Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The kids homemade Halloween Costumes

This is the second time the kids and I have made there own costumes. Coyote went as Dr House. I found him some mismatched scrubs (as Dr House doesn’t care about his appearance) messed up his hair and found a cane for him to use. We made a fake name tag and got a BoiHazard bag from the hospital for his candy. He carried around a pill bottle full of Smarties all night long and pretended to be eating the candy the way Dr House eats Vikadin on the show.

Mouse went as a witch. A simple costume. I had a long black cape from my own costume years ago. She wore my black broomstick skirt. We just rolled the waist band to keep it up and she wore my black shirt and the cape over that. I did have to buy her a hat. I waited to late and couldn’t find a true witches hat but I did find a small witches hat table topper at Hobby Lobby. I sewed an elastic strap on it to keep it on her chin and once she was dressed I ratted her hair. Then I sprayed the whole thing down with silver glitter. She carried a plastic cauldron for candy and a decorative broom we took off the wall.


Usually spelled Kauai outside the Hawaiian Islands and pronounced is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. It is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago and the 21st largest island in the United States. Known also as the "Garden Isle". You will find just as many Kauai vacation rentals here as you will on the other islands and this garden isle sounds like a much nicer vacation spot than some of the busier places. Visitors to this Hawaiian vacation destination will treasure it for its lush tropical greenery and sparkling sand beaches. Visitors to the island worship not only its postcard-perfect beauty, but Kauai's diversity of cultures, activities, shopping, and dining. But you can find lots and lots of information about that at Kauai Travel Blog. You will never find yourself wondering what to do in What to Do in Kauai . The endless beauty alone is enough to keep you occupied for your entire dream vacation.


I've been trying very very hard today to stay way under on my calorie so I can eat candy tonight when the kids are trick or treating. I am 1600 calories below my goal and way way under 2000 total for the day which is what I would be eating I wanted to maintain my weight. Actually since I've burned 739 calories exercising today I'm a low lower than that. I'm about to to get a cup of coffee which will raise me up a little bit. Most of the calories are in the creamer, not the coffee. Plus coffee always keeps me from being hungry

Travel to Hawaii

I can't think of anyplace that truly rivals the beauty of Hawaii. I've never been there or many other places for that matter, but I have seen lots and lots of pictures. Beautiful warm turquoise waters, sandy beaches (many of which I am told are pink) the black volcanic rocks. The climate is supposed to be perfect almost year round. From what I understand all of the islands are loaded with beach front Hawaii home rentals for a vacationer to choose from.

Oʻahu, the "Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and most populous of the islands in the State of Hawaiʻi. It seems like it would be one of the best places to visit and you can certainly find lots of Oahu Vacation Info. You can also visit the Kauai Travel Blog for more information on that particular island. You know a true Hawaii dream vacation would include visiting all of the different islands, not just one of them.

A morning surprise

Today I have a lot to be excited about. the reason for this is all of my blogs on a domain name and not on a free host all got page ranked today. I have 2 pr 3's a pr 4 a pr 1 and even a pr 2. what this means for me is more income. These blogs that weren't page ranked before are now eligible for posts they wouldn't have been eligible before.

Its about time, it usually doesn't take 6 months for a site to get page ranked but thats exactly how long it took this time. what this means for me is that the same work I was doing on these blogs I an now charge more for and I can do work I couldn't have done before. I hope I can find time to cram it all in. I might have to give up some of the cheaper ones.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I think that pretty much everyone either currently knows someone or has known someone who has had or has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction. Its a very very common thing. Maybe its because its to easy to get your hands on these things. I don't think any amount of laws they create are going to change that though. Its been proven again and again and again. If a person wants them there going to be able to get them legal or illegal.

Wikipedia defines addiction as is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking, despite what the majority of society may perceive as the negative consequences associated with drug use.

To qualify as being dependent a person must

* Take a drug regularly
* Experience unpleasant symptoms if discontinued, which makes stopping difficult.

The way its been explained to me is that the body chemistry of the individual has changed so that the body actually thinks it needs the substance to survive. I guess its similar to a person who never drinks water and drinks nothing but Soda. Even if you drink water you won't feel as though your thirst has been quenched because you body is accustomed to you quenching your thirst with soda and thats what it wants.

There are a lot of reasons why a person becomes an addict. Sometimes there predisposed to it for genetic reasons.
I know two people like that. Sometimes there trying to relieve pain of some ort. One of those people also has a painful back injury that also led to her addiction. The other person also had a father who is an addict but his brothers and sisters are not addicts so he also has genetics as well as learned behavior.

is a drug rehab referral service that helps addicts and those seeking to help addicts find the help they need.


In case anyone was wondering my friend Anne did not get burned up in the fire she is still in her home daubing mud on earthbag walls like the local wasps that we call Mud Dabbers.

We watched House tonight, the new episode. I've been trying to get her hooked on it. I loved this episode because they were treating a patient that mimicked the behavior of everyone around him and when each of House's new candidates went in to do a test or give a treatment they each learned something about them self. We learned that the possible Witch is very very afraid of "something" and that house thinks she is really really hot. We also learned that although Foreman seemed unhappy about returning to his job at the hospital he really isn't and is at peace with the whole idea. We also learned that the cut throat bitch is not trying to hide a lack of ability she thinks she has to be perfect at everything because everyone hates her. I guess she really was a cut throat bitch after all. One of the doctors is unhappy and bored and wants to go back to treating people in third world countries and that the hospital administrator Cuttey (could be spelled differently but is pronounced like that) is not the dominant one in there relationship. It was a hilarious episode. We didn't learn anything about the plastic surgeon or the Mornon (who punched Dr House in the last episode because House was repeatedly insulting his religious beliefs). Nobody got fired in this episode because one of Houses old team members was taking bets on who was going to get fired and he talked him into splitting the money with him 50/50 when House decided not to fire anyone.

Beverly Hills dinnerware

I love beautiful things! I guess all women love beautiful things but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because I think something is beautiful doesn't mean someone else is going to think its beautiful as well. Geary' has lots of beautiful things on there website. Unfortunately for me there located in the heart of Beverly Hills which means they sport Beverly Hills Prices and are really best for Beverly Hills Shopping. Oh well, I can dream!

When it comes to dinnerware I am very very picky. Not any old plates will do. It has to fit what I'm going for at the time. I guess you could call what I like contemporary dinnerware. They have a lot of stuff that fits into what I like. My first love was white embossed dinnerware. But I don't really go for that anymore. Then I started getting into plates that look like leaves and things like that. I still love them and think there beautiful but now I tend to look for old rustic Italian dinnerware like this. Yes I did find something I like.
Click here to view larger image

This dinnerware has a soft warm creamy color. Its bumpy in texture and looks hand made and the edges appear to be worn and dirty from years of use. These are called Tuscan Peasant and I love this style. At over 30 dollars an item though there still out of my price range.

Another delivery to Altus

We made another delivery to Altus today. This time to the Post Family Winery. While we were there we ate at Kelts and I discovered that this dieting has caused my stomach to shrink. I can eat the full lunch there salad sandwich and all, like I used to be able to do. Half my salad was left on my plate. If I had known that was going to happen I would have eaten the salad first.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A vacation in hawaii

I think a vacation to Hawaii is a vacation everyone dreams about at some point in time. the only way I'm going to get to see Hawaii is if I win the lottery or some other kind of windfall gets dumped in my lap. I don't really think about going to Hawaii very often because its one of those things thats unlikely. But I sometimes imagine a Hawaii beach house maybe located somewhere on one of the more isolated islands. I'm not one to go for bustling city life. I would rather have something located in a quiet rural location.

I did review some Kauai Travel Info and think it might be what I'm looking for. it offers Plunging ravines, Cascading waterfalls, Unforgettable cliffs, canyons, beaches, and bays and looks like it has enough social life.

If you would like to read about traveling in Hawaii then you should visit this Hawaii Travel Blog for more information.

You know I guess the ultimate Hawaii dream vacation would be to tour all of the islands without worry about cost.

Another delivery to Altus

Well right now were waiting on a check from a lady in Tennessee that we sent a case to and tomorrow we deliver 3 cases to Old Post Winery in Altus. Old post is one of 4 Winery's there. All 4 winery's are our customers. There is Mount Bethal, Chateau Aux Arc , Wiederkehr Wine Cellars and Restaurant, and Cowie Wine Cellars and Bed and Breakfast.

