Monday, October 29, 2007


Well it seems I have made some progress on my diet. I put on a pair of pants that were to small last time I put them on. They have a snap front and everytime isat down the snap came undone,plus the waist cut intop me in away I have never liked. Today I put them on to run into town real quick and take Bear his knee brace and low and behold not only do they not come unsnapped when I sit down but they also feel pretty comfortable.

I was so motivated by this that I've been sticking to low calorie dieting all day and did an hour and a half of cross country hiking (which is essentially just walking the path around my property in circles for an hour and a half, I live in the mountains so that counts) and after dinner I will still be 1800 calories short for the day. Thats basing it on 2000 calories a day and what I've burned and what I've eaten. Thats whats so cool about the online calorie counter. I can actually figure stuff up like that.


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