Friday, October 26, 2007

Luxury real estate

Last night I dreamed about Arizona luxury real estate. I have no idea why iwas dreaming about Arizona when I have never been there but I was. I was also dreaming about a party bear was planning for himself under a tent near an ocean that was shallow enough to be a kiddy pool and when I first done into it I was convinced it was and he had made a mistake.

In this dream someone I knew from high school (not really a friend)was building a house. It sat on top of a desert like hill and overlooked a lake shore. Not the whole lake, just the shore part of it. There was lots and lots of glass inside and it had a very modern look with some heavy rustic looking timbers in the ceiling. It was very grand and I was very jealous. After all she never was nice to me. She also built a house for her parents (they weren't really her parents because her mother was dead and she moved out of her fathers place when she was 16 and in with her husbands parents (they weren't dating at the time) so I guess they were actually his parents. I think things have been a little bit to boring lately.


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