I live to eat at Wiederkehr's restaurant. Its in one of there old wine cellars with heavy hand hewn very old wooden timbers on the walls. The ceiling is covered with grapevines string in white Christmas lights and there are wine bottles on the tables with candles in them. The wax has dripped all over the wine bottles. There's also a very old stone fireplace in the middle of the dinning room. Its very cozy in the wintertime.

Chateau Aux Arc has gone green. Her winery also includes a lovely two story house situated in the middle of her beautiful vineyards available for short term rental and I believe she is also building a bed and breakfast on the property. She has a beautiful gift shop and its worth visiting if your in the area.

I was going to go down there and pick grapes this year (not for money I just wanted the experience) but unfortunately the late frost we had destroyed everyones grape crops. from what I understand it hasn't hurt the winery's to bad since they had several vintages on hand to keep them in business.

Our trip tomorrow will probably include lunch and Kelts Irish pub. We love to eat there and stop every chance we get. There isn't a website for Kelts but I did find this You Tube Video.

Kona vacation rental

The Islands of Hawaii is sometimes called the Orchid Isles or the Volcano Isles. The Big Island of Hawaii is divided in half by three volcanoes, Hualalai, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa. To the east is the Hilo side which is the windward side of the island, and to the west is the Kona side which is the leeward side of the island. The weather and ocean conditions can be vastly different on each side of the island depending on the time of year and the predominant trade winds. The Big Island is large and diverse, boasting 11 of the world's 13 climate zones. Because the mountains block the northeasterly trade winds, the Kona side of the island gets very little rain and enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. For this reason you would have to be having very poor luck to find your vacation rainy if visiting there. However for this reason its probably not going to be as lush as the other islands.

You won't have any trouble finding Kona vacation rentals. There are just as many here as there are on the other islands such as the Kauai Vacation Rentals. If your interested in checking out the Kona Travel Blog be sure and check out the link.


Well it seems I have made some progress on my diet. I put on a pair of pants that were to small last time I put them on. They have a snap front and everytime isat down the snap came undone,plus the waist cut intop me in away I have never liked. Today I put them on to run into town real quick and take Bear his knee brace and low and behold not only do they not come unsnapped when I sit down but they also feel pretty comfortable.

I was so motivated by this that I've been sticking to low calorie dieting all day and did an hour and a half of cross country hiking (which is essentially just walking the path around my property in circles for an hour and a half, I live in the mountains so that counts) and after dinner I will still be 1800 calories short for the day. Thats basing it on 2000 calories a day and what I've burned and what I've eaten. Thats whats so cool about the online calorie counter. I can actually figure stuff up like that.

Debt Consolidation

Credit card Dept is a big problem for a lot of people. Sometimes people with a lot of credit card debt have had a lot of bad things happen to them that they had to put on credit cards and it just kept piling up and piling up. My mother in law had just such a situation happen. After years and years of perfect credit she suddenly found her husband with no job and his 401K gone. They lived of there homes equity and when that ran out they lived on credit cards until they could no longer pay them. She ended up going out and getting a job after years of being a stay at home wife (notice I didn't say mother).

Unfortunately for those that seek Credit Card Debt Help its not always the answer. There are a lot of people out there that simple cannot manage there debt and eve after Credit Card Debt Consolidation they still should not have credit cards because there going to find themselves worse off than when they started.

If your interested in debt consolidation for credit cards then you may want top look into the Debt Settlement Company.

At long last a baked fish recipe i like

I grew up eating fish all of the time. I can't understand why some people don't like it. My only guess is they didn't eat it much growing up. We ate wild fish as much or more than we ate things like Deer and Squirrel and rabbit.

I can eat fried catfish hot or cold and for any meal of the day and relish every bite. Unfortunately I can't seem to make it as good as my mother does even when I'm using her recipe. I found a recipe today for baked fish that i really liked and it only has 190 calories in it. Probably less because I always make my own breadcrumbs out of what or multi grain bread and the stuff you buy in the store is from white bread.

Recipe makes 4 and each piece only has 190 calories in it.

2 tbsp breadcrumbs (wheat or multi grain if you can get them)
1 tbsp Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp paprika
1 tsp dried or fresh basil
1tbsp butter (I also omitted the butter and it came out fine and once again probably lower in calories than the recipe states)

Combine all dry ingredients and coat fish thoroughly. Bake at 500 degrees for 10 minutes.

My fish fell apart a little bit after it thawed so I took the pieces and mashed them into a cake with the remaining bread crunbs and that was excellant too. better than the fish actually.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Online Yellow Pages

Did you ever think you would see the day when the yellow pages would be listed on the internet. I never thought it would happen but it has happened. To tell you the truth its actually a lot easier to go through the yellow pages online than it is in the book itself. You go to the link and click on a state, say Florida Yellow Pages or South Dakota Yellow Pages and then you click the Zip code your looking for. From there it comes up with such listing as Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants, Hotels, Beauty Salons & Services, Banks, Florists, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Movie Theaters, Dentists, Apartments, Pizza, Furniture Retailers, Attorneys, Asbestos Attorney, mesothelioma law firm, car accident attorney's and the list goes on and on and on. Its soo much easier to just go through that and see the individual listings after you click your category than to have to go through pages and pages of over sized ads. It can be pretty hard to find what your looking for simply because of all of the distracting ads. Although I am sure it will hurt the people that are paying for the ads because it means less people will be seeing those ads.

Marie Antoinette

I saw a really good movie today. It was Marie Antoinette. It was a good movie but what a sad lady. Well I mean her short life wasn't all that bad. After all she did lead a pretty extravagant lifestyle but still kind of sad. I looked her up on Wikipedia after the movie. She was married at 15 and everyone was upset because it took her so long to produce an heir. I'll have to read up on her further later.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Website traffic

If you have a website then you know all about what its like to want more website traffic. More and more and more. After all the more traffic you have the better chance you have that your website is going to make more money. At least that what your hoping for. Sometimes you can get the wrong kind of traffic and end up with a whole lot of used up bandwidth and no money at all for all your efforts. You need to make sure that you attract the right kind of traffic to keep this from happening.

At they can help you with website optimization that will help to attract more website traffic and the right kind of website traffic to your site. The kind thats interested in what your site has to 0ffer. Who knows with a little help with your website optimization you may become the next internet millionaire. Hey it could happen, ha ha.


My parents and I were discussing the fires in California and we also got onto the subjects of there mudslides while we were at it. I mentioned that I felt like the way California had been developed might have a lot to do with both disaster. The following in an article from tree hugger reguarding the same subject.

Steve Erie is director of the Urban Studies and Planning Programming at the University of California San Diego. He is writing a book: Paradise Plundered, explaining how the hills around San Diego got developed.

Erie says that "Developers own most of the city councils. In Poway, in Escondido, what they do is put homeowners in harm's way. They're able to control zoning processes, and they're frequently behind initiatives that say no new taxes, no new fire services. It's insanity." "Politicians here have never met a developer they didn't like. It's a company town and it is largely run by the building industry and local politicians do their bidding."

Meanwhile, the builders don't build any more fire protection than they have to because people aren't willing to pay for it.

Around Los Angeles, researchers have found that about two-thirds of new building in Southern California over the past decade was on land susceptible to wildfires, said Mike Davis, a historian at the University of California at Irvine and author of a social history of Los Angeles.

"It gives you some parameters for understanding the current situation," Davis said. "Another way to look at it is you simply drive out the San Gorgonio Pass, where the winds blow over 50 mph over a hundred days a year and you have new houses standing next to 50-year-old chaparral.

"You might as well be building next to leaking gasoline cans.

Back in San Diego, former fire chief Jeff Bowman is nervous. According to the LA Times, Bowman works as a consultant to fire departments and municipalities. With 16 years as chief in Anaheim and four in San Diego before quitting over staffing and resource issues, he's got strong opinions on San Diego's long, proud culture of skimping on services to keep taxes low.

Although the city of San Diego has a fire department, the county doesn't, leaving many suburban and rural areas to rely on volunteer departments. The city has but one firefighting helicopter and just 975 firefighters for 330 square miles and 1.3 million residents.

Compare that, he says, with San Francisco, which has 1,600 firefighters for 60 square miles and 850,000 people.

