Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I think that pretty much everyone either currently knows someone or has known someone who has had or has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction. Its a very very common thing. Maybe its because its to easy to get your hands on these things. I don't think any amount of laws they create are going to change that though. Its been proven again and again and again. If a person wants them there going to be able to get them legal or illegal.

Wikipedia defines addiction as is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking, despite what the majority of society may perceive as the negative consequences associated with drug use.

To qualify as being dependent a person must

* Take a drug regularly
* Experience unpleasant symptoms if discontinued, which makes stopping difficult.

The way its been explained to me is that the body chemistry of the individual has changed so that the body actually thinks it needs the substance to survive. I guess its similar to a person who never drinks water and drinks nothing but Soda. Even if you drink water you won't feel as though your thirst has been quenched because you body is accustomed to you quenching your thirst with soda and thats what it wants.

There are a lot of reasons why a person becomes an addict. Sometimes there predisposed to it for genetic reasons.
I know two people like that. Sometimes there trying to relieve pain of some ort. One of those people also has a painful back injury that also led to her addiction. The other person also had a father who is an addict but his brothers and sisters are not addicts so he also has genetics as well as learned behavior.

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