this one will you. I also want the one that has the button on it so you can turn the water off with the handle while your using it. That would be better for watering plants with.

GMAC Real Estate

GMAC Real Estate is a source for all of your home buying and selling needs. They have 1,300 franchised and company-owned real estate offices in the United States and Canada and have more than 22,000 sales associates who are ready to help you.

Unlike a lot of Real Estate Companies they have listings on there website for more than just the homes in the area the office is located. The home search feature on there website allows your to search for homes all over the United states and also for homes in Canada. I haven't found a company anywhere that has a search feature like that.

Send Flowerse around the world.

Who does not like to get flowers. I love to get flowers. Especially if there something I can try to root like roses or chrysanthemums, lol. Its just the gardener in me I guess. And there is just such a rainbow of different kinds of flowers out there you could create a gorgeous bouquets at a really cheap price. And if you ask me the best time to give flowers is the unexpected times - for some reason it just means more sometimes if there is not a specific reason that you have to get or send flowers. And if you want that nice site for flowers then you may want to check out 2flowers.com because they can deliver in many different countries and all of their orders are delivered by the finest local florists. There are also no hidden fees and orders can be delivered next day to any city. It is really quite a unique flower site. They have a long list of 98 different countries in which they can deliver flowers too. That way next time you have a friend in another country on the internet that is sick or depressed you may want to send them flowers. Check out Flowers USA for English and Flores EEUU for spanish.

Bedroom Furniture

Will you look at the size of this place. According to there website they have 100,000 square feet of space in there. This place is a decorating addicts dream, lol. You know how I love furniture and I love to look at furniture too. Even someone as picky as bear and I would be sure to find what we were looking for in this furniture store.

Now lets see if I had to choose just one piece, what would I choose. I really really need a dresser in my bedroom. I'd like to have a chest of drawers too but its just not big enough for that.

I would not be satisfied with just any dresser though. I want something really really special. I want a dresser that has velvet lining in the top and a special drawer for jewelry and some type of stone on top. Just like my bed. I would not accept just any bed. I shopped and shopped for year sleeping on a plain old mattress and box spring until I found exactly what I was looking for. And there it was. Now its sitting in my bedroom.
584275854This is the one I picked out. As you can see it has two types of stone on the top and lots of beautiful carvings on it. This is the type of furniture I go for. The kind of thing you look at and just say "Wow". Its a goof thing that mirror doesn't go with it. Yikes. I really do not like that mirror. For some reason it reminds me of something I might see in a 70's movie. On the front there is what appears to me some kind of cabinet. But I've learned after looking at furniture like this is you opened those doors you would probably find a series of small shallow drawers. One velvet lined and made specifically for rings, and others also lined in velvet and intended for lingerie. If I had something like this my jewelry box would be overflowing on my bathroom counter right now.

There is a night stand that would go with it. Its equally as beautiful with the same two kinds of stone on the top and what may or may not be burl wood insets on the fronts of the drawers. You can buy this lovely piece or any other piece you might find through there website at GalleryFurniture.com

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery their beautiful offices are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Their staff is trained to anticipate what ever you may need or wish during your visit there. Their surgical facilities are built for the highest level of safety. Their medical director is a fully trained plastic surgeon who graduated from the finest university and residency in the country. Their anesthesiologists are medical doctors so we can make extra sure that you are completely comfortabel during the entire procedure. They offer all of the latest approaches to surgery
and have even created a few of there own.

They do all this at what they consider very reasonable prices considering they are offering Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery . As they like to say: “Our surgeons may work on Rodeo Drive. Lucky for you, they don’t shop there!”

Whats very interesting is at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery they have periodic art shows. How many plastic surgery clinics have you ever come across that offer anything like that. Their art shows are a way of enjoying fine art in the elegant setting of there fine offices. They are part of their ongoing efforts to create and enjoy beauty. They invite our patients to these events, as well as our neighbors from Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, and local dignitaries. They are a chance for them to explore new trends in art and better understand what sorts of forms, images, and textures create pleasure and tranquility and then applying them to the human body.

If your interested in Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation you would be interested to know that most of their breast augmentations use their "Silent Scar" technique to help hide the scar.

Another interesting note is that during most of there procedure they administer a long lasting anesthesia to the area the surgery is performed on to minimize pain after the surgery. There is so little pain after there Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty that its done on an outpatient basis and you can go home after the surgery.