"San Diego practices the biggest don't-tax-me campaign I've seen," says Bowman, a proud, lifelong Republican. Fine, he says, don't raise taxes. But reevaluate how money is spent and redistribute it to public safety.

This is just my opinion but wouldn't it make sense to build a home that can't be easily destroyed by fire. Dirt doesn't burn to well, neither does concrete.


There is more land for sale near here. They just sold 4 acres of Pine higher up on Mill creek. of course as soon as the property was sold they sold all of the pine off of it leaving bent damaged scraggly hardwood. I assume there going to clean up the property and sell it in 2 residential lots. Thats what a lot of people have been doing out this way. They recently cleared a bluff lot on Mill Creek and found the remains of an old Pioneer cabin. Well they found the old stone foundation. The timbers were long gone.

Another day

The chaperoning of the Halloween party went fine. We left when some of the girls left (since the girls were the reason we were there in the first place) .

its suddenly occured to me that Coyote had me running around all afternoon for a lab coat and a cane for his costume and he didn't even wear it tonight! He is supposed to be Dr House from the series House. I never found a lab coat. I ended up with scrubs.

Friday, October 26, 2007 is a free dating site that offers a lot of features that other dating sites don't offer. First of all it truly is a free site. There are no hidden costs or anything. Its not going to ask you to pay 50 dollars when you try and view the profile of someone your interested in like a lot of other sites do. It also offers free phone chat, free live chat, and blogs on site for your viewing and dating pleasure as well.

My Boring Life

Its now dark outside and I am just about finished for the day. I could have been finished a lot longer but I've been moping around for most of the afternoon contemplating how boring my life has become lately. Mouse is at my moms house and Coyote is at Nicks planning the Halloweeny party that I'm supposed to help chaperone this year and don't really want to. But there will be candy there.

You know I haven't picked up Mouse's sweater in a few days. I should probably get started on that again. is an internet marketing news and tips blog full of all sorts of interesting articles about those very subjects. Its full of such articles as analytics, AOL, Apple, Blog Marketing, Brand Management, Communications, eBay, Google, Landing Page Optimization, Lead Generation, Microsoft, Other Marketing Related, Search Engine Optimization, Site Design, Technology, Traffic Building, and Yahoo.

Just random things popping into my head

Ok so here I sit with a fresh (its not really fresh its just hot, I reheated it in the microwave) cup of coffee wondering why I bothered looking up Biscotti recipes when I am clearly to lazy to get up and make them, lol.

There isn't anything interesting on TV tonight. Probably a bunch of law and order reruns that I've seen before. I cant find any good movies and I have looked but its all crap I have seen several times before.

Internet Marketing

Marketing anything on the internet is soooo not easy, neither is site optimization. Its actually very very challenging to get a decent search engine page ranking. This blog got one simply because I write about earth bag construction and I am one of the few that does. So did two of my other blogs on blogger. I found out very fast that its not so easy with other sites. is a blog about internet marketing. its marketing and news and tips and definitly worth the time to read if your interested in that sort of thing.


I can remember not to long ago i did an internet search looking for Biscotti recipes. Biscotti are crisp Italian cookies often containing nuts or flavored with anise. Traditionally, biscotti are made by baking cookie dough in two long slabs, cutting these into slices, and reheating them to dry them out. There usually sold in the USA in coffee shops and dipped in coffee. I don't know if thats what they were originally ment for but there pretty good dipped in coffee and I had a sudden craving for them.

Today I did a search again expecting to find the same old boring tired recipe and was pleasantly surprised to find several websites containing lots and lots of different kinds of biscotti recipes.

Everyday Randomness

I'm more than just a blog writer, I'm a reader also. I love to read blogs. If you haven't noticed I have a nice long blog list with lots of blogs related to this very same subject. For some reason when I do an internet search I find I am only listen in 9 blog lists.

One blog I enjoy reading on a regular basis is Everyday Randomness. Its not about any specific subject at all, its simply a blog about everyday random events or thoughts or what ever the case may be in the writers life. This is the kind of blog I like to read the best. Its also very entertaining and a very cute template.

The things we do

A friend of mine that is unusually smart but a little bit useless told me about this idea this guy had about colon cleanse. Apparently the way it worked is you took this powdered stuff for a period of time and then pooped one long continues plastic tube! I have since seen some things like this on the internet and its kind of disgusting. I guess it works. I don't think I'm ever going to do it. But it seems like there should be some sort of alternative to taking something that makes you poop a long plastic tube.

Luxury real estate

Last night I dreamed about Arizona luxury real estate. I have no idea why iwas dreaming about Arizona when I have never been there but I was. I was also dreaming about a party bear was planning for himself under a tent near an ocean that was shallow enough to be a kiddy pool and when I first done into it I was convinced it was and he had made a mistake.

In this dream someone I knew from high school (not really a friend)was building a house. It sat on top of a desert like hill and overlooked a lake shore. Not the whole lake, just the shore part of it. There was lots and lots of glass inside and it had a very modern look with some heavy rustic looking timbers in the ceiling. It was very grand and I was very jealous. After all she never was nice to me. She also built a house for her parents (they weren't really her parents because her mother was dead and she moved out of her fathers place when she was 16 and in with her husbands parents (they weren't dating at the time) so I guess they were actually his parents. I think things have been a little bit to boring lately.

No Motivation

Its another gray boring miserable day. The sky is dark gray and it refuses to rain. There doesn't seem to be any in the forecast either. Its chilly outside and the leaves haven't fully turned so there isn't a whole lot of color out there anyway. I am just in a crappy mood. I'm bored and grouchy and have no motivation. I feel sorry for everyone putting up with me today.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anne Please Email Me

Your email address has vanished from my email along with all of the other ones I had. I have no idea what happened. Can you please email me so I know you guys didn't get burned up in the fire.

Solar Bricks

I just read an article about Solar bricks. This is a new outdoor lighting thing that can be embedded right into a pathway. They are self contained waterproof and solar and use low wattage LED lights. Apparently 1 hour of direct sunlight can keep these charged for 3 days. This means that they might be chargeable in shade or dappled shade. My experiences with solar outdoor lighting have not been positive. I've found they don't stay charged long and are not really bright enough, but maybe with the LED lights this would be different.

More Website traffic

Getting traffic to a new website or any website for that matter can be a real challenge. Its a little bit easier with blogs I think. After all on blogs you can write articles and submit them and post on other peoples blogs and get your link out there making it a little bit easier. But for a standard website its a completely different story. I would love to have more website traffic. I don't know if it would help my income or anything like that but theres a possibility that it could.

With a growing number of websites being launched by businesses and individuals every single day in staggering numbers the only way to stay visible on the World Wide Web is through effective SEO. Strategic Optimization helps your site to obtain top rankings and thus enjoy more website traffic. That is the best way to get more website traffic. could probably give you the help you need.

The Cost of Food and Fuel

This is another article from tree hugger about the cost of oil and food and people who are finding it difficult to cope with the two. I'm not poor but I'm not rich either and I am feeling the crunch of food costs. We have been for a while. It still makes me really mad to go to the grocery store and spend 130 dollars and come home with only the basics.

It is hardly a revelation, but according to Jacques Diouf, the director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), currently escalating food and energy prices could bring about political instability and riots in developing nations – a situation that is presently being played out in some African countries such as Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea and in Yemen and Mexico.

Already, the FAO’s food price index now stands at its highest levels since its records started in 1990 and has increased 70 percent since 2000. That is a troubling amount, considering that around 2 billion people worldwide live on less than $2 a day, with much of their income being spent on basic necessities such as food.

"If food prices continue to be high, there are risks of riots,” Diouf cautioned on Wednesday, during a London meeting to talk with foreign office and aid officials. "If you combine the increase of the oil prices and the increase of food prices, then you have the elements of a very serious crisis in the future."

The world’s poor are the most vulnerable to price fluctuations in such commodities – in addition, many of the world’s developing nations also depend on imports of crude oil, which is now trading at near record high prices. It seems that now, next to the rising need for food, even food aid is becoming too expensive to be any solution at all.

Soaring costs are being attributed to shrinking supplies, rising production costs due to higher energy prices, adverse and unpredictable weather (likely due to global warming), rapid economic growth (with its attendant problems of environmental exploitation and degradation) and a growing demand for biofuels.

