Monday, October 29, 2007

Another delivery to Altus

Well right now were waiting on a check from a lady in Tennessee that we sent a case to and tomorrow we deliver 3 cases to Old Post Winery in Altus. Old post is one of 4 Winery's there. All 4 winery's are our customers. There is Mount Bethal, Chateau Aux Arc , Wiederkehr Wine Cellars and Restaurant, and Cowie Wine Cellars and Bed and Breakfast.

I live to eat at Wiederkehr's restaurant. Its in one of there old wine cellars with heavy hand hewn very old wooden timbers on the walls. The ceiling is covered with grapevines string in white Christmas lights and there are wine bottles on the tables with candles in them. The wax has dripped all over the wine bottles. There's also a very old stone fireplace in the middle of the dinning room. Its very cozy in the wintertime.

Chateau Aux Arc has gone green. Her winery also includes a lovely two story house situated in the middle of her beautiful vineyards available for short term rental and I believe she is also building a bed and breakfast on the property. She has a beautiful gift shop and its worth visiting if your in the area.

I was going to go down there and pick grapes this year (not for money I just wanted the experience) but unfortunately the late frost we had destroyed everyones grape crops. from what I understand it hasn't hurt the winery's to bad since they had several vintages on hand to keep them in business.

Our trip tomorrow will probably include lunch and Kelts Irish pub. We love to eat there and stop every chance we get. There isn't a website for Kelts but I did find this You Tube Video.


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