Score reading Tutors

You know when I first started home schooling Coyote I thought I was going to have a problem with his reading, but as it turns out the more time he chatted with friends online and the more he played those RPG games the better his reading got. Mouses reading is going to become more of a problem. I simply cannot get her interested in it. I can't even get her interested in playing RPG or using a computer or anything. The reason is because her reading is such a struggle for her that the games aren't fun.

Reading is fundamental, but it should also be fun. I can't seem to find a way to make it fun for her. it was never a problem for me as a kid. I loved to read. Reading a book for me is like watching a movie in my head. I just decide what the characters look like. I really feel like if I could get her to build her skills and confidence she would learn to enjoy it more and get better at it. Maybe some of the SCORE reading tutors could help her improve her skills enough that she could to learn to read well enough that she could enjoy it. By reinforcing basic skills and developing reading strategies and comprehension skills, SCORE! helps children become better reader.

More about plastic surgery

I am far to shallow and vein to take growing older in stride. I just can't do it and i plan to try and fight it every step of the way, from the little lines showing up on my face to the fact that my feet hurt every !@#$% day!

I heard this add on the radio a month or so ago that was for a clinic in Little rock that was supposed to be doing affordable plastic surgery. It turns out is wasn't any cheaper than anywhere else. But this clinic was offering financing so not only were they making money on the surgeries they were also making money off of the interest they were charging on the loans for the plastic surgeries.

Maybe after the domes are finished and I don't have a mortgage hanging over my head I could consider something like that. Who knows what I will look like by then. I will probably never have rhinoplasty done (that was on my mind a lot when I was a kid. I have grown pretty comfortabel with my nose as the years have passed. It seems my nose only a problem in my own mind and. My double chin (which has never really bothered me all that much) seems to be what people notice more than anything as far as facial flaws go.

I wonder if there is really a lot of difference between the Los Angeles breast enhancement I have read so much on lately or the kind done at that cheap clinic in Little rock. I have to admit it does make me a little bit nervous thinking of getting anything done at a cheap clinic. But you know as I get older I don't think its going to matter as much.

Score Tutoring

SCORE! is widely recognized by international media as one of the top tutoring services. SCORE!'s leaders have appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and local television and radio stations throughout the country. In addition, SCORE! has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

What I found very interesting is that they offer tutoring in a child's study skills. Thats an area I always had a problem with. No one ever really taught me how to study. for example, sitting there reviewing as subject for endless hours is not the way to do it. Spend 15 minutes at a time and take short breaks in between, this way you absorb the information your reviewing. I certainly wish I had had an innovative tutor to teach me that.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Outer Banks vacation Rentals

Outer Banks North Carolina is a pretty spectacular place, as you can see by the map on the left. Its a sandy 130 mile sweep of barrier islands along the Atlantic Coast that can boast a sun blanketed beach until the sun sets late in the West. Its also a pretty spectacular place to go for vacation. There is an endless amount of beautiful vacation homes to stay at here, maybe even for the whole summer if thats what you want to do. Accommodations are plentiful for even the most budget minded families

Some places a person might except to find luxurious Outer Banks vacation rentals would be Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head & Southern Shores.

A beautiful day

Its a beautiful day. A little bit hot but not really all that bad for August. The rain has stopped for the moment. There is a chance of some this weekend and I really would like it to rain a little bit. If that layer of bags I have out there gets a good soaking it will be easier to tamp down and dry like concrete blocks. Just rain up north though. Not down south. Down there the crops are drowning. At least thats what Bear told me when he went down there last week.

He just got back from scrounging concrete blocks from construction sites. He is going to work on the rest of the raised walkway today. He discovered he can use blocks that have been broken in half under the walkway and those he can get for free from construction sites. I have taught him well.

I am still bitching at him about the forms. I'm going to reach a point where I can't work on the house without them and I really really get sick of waiting on him to do something. I've been talkingto another earth bagger through email. she's in California and she just finished bagging up a truly stunning earthbag wall. I have pictures she is letting me post later. This post will just get buried in adds later today anyway.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Liposuction is a very routine cosmetic surgery performed by pretty much all plastic surgeons as far as I know. Liposuction is basically a plastic surgery consisting of vacuuming fat deposits from under the skin. Good candidates for liposuction cover a wide range of the population. After all we do have an obesity problem here in America which means most of us have large amounts of fat on our bodies we would like to remove. I guess I should say good candidates would be most of the people in America.