In the short-term, Diouf said that the current situation is detrimental to the U.N.’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals to halve global poverty. However, he stated that if food output was bolstered along with investments to develop rural infrastructure for alternative energy, agriculture and water, it could help moderate the impacts of rising costs.

Truck racks

I don't have a truck. I haven't had a truck since I divorced my ex husband. He took the truck. I didn't realize how difficult it was to live without one before that, it certainly can make life a lot easier. He didn't have a truck rack in his though. he didn't really have a need for one since he wasn't handy in "anything".

I didn't realize just how many truck racks there were until I took a look at They offer Flatbed Truck Racks, Pickup Truck Racks, Ladder Racks, Van Racks, Utility Bodies and Rack Accessories from Amer-Rac, Cross Tread, Kargo Master and a lot more.


Shopping carts can be very tricky to someone who isn't used to dealing with them, like myself. I wasted an entire weekend once trying to set one up and finally just gave up. I haven't tried to do anything with it since. I don't have time for anything extra anyway.

Ashop Commerce provides a turn-key Ecommerce solutions with revolutionary onlineshopping cart software. It is the worlds easiest to use web based administrations with award winning features allows the merchant to build an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful sites for a simple, low monthly fee. That would work perfectly for what I’m looking for. I don’t mind paying a low monthly fee and I certainly need something that easier to use than what my hosting service offers. I certainly won't waste another weekend trying to set the darn thing up or any other service for that matter.
There's supposed to be rain at some point today. I haven't checked the weather yet myself but I remember reading about it. The skies are blue right now though. Bright blue. Painfully blue. So blue it hurts your eyes to look at it. Its getting colder now and its way past time for me to start pulling out my long sleeves. I'm just not really in the mood to do so. The turning leaves outside are getting more and more positive about it every day. I've turned the heat on twice already (still turning it off during the day) and we lit a fire for the first time on Tuesday. That reminds me I need to clean the ashes out. It burned all day long and I'm sure that tiny little fireplace is full of ashes.

I burned my thumb this morning on my coffee cup. When I bought the new set it said Microwavable but not Microwave safe. These dishes get very hot in the microwave. Its not like the stuff you can just reach in and pull out with your bare hands. If you do that with these plates and bowls and cups they will burn you.

Last night I dreamed about Harry Potter and my kitchen. Only the kitchen in this dream wasn't my kitchen. This one was a lot like the kitchen in my old house. Both of them face north so there is always a kind of blueness to the light in there. They both had white cabinets. My old one had black counters and white linoleum floors and white pinstriped wallpaper. It sounds stark and bare but it was in fact very beautiful. Any color I put in it popped and I decorated it in black red and white and green. In this dream this kitchen looked like that without the decorations and it was bigger. There was a gas stove in it and bear kept moving the stove around and the microwave.

As far as the Harry Potter part of my dreams he died, lol. He had a grave on top of the roof of the old Junior High in town,. lol. I haven't seen one of those movies or read a book since the last one came out. I have no idea where that came from.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Clothing

I love to wear beautiful clothes. I can't afford to buy them new, at least not the kind I want so I buy them at garage sales. I'm a very careful shopper and try to only buy things that are beautiful, will be comfortable, and have a good quality name brand since these tend to last longer. There is a couple of online clothing store that I really like. Not many. I am very picky about those too.

Even when I'm done with my clothing I still donate it to the good will so it can be used. Most of those people donate those clothes as well when there done with them so I know that these clothes will probably enjoy a long active life before being thrown away.


I have seen two rainbows over the last two weeks. Two very vivid ones. Today I decided to combine my cross country hiking exercise and meditation since my meditation area is near the trail I walk on in the woods. The sun was starting to set. It rained most of last night and today and the colors in the leaves are getting more vivid. The sweet gums and maples looked like fire when the golden light shone through them and that eerie yellow light was cast over everything. I like that eerie yellow light.

I hit the trail and started walking. I noticed the rainbow on my third round. I was at 29.5o minutes and decided to go ahead and go to my meditation spot. I stood on the hillside and watched the golden light slowly leave the tree covered hills and enjoyed the rainbow that cut right through the middle of the view in front of me.

I've looked up rainbow symbolism and got several meanings. There is a promise that won't be broken, unattainable wealth, and new beginnings.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Teakwood Furniture

I've never really had the expensive lawn furniture. I get the cheap stuff from Wal-mart. Actually all I had for a long time were those cheap white plastic chairs. One year I got a really nice glass top table with basket weave chairs. I still have it. Its sitting on my cedar deck out front. It doesn't look as good as it used to though. From what I have been told (I've never really done a lot of research on lawn furniture) teak garden furniture is the best you can get. Iron furniture is below that.

Teakwood Patio is one of the best suppliers of teak benches and teak tables. Its really beautiful stuff and definitly worth checking out. They have teakwood chairs to of course. Looking at there pictures makes me think of Hawaii. I've never been there so I don't know why it would make me think that. I can see why teakwood is so popular. Its not only rot resistant but its also very beautiful.
Well I guess the calorie counter and the mild exercise is working because when I lost my water retention this morning my waist was a little bit tinier than before and my belly bulge a lot smaller. I've only been using the calorie counter for 3 weeks and I've had days where I really didn't stay under my calorie goal anyway so I can't complain to much. The point is its slowly going down, not up.

Did you know that romaine lettuce has twice as many calories in it than red leaf does. 1 cup of red leaf lettuce has 4 calories in it and a cup of romaine has 8 calories in it. Even though the dressing really has more calories in it than anything. I've been using French because its lower calorie than ranch which is what I was eating. Its homemade though so its not low fat or low calorie at all. I'm going to buy some low calorie dressing when I go to the grocery store next time though. There is a 100 calorie difference in the low cal and the regular.

I'm still going over on my protein most days though. I'm probably still eating way to much meat.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 is a new site and its similar to blogging. The big difference is that there is a map involved. You can look at different spots on this map and see things written by people in that area. I don't know of any other blogging site that does that. Thats pretty unique. Its kind of cool too if your looking to read things written by people in your area or maybe in a specific area. There was a period where I wanted to read things written by people in countries like Tasmania. I could just find places like that on this map. The icon they have representing people is really cute. Its a little Icon similar to what msn messenger uses. It sits on the map and bounces up and down and waves its little blue arms as if to say "Look at me look at me".

A quiet afternoon

Bear says we will get the forms for the wood on Tuesday or Wednesday when he's off again. whatever. He will have to do it eventually because he knows I'm not going to quit bugging him about it. I didn't get much done today. Some vacuum cleaner salesman from church talked him into letting him come over and demonstrate. It was supposed to be an air freshener but it wasn't it was a vacuum cleaner that also worked like an air freshener. Basically it was a rainbow vacuum with a different name and a few alterations. It was also supposed to be only an hour and we ended up running him off after an hour. We were tires after that.

Bear made dinner and then fell asleep for several hours. I took a walk in the woods and enjoyed the changing leaves the way they looked in the light of the setting sun. There's just enough color to hint of fall, still.

Hot Tubs

One of the many things my husband wants really bad that he can't have is a hot tub. I love hot tubs too but they do require extra electricity and water to run not to mention chemicals to go in them.

We know several people that have them and we can usually find someone who will let us come for a soak when the mood strikes us (which is usually after a lot of yard work). Kathy's hot tub has colored lights in the bottom. They switch colors from red to yellow to green blue turquoise white, red. Iits very cool. Although some of the colors look a little bit creepy.
Its another day. It doesn't look like I'm going to get my forms this weekend either. Well, I've been working on that pile of construction waste the past few days and I've found I'm really eager to get through the whole thing anyway. I am frustrated not to be able to get work done on the house but I want to get this done too. I'm making pretty good progress.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Those cool new TV's

Those new flat screened TV's are soo cool. My husband has made me promise that we use some of our coming tax return to get him one. he can get a big screened LCD from work for 1300 dollars. He has wanted one for years so I'm going to say ok. That is of course as long as the water to the new house gets turns on also.

You certainly can't hide something like that in a TV Armour can you. But its cool that they can be mounted to the wall like that and you don't have to sit them on a piece of furniture. The variety of audio racks is kind of astounding.

