Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In case anyone was wondering my friend Anne did not get burned up in the fire she is still in her home daubing mud on earthbag walls like the local wasps that we call Mud Dabbers.

We watched House tonight, the new episode. I've been trying to get her hooked on it. I loved this episode because they were treating a patient that mimicked the behavior of everyone around him and when each of House's new candidates went in to do a test or give a treatment they each learned something about them self. We learned that the possible Witch is very very afraid of "something" and that house thinks she is really really hot. We also learned that although Foreman seemed unhappy about returning to his job at the hospital he really isn't and is at peace with the whole idea. We also learned that the cut throat bitch is not trying to hide a lack of ability she thinks she has to be perfect at everything because everyone hates her. I guess she really was a cut throat bitch after all. One of the doctors is unhappy and bored and wants to go back to treating people in third world countries and that the hospital administrator Cuttey (could be spelled differently but is pronounced like that) is not the dominant one in there relationship. It was a hilarious episode. We didn't learn anything about the plastic surgeon or the Mornon (who punched Dr House in the last episode because House was repeatedly insulting his religious beliefs). Nobody got fired in this episode because one of Houses old team members was taking bets on who was going to get fired and he talked him into splitting the money with him 50/50 when House decided not to fire anyone.


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