The most common areas treated with liposuction include the neck, chin, abdomen, “love handles”, hips, thighs and calves. I can't imagine what you would need sucked out of your calves. I've never seen anyone wit fat calves before. I would love to have my chin done. I have a hereditary double chin and its always bothered me. I would love to have it all sucked out and have one of those nice chins where you can see the bones of your jaw and everything. i have never had that.

The way Beverly Hills Liposculpture works (as they like to call it)fluid is injected into the fat. This allows for easier "sculpting" of the tissues, and also introduces anesthetic and a medicine to constrict blood vessels to minimize bleeding and pain after surgery. From what i reead this anesthetic is very long lasting and lasts for some time after the surgery. Multiple small incisions are made in areas of natural skin folds to minimize scarring, and small hollow tubes are inserted under the skin to suction out fat. I've been told by some people that there is bruising, but I haven't read anything indicating that anywhere.

You might want to consider Los Angeles cosmetic surgery if your going to have this done as they have a nice state of the art facility and a lot of experience doing this with minimal scarring.

What I have read about this procedure says that people can go back to work the next week but a friend of mine had to wear a corset for several weeks while her skin re attached to the muscle in her stomach. But you know I think she had a tummy tuck along with it. Thats probably why she had to wear that. I don't know if I could do that. I can't stand anything that fits tightly.

Channel 15 and channel 3 helicopters collide


You know, once upon a time not to long ago I could go into the grocery store and spend 100 dollars and come out of there with a whole lot of stuff to fill my pantry with. Now 100 dollars just barely covers the basics. The other day I spent 4 dollars of a lousy gallon of milk, and eggs are 2 dollars a dozen now. Its insane. It would be cheaper to keep chickens if I could keep them from getting killed. If might be cheaper just to keep a cow too, lol.

When I go into the grocery store and I look around I don't see people with there carts full of stuff anymore. I see only the basics in there carts and worried looks on there faces. I see more and more people using coupons and think I might have to start doing that too. I've never used them before. I always buy generic brands when ever I possibly can ans you don't find any coupons for those.

Now a days you don't have to get your coupons in the mail or wait for them to come in the Sunday paper. you can print your own coupons right off of the internet if you have a printer. I think thats pretty cool.

On some sites you can get codes to use as coupons and make purchases online with them such as ecouponcodes.com which is updated daily. They have coupons for more than just food too.

One page I ran across which was interesting was Elf Cosmetics. I didn't know there was such a brand name.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

what a looooooong day.

Well, its 11:30 pm and I am finally done for the day. Actually it wouldn't have taken me this long but I had a really hard time making myself sit down and work today. Maybe its because I had to write a whole bunch of posts about plastic surgery on this and a bunch of other blogs. I am soooo sick of writing about tummy tucks and breast implants. Its all for an office in Beverly Hills and they have a lot of offers up on a lot of different websites. Its all money, I just get sick of having to come up with article after article after article on breast implants and tummy tucks.

I got 10 more bags laid in place today and I lakc1 1/4 bags from completing this row. Then I have to work around the fact that I don't have forms for the windows yet. I wanted bear to work on them this weekend but he wants to work on the raised walk way in front of the house. I agree it needs to be done. I am sick and tired of seeing all of these pallets laying around and I've been dealing with unfinished landscaping up front for . . . well . . pretty much since we moved in here. At least its not a mud pit anymore. Theres grass growing in areas that used to be bare rock and clay. The only thing is the whole front section is supposed to be one big rock garden blending in with the rock retaining wall.

I had an earth bagger contact me through one of my alternative construction blogs today. She's is California and just finished an earth bag garden wall. Its very impressive. She and 3 other people worked on it and it only took her 20 days to complete. I was really impressed by the speed. But then it looks like she is living in a more arid desert like area. That means she is probably using dirt thats mostly sand and a lot lighter weight than the heavy red and yellow clay that I'm pouring in my bags.