Sustainability in Communities

Here is another excellant article from tree hugger highlighting anew idea for sustainability. I do love the look of this community (although I personally prefer not to live in a community. I don't seem to be readily accepted in most circles. maybe its because I am a witch or maybe because I am a little bit of a loner and prefer to hang back on a crowd and not speak). Its probably because I'm a loner by nature. Anyway, here is the article from tree hugger. I didn't cut and paste this one. Its late and I didn't feel like messing with it so here's the link.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paxil Lawsuit

You may or may not have heard of this but information has recently surfaced that proves that newborn PPHN (persistent puliminary hypertension disorder) is being caused by pregnant mothers who were given Paxil for depression during there pregnancy.

I believe there is a lawsuit developing so if your baby was born with this and you took Paxil while you were pregnant you need to contact Paxil Attorneys California for information on how to get involved.

It really makes me angry that we keep seeing these lawsuits pop up. If these drugs are going to do this kind of damage they shouldn't be allowed on the market. I always through our government was supposed to regulate that sort of thing. Yet we even see damaging over the counter crap coming on the market too. At least there are lawyers holding these people responsible. I think I remember seeing an advert for some kind of special they were doing on the governments failure in this area.

Do it Yourself Swimming Pools

The last post I did inspired me to look up do it yourself swimming pools. I know someone who did there own pool and its not level, but I guess since he isn't selling he won't care.

I didn't find any books on do it yourself swimming pools but I did find this book about natural swimming pools. This is a self balanced natural swimming pools filtered by plants and fish and this is what I'm planning on doing. But I know my husband wants a regular one. Maybe he will change his mind when he swims in it.

Swimming Pool Tiling

Can you imagine how much time it must take to do swimming pool tile. Its usually Mosaic tile and that stuff is so expensive to do. Plus its time consuming even when it does come in those pre done sheets like it does. Maybe they make bigger ones for swimming pools. I do think Mosaic tile are pretty. My aunt had one once. She lived in a house that was made to look like a chalet in the woods and it had a pool in the back with mosaic tile on it. They sold it a long time ago though.

I think your better off doing swimming pool resurfacing and going with concrete or tile when you put it in rather than trying to do one of those plastic liners. Another friend of mine has had a pool for 10 years and they've replaced the liner twice.

My husband knows someone who has a stainless steel pool. That would be really net.

There is a website called and they do pool tiling and resurfacing. we know how all of that chlorine can take a toll on a pool

Baby fishies

You know those fall leaves are really starting to show today. There's lots of golden yellow in those leaves outside.

I went to feed the fish this morning and some of the babies are getting a little braver and coming up to the surface to eat, but not enough of them. I still haven't gotten a good look at the fish I now know to be a full blooded KOI.

I thought about selling them but I think I'll probably just give them away. Last time I talked to Audrey at Chateau Aux Arc she mentioned something about having had a large pond dug. I think I will ask her if she wants some.

Reverse Auctions

Now I have never heard of aReverse Auction before. I've heard about reverse mortgages and I don't really agree with them. I think once your home is paid off you should keep it that way but who am I to judge.

This is how a Reverse Auction works. You initiate the auction by sending out purchasing specifications that detail what you want to buy at the time. Suppliers compete against each other in Web-based, real-time auctions to win your business, driving down the price in the process. Hmm, I don't really understand how thats any different from a regular auction. Maybe its because your not actually listing it on an auction site or anything so you save auction fees. I guess that way you will know if anyone is actually going to buy what you have before you waste time and money putting it up for sale. does outsourcing for this sort of thing and you might consider having them do it for you and saving some time.

Fall Background Picture

I guess its a little bit late to start decorating my desktop for Halloween but I did find this picture on it looks very autumish. You know when your out walking in the woods and it gets dark sooner than you expect. it has that blue twilight light to it. I can feel the coat hugged around my and cold fingers and toes.

Fighting the Flu

The weather is turning colder today. I was in a chat room this morning and some people from Ireland and Scotland said that its going to be below Zero for them tomorrow. I can't even begin to imagine temperatures that cold. Flu season is creeping up on us. I don't usually get flu shots. I just don't feel comfortable doing it. I usually get the flu because my kids bring it home to me and I treat it with time and comfort food and echinacea. Although I've been hearing so much about colloidal silver lately that I might try and use that this winter. Colloidal silver is yet another anti viral that mother nature has provided us. Hopefully if you keep you immune system healthy then you won't have to worry about the flu. But sometimes it happens anyway.

Cooking over a camp fire

I love to cook over a campfire. Its rustic and wild and natural and it just so happens that I came across a whole bunch of campfire recipes today. There was even one here for cooking a chicken over a fire in an old coffee can. The fireplace I have here in the house is to small to do that sort of cooking but I am going to make the new one large enough to do some cooking in.

Campfire recipes

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A volcano under a glacier

A friend of mine told me about this. This volcano is actually under a glacier. She says when ever it erupts all of the rivers overflow and wash out the roads. Its just so neat to think the two of these exist together. Sigh. This is probably one of those things I will never see. well maybe when I'm dead. I think I might travel before I get reincarnated.

I wonder how this person is doing

I wonder sometimes if our ex friend Joan ever got in drug rehabilitation. she was so thin and wasted away looking last time I saw her. The fact that she has resorted to stealing prescription drugs from her friends is pretty sad. I can't believe she took 6 muscle relaxers last time she was here. we couldn't understand why she couldn't hold on to anything. Not her glass not her cigarette's. she kept insisting it was the nerves in her back. it was because she took stole 6 of Dennis's muscle relaxers and took them all at once. Then she drank vodka.

Those Mountain Lake Subdivisions.

On my long drive through the mountains today I ran across one of those subdivisions with the luxury homes in them. I have to admit I am a little bit jealous of these houses. Not because I don't want to live in my earth bag homes and not because I don't think they can be just as luxurious but because I am sick to death of living in this mobile home. Standard homes lack a heavy "fixed" feeling that mobile homes lack. I noticed that when we first moved it. I found it comforting at the time because it was supposed to be temporary. But not anymore. I'm totally over it.

An excellant dating site for single men.

I've written about this website before but I feel the need to write about it again. This website is designed for men who have a very hard time getting a date. its got some of the most informative information I have ever seen. There not just telling you as bunch of crap on this site either. These are really good suggestions for single men to use. You see to many men these days are trying to be the "nice guy". Women don't want men who are "nice" we want the Alpha Male. You don't have to be a jerk or anything but you should attempt to act a certian way to get the ladies attention so she can at least get the chance to know you.

You know I once dated a man who apologized constantly for everything. That was so irritating. I just wanted to yell "Will you please grow a freaking backbone". But I'm to polite for that.

The information on this site will definitly help you become a much better pick up artist. That obviously should be your main goal. But there is no need to cling to the first woman that comes along simple because you can't believe someone paid attention to you for a change.

Some men are concerned about being fake but the thing is you have to know how to get a girlfriend before she can get to know the real you in the first place. This website, the Modern will teach you how to approach women better than any other book or website I have ever come across.

The reason I know this is because my ex husband was very insecure. It displayed a lot of anti social behavior as well. He bought all sorts of books about dating and how to meet girls. I found them in his room when I was looking for something to read and I read them. Most of them were certainly nothing that would get my attention. The only thing that attracted me to him when I met him was his body builder body and his long blond ponytail. don't let that phase you though. I was young and naive and thought his personality would go with his body. I divorced him an remarried an example of the Alpha male that was so overweight he looked as though he could have been 8 months pregnant, lol.

A drive through the mountains

These are pictures from my trip. The story is below. This is the sunset I saw on the way back home. I was crossing Dardanelle lake. You can see Nuclear 1 in the background. That was the very first Nuclear plant to be built in the United states. This is an old bridge. I don't know where it goes, but I think it looks so pretty down in that little valley.
This is an old railroad bridge next to it.
This is a court house in one of the towns i drove through. its made with native Limestone and probably about 100 years old. That Limestone really seems to stand the test of time
The buffalo river. I wanted a picture from he bridge but I was afraid to walk out on it.
I saw this rainbow at a gas station after the rain.

I am sooo freaken tired right n ow. I drove a delivery up to Mountain Home for bear today. He was at work and it was money to put back into savings so I made the delivery. I don't usually mind since its a nice drive through the mountains but I prefer it not to be so foggy that I can't see 10 feet in front of my car. I got breakfast at McDonald's before I left town so about 30 minutes into my trip I had to pee really really bad. I had no idea where the nearest town with a gas station was (there are a lot of towns without them in the mountains). I have no problem going to the bathroom on an isolated dirt road but I couldn't find one of those either. When I thought I had one a house would pop out of the fog and when I did see them I managed to wiz right past them. I finally found one.

