Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beverly Hills dinnerware

I love beautiful things! I guess all women love beautiful things but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because I think something is beautiful doesn't mean someone else is going to think its beautiful as well. Geary's.com has lots of beautiful things on there website. Unfortunately for me there located in the heart of Beverly Hills which means they sport Beverly Hills Prices and are really best for Beverly Hills Shopping. Oh well, I can dream!

When it comes to dinnerware I am very very picky. Not any old plates will do. It has to fit what I'm going for at the time. I guess you could call what I like contemporary dinnerware. They have a lot of stuff that fits into what I like. My first love was white embossed dinnerware. But I don't really go for that anymore. Then I started getting into plates that look like leaves and things like that. I still love them and think there beautiful but now I tend to look for old rustic Italian dinnerware like this. Yes I did find something I like.
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This dinnerware has a soft warm creamy color. Its bumpy in texture and looks hand made and the edges appear to be worn and dirty from years of use. These are called Tuscan Peasant and I love this style. At over 30 dollars an item though there still out of my price range.


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