Hockey'sFuture.com is a hockey website. Everything you might want to know about your favorite hockey teams you will find here. Possible future predictions an who has won and all of that sort of thing. You can find it all right there including the 2007 nhl draft. Theres also an interesting area with articles on it about hockey. Several of them kind of listed together like you would find on a blog. There definitly worth the read. They don't just talk about American teams on this website either. You can also find information on teams from several other countries.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a condition characterized by overwhelming need to take 1 or many drugs despite the negative consequences associated with drug use. Being addicted implies drug dependence, it is possible to be dependent on a drug without being addicted. Such a person would be one who suffers from chronic pain that can't be tolerated unless they take drugs. Unfortunately as time passes the body builds up an immunity to the drugs and a person has to take more and more. An addict may or may not have a need for the drug, but there need becomes so great that it consumes them. Nothing else is more important and they will do anything to get it.

My husband and I have a friend who is a prescription drug addict. I've talked about her on this site before. When ever we see her car pull into the driveway we rush around the house to hide any prescription meds we may have in the medicine cabinets. If we don't hide them she will steal them. She's come into our home when were not here to take them when she new they were here. The last time she was here she invited herself to stay the night and while we slept drank 3/4 of a gallon of Vodka and stole 6 muscle relaxers from the medicine cabinet while we slept. She desperately needs addiction treatment but won't get it on her own.

Our neighbors son had a similar problem. The last time he was here my husband physically removed him from our home. Three hours later he burned his fathers house down and a few weeks after that ran his truck into a tree. Now he can't lift a glass to drink. His arms are mostly useless since that tree nearly split him in half. I don't know if the judge insisted that he go through drug treatment after that or not.

1-800-NODRUGS.com is a drug rehabilitation referral service. Its 100% free. There is never any cost to you at any time. This service is designed to help drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims, and their families find an effective drug rehab and intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction that is of a high quality but not costly.

There are thousands of drug treatment facilities and alcohol rehabilitation organizations in this country at the moment, and knowing which one to send your loved one to is a daunting task.


If I were going to donate to a charity I would donate to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) which was founded in 1866. It was the first humane organization established in the Western Hemisphere and today has one million supporters. The ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. if you want to see just how cruel people can be to animals just go to Youtube and do a search for animal cruelty.

The ASPCA provides national leadership in anti-cruelty, animal behavior, humane education, government affairs and public policy, shelter support, and animal poison control. The NYC headquarters houses a full-service animal hospital and adoption facility. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York's animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series Animal Precinct on Animal Planet.

If I had the money I would start my own charity. I would pay for the veterinary care of animals who's owners would otherwise have to put them to sleep because they couldn't afford it. There are already some charities for this purpose but one more certainly would hurt.

This post is sponsered by Tej Kohli.

More About furniture

As I work on my house I find myself thinking about my furniture and what I might want to add or replace should I possibly ever get it finished. It could happen.

I don't usually buy things like furniture online because I don't have anyone I can tell at face to face if something arrives scratched, but I like this online furniture store and it might change that. I mist say I don't think I have ever seen anyplace that has nicer office furniture. Not even at that really expensive office furniture place downtown. Now I don't live in a big city or anything so I might be able to find something similar somewhere else but if your stuck in a small town like I am you may want to take a look.
I would like to have a new desk. I have a little 100 dollar glass and iron desk (hollow metal tubes, not cast iron) and I really don't know at this point just how big my new office will be, but I would like to think that I might have enough room for something big and fancy. Maybe something like this.

Isn't it elegant. I love satin finished black furniture like this. It doesn't look as though its set up for a desk top though. I find it kind of difficult to do some things on a lap top. Its that darn mouse in the keyboard.

I think about living room furniture too. My family room furniture is starting to look shabby and may need to be replaced before we move. I was going to put the red sectional in the living room but I may have to reconsider if I have to get new living room furniture before then though. But then thats going to leave me with a red sectional couch to put somewhere and I don't think its going to fit in the hearth area which is where I was planning on putting it. I wouldn't mind having new

new dinning room furniture
either. My new dinning room, if everything goes as planned will be large enough for a conference table like the one I had in my house on the hill. That one was a late 1800 antique. I probably won't have anything like that again.

The only downside I have found to this site is the lack of variety in there recliners. They really need to carry recliners with all of the massage things in them and they don't do that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wine Racks

I like Wine Racks. I like to drink wine too but I think there is something very elegant about wine racks. I have this fantasy of having a big huge house with a big wine cellar in the basement like you see on the movies. You know it looks something like this.
18 Bottle Wood Wine Rack This photo is actually several 18 bottle racks stacked together. on its own it really doesn't look like this.