It was hardly a road at all. More like two ruts in the grass going down the side of a mountain but it looked smooth enough for my ground hugging Corolla. After I did what I had to do I heard the sounds of water running (and although my bladder was full enough for it to have been it wasn't me) . There was a mountain stream down a steep slope next to the road. I stood there for a moment next to my car and just listened to the rustle of leaves, the gurgling of the stream and the sounds of birds and felt all of the stress just melt away.

I walked down the road a little ways and came across a very crude bridge the property owners had made ( there was a house on a grassy hill on the other side). It looked as though the owners put down some of those hard rubber tubes and then had concrete poured over the top of them. when it became semi hard he just ran his truck back and form over it to pack it down while it hardened the rest of the way. There were several sets of the same tire tracks in the concrete. Chunks of concrete had broken off over time and been pushed further down stream. The pipes were not big enough and some of the water still ran over the top of the bridge. It was beautiful clear water. The same beautiful clear blue green that you find in all of the mountain streams.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Worcester Nursing Home

If your looking for a nursing home for a parent or relative in central Mass then you should consider Worcester Nursing Home. Knollwood is a nursing home not like any other Massachusetts Nursing Home. Every patients' dignity is respected and maintained throughout their long term care which is an important consideration when choosing a nursing home. Worcester Nursing Home is one of many MA Nursing Home that you will be considering but they have invited people to come by and visit there facilities for further inspection.

Worcester Nursing Home features and functions as an 82-bed nursing center and as an extensive and offer a state-of-the-art health care environment. More importantly, the highly skilled and dedicated staff at Knollwood focuses on providing each and every patient with a personal environment of care that fosters swift and successful recovery. They offer beautiful and bright airy, rooms that are configured for privacy with their beds arranged toe-to-toe instead of side-by-side. This gives every patient his or her own window with a view onto the landscaped grounds or into the beautiful sunny courtyard. This is done to enhance the well-being and independence and personal fulfillment of residents by providing excellent housing, health, wellness and supportive services consistent with the caring spirit of the founding churches. I can't think of to many nursing homes offer that much details to there care in MA Nursing Homes.

This has got to be the neatest thing I have come across in a while, non sponsered

I recently was shown this site by another blogger. What this site does it it allows you to borrow money or loan money to or from regular people just like you and me. I'm not looking to borrow money from anyone but I am looking for sources to invest small amounts of money. On this site you can invest as little as 50 dollars at a time. Credit scores, monthly income and expenses and all of that for the borrowers are listed. A loan is left open while groups of people put there bids in for small amounts. when the money is there to complete the loan its funded and then paid back over a 3 year period. Most of the loans I'e seen on the site are at 12%. I certainly don't get that kind of money letting the funds sit in my money market account. I wouldn't want to invest any money i wanted to be available though. I would just want to invest small amounts.

The largest amount you can borrow on the site is 25000 dollars so its not like your going to be able to fund a house or anything.

Free Online Mortgage Calculator

Shopping for a home and considering the responsibility of taking on a mortgage can be a very frightening thing. The last thing you want to do is go house shopping without knowing for sure if you can afford the payment. To find the perfect home and then not be able to afford it would truly be heartbreaking. Its also important to consider your monthly insurance payment and taxes in this too but thats something you would have to calculate on your own. A Mortgage Payment Calculator won't figure that out for you. Its different for each state so you would have to figure out what yor own local taxes and insurance would be.

However I think its important for you to use a Free Mortgage Calculator online to figure out how much your monthly payments are going to be before you go house hunting. Its also wise to get pre approved by a local bank. It makes the whole process go a lot faster.


I don't feel good today. I'm depressed too. Maybe its a hormonal thing, who knows why. It will probably go away eventually. It always does. Why do hormones have to make us depressed like this. It really really sucks. i would rather be happy./

Massage geeks

I can certainly think of much nicer things to call Massage Therapist but this website does just that. its essentially a blog for Massage Therapists or those who want to be massage therapists. You will find the following categories within the site: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cranial Sacral,Featured,Geriatric Clients, Massage Business, Massage Oils & Lotions, Massage Tables & Accessories, Massage Therapy School, Neuromuscular, Prenatal Massage, and Therapist Support.

This appears to be a very informative source of information for anyone in the massage business or who might be looking at getting into the business. My son and my daughter have both expressed an interest in going into this kind of business. I may point my son in this direction for some educational reading.

I don't know how many articles there are total on the site as there isn't anyplace to look for a list of individual articles so I guess you would just have to go through and look through each category if you wanted to take full advantage of the information there..

I found two articles in particular to be very interesting. one about oils verses lotions and the other about the history. Both were pretty entertaining to me.

Autumn Approaches

The leaves outside of my office window are slowly starting to turn. A limb fell sometime today down in the gravel and when I went to pick it up and the leaves were greenish red. Between being red and green. I've noticed some of the hickory trees have a yellow ting to them too. It won't be much longer now. Soon the forest will be alive with the colors of autumn. Its just a pity that it doesn't last longer. But winter is not exactly without color. Just a differently kind. Winter is full of silvers and grays and rusty browns and pale blues. The woods in winter seem to have a shine to them. At least I think so.

IndieMV helps to Combat Aids in children

IndieMV, is an indie music video based social network and has joined forces with UNICEF to combat the scourge of AIDS among our planets children. IndieMV - Music+Peoplecan help to show the impact that one individual can have on the world.

The youth video contest can be found on and provides video clips, images and music tracks that contestants can edit into their own personal statement about the impact of AIDS. Some of the prizes for this include a trip to a concert in Montreal, iPods, Wii's, Best Buy gift certificates, and much more. The UNICEF concert features Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Corneille, and Angelique Kidjo and will take place on November 28th at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Press Release Launches and Partners With UNICEF for Upcoming, Star-Studded, 'Unite Against AIDS' Benefit Concert

Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan and Others to Perform at UNICEF AIDS Benefit Concert as IndieMV Provides Music-Video Based Contests to Promote Awareness

NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IndieMV Media Group announced today the official launch of the Company's web site and shared details about their recent partnership with UNICEF to provide music-video based contests surrounding the upcoming "Unite Against AIDS" benefit concert on November 28, 2007., is a video-based website that has been designed to connect independent music artists, fans, and labels through social networking. The website is not only a video marketplace for musicians but also a social networking service for students, music lovers, and users that simply want to connect. Services to users are based around networking tools such as video blogging (or 'vlogging'), private web-cam messaging, photo sharing, as well as access to music videos, interviews, and much more. Services to musicians include digital distribution with revenue share on video downloads along with access to all user-based features.

IndieMV also offers users a new technology called 'Sliders'. Sliders are an advanced tagging system that allows users to easily search content on a more personalized level. It is a filtering system that each user can customize to their personal interests and preferences.

Concurrent with the website launch, the Company is also pleased to announce their new relationship with UNICEF surrounding music-video based contests that have been organized to help promote their upcoming "Unite Against AIDS" benefit concert in Montreal, Canada on November 28, 2007, as well as promote independent music while spreading awareness for the "Unite For Children, Unite Against AIDS" campaign. IndieMV will be hosting a music-video contest in conjunction with UNICEF. It has been designed to give youth the opportunity to share their impressions and thoughts on issues regarding AIDS and its effect on the world. UNICEF will provide audio tracks and visual footage, and IndieMV will provide the platform for uploading, viewing, and voting for the music videos. Over the next couple of months, the Company's campus development efforts will carry the UNICEF message and encourage thousands to support the campaign and to build their scene on

Confirmed feature performers already include headliner Avril Lavigne, Grammy Award winner Sarah McLachlan, Corneille, Marie-Mai, Angelique Kidjo, and DJ Dino Lenny, as well as the winner of the IndieMV "Unite" band contest. Net proceeds from the concert will benefit UNICEF's international 'Unite For Children, Unite Against AIDS' campaign, which is the largest ever mounted to bring the world's attention to the global impact of HIV and AIDS on children and young people. Please visit for more details surrounding the contests and concert.

My Poor Frantic Dog

The kids had some firecrackers left over from the 4th and we all know how dogs hate firecrackers. Well my poor old Pyrenees Commodore was outside. He spends a lot of time outdoors when the weather gets cooler. I had the office window cracked. They started shooting off the fireworks and about 15 seconds later I hear this crashing sound next to me. I thought maybe the tree behind the house finally fell and it fell outside my window but then I looked to see muddy paw prints on the window. Poor Commodore was terrified and trying to throw himself through the window. I guess he thought that since it was open a little bit he could force his big 130 lb + body the rest of the way through it.

I rushed to the door to let him in and he ran and hid under my desk where he whined and cried until I went outside and made the kids quit shooting them off. Its kind of cute seeing a dog that big so terrified over something as silly as firecrackers.

Donate to Charity with Reward Points

Coutts bank is offering reward points on its credit cards to its millionaire jet-set clients. There doing this in order to help them jet around the world that little bit cheaper than they already are. If I were a millionaire I don't know if that would really matter to me. But you know if i won the lottery I would probably still be a huge tight wad anyway. I think its tattooed into my brain at this point.

They don't have to use the points provided by Coutts Bank. Thats a nice advantage. Instead they can also use the points to donate to the charity of there choice Courtesy of Coutts. I bet those donations would be tax deductible as well.

A story about moose and traffic

This is not my story but a story I found on the internet. But it was entertaining enough that I felt it should be passed on. I hope you enjoy it. Its a good read.


Mother moose have been using the traffic around National Parks to shield their young from hungry grizzlies... In fact, the ten year study at Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park indicates that non-pregnant females tend to shy away from roadways, and that in areas without bears, even the pregnant ones stay away. Only pregnant or new mothers hang out near traffic until their young are old enough to run.

Apparently, the recent reintroduction of grizzlies to the area has led to the change in birthing behaviors. With some pregnant females giving birth as close as 50 yards from a major highway. But as time goes on, the expectation of the study's authors is that the bears will become increasingly bold, hunting for young calves right alongside the whizzing vehicles.

Intriguingly, the study contrasts with a similar one done in Alaska's Denali National Park. But that study's author points out that it's most likely due to the long term association of people, bears, roads, and moose in Denali which leads both moose and bears to be largely indifferent to roadways there.

Both authors agree that we have previously underappreciated the degree to which the design of the infrastructure necessary to accomodate the millions of visitors to our National Parks has led to changes in the dynamics between predator and prey. Pointing out that's something we'll definitely need to take into greater account in the future.

Venice Apartments

One of the many places I would absolutely love to visit is Venice. The place where the streets are underwater. Actually from what I understood the streets are not completely underwater. Some of them are above water. But people float around the those beautiful Gondola things.

I would probably want to stay there for a long time knowing me and would be looking for Venice apartments and not hotel rooms. I can't imagine a more romantic historic or wonderful place to spend a month or maybe more. Its soo beautiful with the canals sparkling in the sun and the bridges and all of those perfect old buildings. From what I understand they have a festival there too that would be cool to visit.

Living walls

I love plants. They smell wonderful and they improve indoor air quality. My only complaint is I only have so many windows to hang pots from and only so much counter space to sit them. ELT living walls has found a solution for this though. I can totally see walls like this all over my Dome homes. There so cooool. Private ResidenceInterior Living Wall PanelsPrivate Residence
A lot of these examples look like there the perfect size to fit between wall studs.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ventless fireplaces

Sure, you've found the fireplace that you want, but you want to match the marble in your kitchen to the fireplace in your living room. Thanks to Agee Woodworks you can get marble, granite, and slate fireplace facing kits that will let you upgrade the look of your wood or ventless gas fireplaces with the stone facings that you want to match the rest of your house. They're experts at helping you to find the fireplace mantels, surrounds, facings, and cabinets that will give your fireplace the personal touch. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather go to for my fireplace needs, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way after you visit them. Check them out today and see if I'm not right.

Delicious and Nutritious

I can't think of a better way to reward my dog than with a treat that he'll love and is healthy. Bully sticks are a great way to give your dog all natural dog treats that they'll enjoy for hours, but that they can digest normally, unlike rawhide. It's great that these quality chews for dogs are both healthy and enjoyable for your dog. Thanks to Best Bully Sticks and their dog chews and treats my dog, and yours, can have a treat that's good for them and that they'll enjoy.

Something new to do in the morning and work at the same time

I'm looking forward to morning tomorrow. And its not just because I can have my traditional cup of coffee in the garden and enjoy the slow turn of the seasons either. Lately I've been logging into a chat sight that has video and mic chat rooms in it. You can type too. But I ran across this particular room that has a lot of Irish people in it. Its early evening there so there not on for a long time, but I can usually enjoy there beautiful accents until 11pm or so. Its nice to be able to sit there and check my emails and listen to them chat. I could listen to them talk all day.

Well this weekend I went and got some more make-up from my mother. I was out of blush and I needed base. Anyway I'm finally going to put my face on tomorrow when I get up and get on the mic and cam tomorrow. I've been a lurker until now and not really said much to anyone, but they've started commenting on that lately.

Mini Excavators

I don't like heavy equipment used in construction. Its loud and noise and belches black smoke and uses lots of fuel. But after hand digging the first part of my foundation I can appreciate it a little bit more. I would never have been able to do the kind of digging required to put in the Domes and still be able to walk afterward, lol.

It would be nice to be able to own one of those, it might be cheaper than paying someone to do the kind of work we wanted done. then again once we were finished what would we do with it. I think you can sometimes rent these things from Bobcat dealers. Then I wouldn't have to worry about getting parts for them when they break down or getting them fixed. You can however get these parts from if you do have one and you need to repair it.

Oooh my feet hurt.

Its been a long day. And the thing is I don't really felt like I did much. I made money today without a whole lot of effort. I did some laundry and some ironing. I even washed the sheets, lol.

I think I'm recovering from yesterday though. i had a couple of pieces of chocolate cake that Mouse made at my mothers and went out and walked for an hour and a half. My feet hurt so unbelievably bad when I got back. I was truly in agony. I just lay on the bed and rolled around and moaned and groaned. I didn't even bother taking a shower. I really need to get new running shoes.

A New World in Advertising

Its a new world in Advertising. Communication between consumers is no longer through word of mouth. A single person can reach thousand of people through a blog just like this one and discredit any brand name or website that offends them. its not the least bit difficult to discredit any company through a tangled web of blogs and bullitien boards and a number of other useful effective methods.

Consumers have a choice now and with the added power to shut your brand off, Tivo it away and trash it in their blog you want to make sure that you make the right choices when it comes to the money you spend in your advertising. The next generation of marketing is finally here and it requires companies to reach their target in truly innovative ways. Terralever practices the kind of sophisticated marketing that puts the web to work for you and creates a true dialigue between you and your customers. There are so many ways we can maximize your exposure and create the right introduction to customers, much more than just web site marketing and you want to make sure you utilize them in the most effective ways. Make this new technology work for you

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Off to go to the Garage Sales

Its another bright shiny fall day. It is a little bit chilly though so I'm wearing a shirt made for fall along with some black work out pants I bought last year. There the nice kind that are made of spandex but aren't tight. The shirt has those just below the elbow sleeves and its lime green with beads and sequins on the front. I haven't unpacked my winter clothe yet so my choices are kind of limited. I'm kind of hesitant to do so. I still need to clean my closet pretty bad and I have a lot of winer clothes. I would jut pack up my summer clothes but its not really cold enough to do that yet.

I'm off the search for Khaki slacks for Bear to wear to work.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Enjoy some fun in the Sun

It's hard not to have a good time when you're staying in a luxury Caribbean villa, but it's even harder if you're enjoying one of the St. Martin villas, Aruba villas or Anguilla villas from CVOA. With great views, pristine beaches, and all the comforts of home, I know you'll enjoy your vacation in any of these villas. Visit CVOA today and pick which villa is right for your next Caribbean vacation, I know you won't be disappointed.

Demolition by Stupidity

This story is another one off of tree hugger and its actually really very funny. I can only assume that a person would do this sort of thing out of complete panic. To understand what i mean you need to just read the story below. its really very funny.