Unfortunately I probably won't ever have enough room for something like this. The earthbag domes won't have a basement. It would be to expensive to dig down through that much rock.

Unfortunately I will probably only have enough room for something like this. I could probably find a way to mount something like this on a wall in the kitchen. That would work. I guess there are a lot of different things I could do with a lot of different styles of wine racks, as long as they held plenty of bottles of course.Bordeaux Collection - Chateau (23 Bottle) Wine Rack

They have win rack furniture out there too. You know its a wine rack and its also a table. That might work, if I needed the space on the wall but also wanted to put a wine rack there.

Fire Ants

I am fortunate that fire ants are not a big problem where i live but in some places there a BIG problem.

Contrary to popular belief fire ants are not native to North America. They were imported here from South America. Fire ants can spread at a great rate and are quite able of re-infesting areas in which they had been eradicated. Fire ants are very aggressive and will sting any intruder to immobilization.

There are several different kinds of fire ant treatment, including some natural ways. I'm not sure how effective they are but they would be worth trying before spreading dangerous chemicals on your lawn. An interesting I read was using earth worm castings. I'm not really sure how that would work. After all ants live in the ground and what do you find covering the ground but earth worm castings.

This really pisses me off!!!!!!

I find it very disturbing that these kids were strip searched and put into jail for this!!!!! But not shocking. I know a kid who was put into juvenile detention for cutting class. 1 class!!! and in that class the teacher was harassing him until he would get so mad he would just stand up and walk out of the room. While in Juvenile detention he was put into a cell with a 17 year old boy that raped him and ended up in a mental hospital after trying to kill himself.

Bus is really really making himself look guilty

After all why is he doing this if he has nothing to hide.

Your Friends are Making you fat

The reason this is true is because eating is a social thing. If your around people that eat more than you do your going to start eating as much as they do. Studies have proven this to be true. Thats why I can say its Bear's fault that I'm fat .

Host 208

I'm always on the look out for a good deal. Now that I'm hosting blogs on there own domain names hosting has now become one of those things. Host208 - Webhosting Services is another service to consider. They seem to have a pretty good deal going on as far as price and such are concerned.

They offer primarily three plans, all of which are reasonably priced. The entry-level plan only costs $4.50 per month, and it allows 3 domains, 15000 MB data storage, 300 GB bandwidth. You can get more storage, bandwidth, and domains for $8.50 on the corporate plan. Or you can even get unlimited domains for $12.50 with the enterprise plan.

more sex offenderes caught with myspace.

Nurses cleared of Mercy Killing Charges

planting corn alters the weather

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Awsome moving company

Currently moving companies are overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), part of the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT). At last count the FMCSA had only nine investigators to handle all of the thousands of complaints against moving companies each year. What does that mean for the unfortunate mover? It means this:

  • Most complaints against movers are overlooked and the consumer becomes a statistic while no action is ever taken against the moving company.
  • When Congress dissolved the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) in 1995, they also removed the authority from the FMCSA to step in on a consumer's behalf if they are taken advantage of by a moving company. In other words, they don't have the authority to help you even if they want to.
  • If an investigation does occur, it takes months if not years for the FMCSA to, yes, get this... Fine the moving company.
  • The scam moving companies get away with not paying the fines and if they did, the consumers don't see a dime of their money back. The money from the moving company's fines go to pay for highway improvements!
Due to this lack of accountability for there actions there are a lot of smelly moving companies out there that should not be allowed to do business. www.topmovingcompanies.com offers assistance in finding local and long distance moving companies, storage rentals, supplies, rental trucks, and much more. Or they can just rent you a truck so you can do it yourself. They can also assist in looking for local schools for your children.

Closet Cabinets

There is just something about a closet with shelves and cabinets in it that makes it so much easier to keep organized. Plus if you have a large walk in closet if you put shelves and drawers in it then you avoid having a need for things like dressers and chests of drawers. This way you have more floor space in your bedroom for other things you might want to put in there. Like plant stands or rocking chairs or something like that.

You don't have to just isolate your closet cabinet to your bedroom either, you can put them in hall closets too. My mom put one inside of a closet in her dinning room for storing extra food in.

The Beauty of Mud and Straw

What could be more basic to life on Earth than mud and straw? The dirt beneath your feet brings forth grasses that become straw. When you combine these two elements with loving care you can create an enduring beauty that will thrill your soul, and a home that will embrace and protect you. We have been experiencing a renaissance in the use of natural materials for building throughout the U. S.