Designated an historic structure, the Simcoe Hotel "was built in 1887 by Charles Ayre, who operated the facility as a small hotel which served the working-class neighbourhood “Riverside” (now part of Leslieville). The building is architecturally notable. It is a good example of a neighbourhood hotel that is distinguished by its pattern of brickwork, bay windows, and a corner entrance." Not noted in its designation is the fact that it was also famous as one of Toronto's first gay leather bars.

Yesterday a kid stole a truck; when the owner started chasing him he pulled his shirt over his head so that he couldn't be recognized. This compromised his vision somewhat so he crashed through the side of the historic hotel. Trying to excape from the truck to run away, he fell into the basement and had to be rescued by the fire department.

Heartwood Properties

Isn't it beautiful. This is Heartwood! A 330 acre mountain-top development with mountain views rising far above Watauga Lake bordering Tennessee and Boone, NC. Bordered by the pristine Cherokee National Forest and hiking distance from the Appalachian Trail. The great mother goddess herself could be living in these mountains. You will find both nc mountain real estate for sale and cabins for rent is this beautiful place. The leaves are already starting to turn as the wheel of the year turns so if your looking for a fall getaway consider a cabin rental while you shop for the perfect spot to build your dream home.

Solar Powered Gadget Charger

Here is another article found on tree hugger about yet another wonderful gadget that uses alternative power. Its so exciting to see new stuff coming out like this. You will find lots of other useful information on there site as well.

I've seen solar chargers before, and though sunshine on our shoulders makes us happy, it can't always be counted on to shine when we need it. Enter HYmini, an honest-to-goodness wind-powered charger for the list of small consumer electronics that have become familiar to alternative-energy-charging enthusiasts: iPods and mp3 players, cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. It's due in stores at the end of the month.

Strap it to your bike handlebars, hold it when you go for a jog, or stick it out the window in the car(pool) when you're driving down the road, and you may never have to plug your gadgets into the wall again. If that weren't enough, you can further extend its ability to harvest renewable energy with some optional solar panels.

House Plans

I love to look at house plans. I like to look at them even when I'm not shopping for a house or even planning to use them. Some home plans sites have house plans I would be embarrassed to feature though.

The House Plan offers only the best of the best house plans. All of their plans are top selling designs by North America's top selling architects and designers.

Since we need to start focusing on building smaller here in America I really enjoyed what they refer to as there hunting cabin house plans. Some of them would make very nice small country homes.

There is Hope for the future

While the United States is a more fast-paced society, there are a number of examples that you can point to that indicate an openness for the idea of slowness. The number of farmers markets have increased dramatically and the options to buy organic food are bountiful. Urban design has become more concerned about placemaking and human interactions. Green building designs, sustainable urban development, growth management, and other measures to contribute to a greener environment are becoming more commonplace. Local entrepreneurship has become a key driver of urban economies and adds diversity to our main streets."

Traveling to Boston

I've never been to Boston. I've never been a lot of places though so thats not anything unusual. My step son was born in Boston. Of course my ex husband has been coast to cost 10 times so he has been to Boston on more than one occasion. I love to visit places with lots of history. I think old historical places and buildings are enchanting and Boston has lots of history.

The best way to be sure and visit the best of the historical sites that Boston has to offer would be to look into taking Boston tours. Some of the tours you could take advantage of are, Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston, Boston Black Heritage Trail, Boston Harbor Cruises, Tours and Whale Watching Excursions, Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour (this one sounds really good), Boston North End Market Tours, The Histrionic Academy - Walking Tours of Boston, Boston Movie Tours, Boston to Provincetown Ferry, Photo Tours of Boston, Boston By Foot Walking Tours, Cell Phone Walking Tour of Boston, Boston Duck Tours (they have those in Hot Springs also).

Boston Welcomes has a full list of tours as well as calendar events and accommodation's and a whole lot more.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The end of another day

Another day is rolling over. I am sitting here waiting for updates that will show up when the new day starts. At least a new day on the sites, not really a new day because its hours before sunrise here. And there may or may not be updates for me to write stuff on. The last week there hasn't been anything after 11pm central. But that can change at any time.

Mouse and I lay bags today since Coyote was in trouble for being a smart ass. She is improving. The girl still doesn't have any common sense at all, but she is improving. what kills me is she often comes across as dumb as a house because she doesn't have any common sense, but she is my honor student and has an IQ only 1 point lower than Coyotes.

The wall is high enough at the point where I'm not backfilling that I can't lift the buckets up anymore. Its just to high. I've seen people handle this by stacking stquare hay bales around the bottom. I'm going to talk to bear about getting me a step ladder or something for these areas.

Home Theater Seating

I have that home theater seating. It might be worth it to just buy 1 or 2 of them to put in a regular room. They look so nice and comfortable and I love the cup holders. I know these are supposed to be a man thing but I just like them. I don't know if they come in singles. Some of them do come with those padded padded square thingies.

I don't really have room for anything like that in my house. I'm not going to have room for anything like that in my new house either. At least I don't think that I will.

Product Review, Floating Solar Candle

I will be packing this back up in its box and returning it. What a complete waste of time and money that was.

The product looks like a small white candle under a glass globe. It uses solar power and is described as resembling a flickering candle. A true candle would be much brighter than this thing is and it hardly flickers at all. Its also orange in color, not white like the candle under the glass. Your better off using real candles.

A portable Scanner

Have you ever had a need for portable scanner. Well actually no I haven't, unless of course my computer was broken and I needed to scan something at someones house and they didn't have one. I guess if you were going to do all of your work on a lap top in camp grounds like this man I read about a few months ago then you would need a portable scanner. You might need a portable printer too for that matter.

The ScanShell 2000N (which is now the ScanShell 2000NR) has a USB 2.0 HighSpeed interface. It is a portable scanner with 600 DPI high-resolution A4, Twain compliant and color, which offers high quality image capture. It Supports Windows operating system. The Scanshell 2000R works with any standard USB port and requires no external power supply other than what it gets from your computer when you plug it in. Scanshell 2000NR comes with bundled software that offers great value at no extra charge, including DocShell for easy scaning, sharing and organizing of photos and documents. Below are the scanning specifications

Scanner Specification

* Interface: USB (Universal Serial Bus)
* Image sensor: CMOS CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
* Scanning modes: Internal 48-bit analog-to-digital conversion for R,G,B three-color channels.
* Scan area: Maximum 8.5" x 14. (legal page)
* Scan speed: 3 ppm (pages per minute) B/W; 1 ppm Color
* Scanner Weight: 11.8 oz (335 Grams) ( lightweight scanner )
* Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.5" x 2.0" x 1.7" (292 x 51 x 43mm) ( A4 scanner )
* Cable length: 150 cm
* Power consumption: 0.01W Suspend; 0.2W Stand by; 2.0W during scan
* Paper Thickness: 0.1mm~0.6mm
* Twain compatible

The Evil teenager

Coyote is being one of those I know everything and you don't know everything teenagers today. He was told to hand wash the large dishes last night and stuck them in the dishwasher. I told him he had to hand wash them today and he gave me an attitude about that. Mouse put the dishes in the dishwasher and told I'm to go ahead and hand wash the others and he refused because she hadn't cleaned the entire kitchen yet. Then when I told him to do it so she could get them out of her way he gave me some more attitude. Well that does it. No more computer for him tonight. He can stay in his room all evening. I guess he'll be missing survivor tonight too because he's not coming out to watch it.

Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween. I live everything about it. I love the time of year and the scary movies on TV and the decorations and costumes and candy. Maybe its a witch thing.

Costumes has some really awesome Halloween Costumes and they've cut there international shipping rates in half too. I don't know how many other countries practice Halloween. I do know that its evolved into what it currently is from many other different cultures so there might be other versions of it out there. Its definitly a Pagan Tradition. I love there sexy pirate costumes, but they have lots on non sexy costumes and children's costumes. I think this one comes from that movie 300 where that group of 300 soldiers held off several thousand other soldiers. I didn't watch the movie, my husband did. I just caught the tail end of it.

A beautiful morning

It was chilly enough this morning that I had to wrap my traditional blanket around my legs when I went outside. Its sort of my winter thing. I usually sleep in shorts and I don't like to change right away so when I go out into the woods I will wrap a throw or something around my legs. Its not as if I have to be concerned about being seen by neighbors and the deer really don't care what I'm wearing.

The leaves here are just beginning to turn and the days are just cooling off slightly. The sky is clear blue almost every day. The kind of clear blue that hurts your eyes when you look at it.
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