I know several builders who have pretty much dedicated themselves to honing their skills in combining natural materials. This article will focus mostly on the work of Talmath Mesinbrink and his adobe floors. He and Paul Koppana have cooperated on several building projects, but there are many other fine craftsmen and women doing admirable work. Paul (SkyHawk Construction) has specialized in straw bale building and Talmath (MudCrafters Construction) has specialized in adobe floors, earthen plasters and clay paints.

“I have always liked to play in the dirt,” Talmath mused, “making mud castles and filling buckets with clay.” This led to studying pottery with Bertha Gotterup and experimenting with clay sculpture. His love for getting his hands dirty, and the years of trailing around with his step-dad, Mike Dennett, helping out on construction projects, has naturally led Talmath to making a vocation of this sort of work. Now he can play with the dirt to his heart's content while making a living.

About eight years ago Talmath partnered with Jonathon Bruce and Eric Maki to study the fine art of making adobe floors and applying mud plasters to walls. At this point Talmath was mostly employed to mix the right ingredients in a wheelbarrow. You need to add about 25% of finely screened clay to 75% sharp sand or crusher fines, with enough water to make something the consistency of a thick cake batter. Once this is thoroughly mixed, then several handfuls of chopped straw (several inches long) can be mixed in to help bind the material together and give the final floor some beautiful flecks of gold if desired.

This wet mixture is poured over a prepared base of thoroughly tamped road base (gravel and sand). The layer of adobe can be as thin as about ¾ inch, but usually it is more like about 2 inches. The first stage of pouring an adobe floor is similar to pouring concrete, where the wet material is roughly screed to get it uniformly level. With concrete, however, you must do all of the finish work within a few hours, before it sets up. With adobe the curing and finishing process can go on for weeks, or even months.

Once the initial pour has been leveled and troweled to get it roughly smooth, and it firms up enough to carefully put weight on it, the process of reworking the adobe with a steel trowel to press it further can begin. The reason for this is partly to force the pour into a monolithic mass, because the clay will shrink as it dries and form a network of cracks that must be sealed. Other reasons to press the surface of the adobe is to harden it for durability, and to bring the clay content to the surface where it can be polished (or burnished) to a lustrous finish. Talmath prefers to pour the adobe over in-floor radiant heat tubes, so that he can control the rate that it dries out; this can hasten the completion of a project by several weeks.

It is possible to add thin layers of pure colored clay to the surface, and work this to a fine polish. Such a coating is called an elise, and this makes the process even more of an art form. The elise can be a swirling mix of colors, each of natural origin. Talmath says he is always on the lookout for colorful clays that can be mined to produce the particular nuance of tone that he is looking for. He will often create several test swatches of finished adobe to show a client before he starts a job. It is also possible to add oxides or stains to the adobe to get a desired color.

Pressing an adobe floor is very hard back- and wrist-breaking work. It must be done on the knees, with a lot of force and a specific technique to get the desired result. Talmath says he will wear out a steel trowel over the course of just few jobs, through the friction of working the soil. As the adobe dries out, it can be moistened with a spray of water to make it possible to continue to trowel it. The work is as much by feel as by look.

Once everyone is satisfied with the degree of finish, and the floor has completely dried, it can be sealed with several coats of oil and other finishes. Usually the first coat is pure boiled linseed oil that has been heated to allow it to penetrate further into the adobe. Successive coats of linseed oil thinned with odorless mineral spirits are then applied until saturation is achieved. A final finish coat of hardening oil (such as fruit, nut and tung oil) can polish it off. High traffic areas might receive a final coat of hard oil wax to further protect the floor.

Pouring an adobe floor is usually the very last aspect of a construction job, since the floor cannot be disturbed while it is curing. Those doing the labor usually go out on the floor with stocking feet, so as to not mar the work. The result of all this labor can be stunningly beautiful, and quite durable, even for a life-time if the homeowner is careful to treat it with respect. There is something about an adobe floor that connects one directly with the earth. Even with shoes on you can feel the natural resilience that is missing with concrete; adobe is much easier on the body and soul.

Straw and adobe are natural partners for passive solar home designs. The straw envelope creates thick, insulating walls that keep the warmth inside, and the adobe floors and mud plasters serve as thermal mass to store the heat and release it back to the space at night. When combined with in-floor radiant heat for backup, these simple measures provide great comfort.

Talmath has worked with Paul Koppana on many local building projects. The cost of adobe floors varies according to what choices are made for how the floor is finished. Talmath has also become proficient at making concrete counter tops, which can be quite beautiful, as well as durable.

Both Paul and Talmath enjoy teaching their crafts. Paul has been involved with Builders without Borders, venturing to other countries to demonstrate natural building practices. They both have taught at the Lama Foundation's “Build Here Now” workshops near Taos. Talmath has worked in New Mexico on projects of historic restoration, preserving the old ways of using natural materials, as well as high-end projects in Aspen and Pueblo, Colorado.

Paul and Talmath are committed to creating high quality construction that appeals to discerning bank employees and home owners, so that these methods can become more mainstream in American architecture. These natural building practices are clearly the future for comfortable, pleasing and sustainable life.


There has been extensive educational research that proves that a student does best when a person works one on one with the student when tutoring or teaching. This method is highly effective in improving a student's academic standing.

If your not a home schooler then you may not have to worry a lot about tutoring. I home school one of my kids so its a little bit bigger on an issue. Algebra Tutoring is something i'm going to be looking into soon simple because I was always terrible in that subject and don't trust myself to teach it to Coyote. But maybe your child needs tutoring in the subject because the instruction in the public school they attend sucks and there just not learning. Then your going to have to look into getting a tutor also.

Club Z! Tutoring Services is the world's largest one-on-one tutoring program. Their tutors have helped over 100,000 students improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn productive study skills, build their academic self-confidence.

Free fertalizer

Nitrogen can be a problem- especially for farmers. Although our atmosphere is full of nitrogen gas (N2), the bond between the two nitrogen atoms is so strong that the molecule is virtually inert. But life needs nitrogen to grow - in fact all life requires nitrogen to be pulled apart and react. Which is why we throw excesses of fertilizers (much of it petroleum derived), onto our fields and crops every year- to encourage growth.

In nature, legumes have been the typical model for how plants can 'fix' nitrogen. Soybean, peas, ground nuts, alfalfa, clover are all common plants that associate with bacteria in their root systems to 'fix' nitrogen. The symbiosis between these plants and bacteria allows them grow in nitrogen depleted areas, as well as have the potential to increase nitrogen content of the soil. The planting of legumes can even be used for ecological, or field restoration. But the legume crops studied have mostly been limited to temperate climates.

Now a new type of nitrogen fixing symbiotic relationship has been discovered with important potential for tropical and temperate agriculture, as well as reducing our excessive use of petroleum derived fertilizers.


A joint group of researchers working with IRD (Laboratoire des Symbioses Tropicales et Méditerranéennes) have found a new paradigm in nitrogen fixation. Instead of the bacteria associating with the roots, this tropical symbiosis forms on the stems of the plants. This unique ability allows for the possibility of fixing higher quantities of nitrogen than those systems that are limited to just root structures.

The molecular biology behind the new symbiotic relationship is different from all other known associations for nitrogen fixing systems. This calls into question some basic assumptions that have long been held regarding nitrogen fixing symbiotic relationships. Further, the study shows that it may be possible to introduce this new type of symbiotic relationships into a broader range of crops than previously thought possible. Indeed- there are many symbiotic plant and bacterial relationships that we have never investigated. The direct applications of this discovery include holding off desertification, and increased food production in tropical regions. What other global problems might we discover a solution for if we took the effort to look? This research points to the importance of exploring our world, and learning how nature's systems operate in all regions of the world. We may be pleasantly surprised by the answers.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lets get the facts straight

I think if believing in Karma were a more popular idea this world might be a better place.

Recently the Chicago Tribune ran an article about a BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana and misrepresented some very important facts. The article claims that large amounts of ammonia and sludge are being dumped into Lake Michigan by the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana. Personally when ever I read something in the paper i find it wise to get both sides of the story before forming an opinion. The press has a habit of printing what ever it thinks people want to read reguardless of the harm it does to others. So if your going to read this article then you need to read the fact sheet provided by the BP factory in Whiting .

This by the way, is an example of a fair and more accurate article.

In there facts report, BP refinery has claimed there is only treated water into Lake Michigan, all of which are Well within legal limits. And of course they was not any harm to people or the environment. BP refinery is also making continuous improvement to continue to improve treatment methods.

According to the Chicago Tribune, BP refinery is dumping more ammonia and sludge (50% and 35% more) than they had been before. This increase was approved by the EPA and the state environmental agency.

Coyote is burning pennies, lol

Coyote has decided he wants to learn about Alchemy. He has started by learning to change pennies, nickels, and dimes and things different colors. He uses a candle and a small metal mixing bowl and takes what ever acids he can find in my kitchen (vinegar and lemon juice, exc) he has turned them such interesting colors as cobalt blue, purple, and a very convincing gold! Now he is begging us to get him a chemistry set for Christmas.

I don't know how i feel about that. I have this vision on my head of an explosion in his room and green fumes filtering out from under his bedroom door. I think I'm going to make him do this sort of stuff outside.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Wikipedia defines addiction as a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity. The term is often reserved for drug addictions but it is sometimes applied to other scenarios, such as problem gambling and compulsive overeating. Factors that have been suggested as causes of addiction include genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors.

Unfortunately, treatment has become very complicated in the field. Pharmacologists continue to speak of addiction from a physiologic standpoint while psychiatrists refer to the disease state as dependence and still others refer to the disease as addiction.

Regardless of what you call it or how you define it addiction destroys the lives of those suffering from it and those around them. it can destroy, health, families, careers, and a long list of other things important to life that I could probably list all day long.

Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult and sometimes painful process . Addicts are often forced to confront their inner demons, identify destructive behavior and figure out where it comes from, and a relearn healthy behavior that they somehow forgot along the way that will enable them to live life addiction free.

The life cycle of drug and alcohol addiction sometimes begins with a problem, discomfort, or some form of emotional or physical pain a person is experiencing. other times its something a person is born with, a genetic disorder that makes them more inclined to become addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place. It may also include a physical discomfort, such as an injury or chronic pain. The person experiencing the discomfort has a real problem (I have a friend who suffers from addiction that began when she injured her back). He feels his present situation is unendurable, yet sees no good solution to the problem (if you have ever watched House then you know what I'm talking about).

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bags of Dirt

I worked on the house for the first time in a few months today. The rains seem to have stopped and the water in the foundation is mostly gone. There is still a little bit left in the lower end but not enough to really effect anything. Its not really that hot outside. Only 85 degrees but standing in the sun felt a lot hotter. i got 5 bags done. Its not much. I wanted to get 10 done but didn't make it that far.

I'm going to try and get up early tomorrow and work on it.

The bags that were already done and tamped into place and have been sitting in the rain all of this time are like bricks!!! There is no budging them. But thats a good thing. The dirt in the piles is pretty dry making it lighter weight and easier to move around.

I am no where near where I wanted to be at this point in time. But I wasn't planning on having it rain every single day for two months either.

THis report hits home

I know exactly what exposure to formaldehyde can do to a person. We had the same problem when we moved into our new mobile home.

Hillbilly hamburger

people lined up at Midnight

My friend Tammy was one of those that ligned up at midnight. she paid for her book ahead and time and went to hasting to pick it up at midnight when they came out. The book store had a big costume party to celebrate with all of the people that bought there books ahead of time.

More Harry Potter

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free dating site.

I've never had trouble finding dates. When I was dating I usually had another guy waiting in the wings before I broke it off with the one I was with. Thats just how I am I guess. Even when I left my first husband I had husband number 2 waiting in the background.

I don't know if I could still do that anymore. After all I'm not 26 years old and a perfect size 3 anymore. It would probably be a lot harder if I suddenly found myself single again. I know a lot of people in there 30's and 40's that have found them self single and find dating to be a lot harder then it was when they were in high school or even in there early twenties.

Online dating is something a lot of people are using. The main reason being a person gets to know "you" before they get to know what you look like or anything else about you. This can be good and bad as its easy for a person to lie about who they are.

There are a lot of different so called free dating sites out there and most of them are not truly free. You can sign up and create a profile but your often redistricted in who you can contact until you pay a ridiculously high membership free. Justsayhi.com is a truly free dating site. You don't have to pay any money to join there site free online dating site.

As requested, the old haunted school house.

I've actually had a lot of requests for pictures of the old haunted school house. The new owners were nice enough to let me come in and take pictures. It turns out its not quiet 100 years old. its 70 years old. but thats close to 100 years.
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