Sunday, October 21, 2007

A quiet afternoon

Bear says we will get the forms for the wood on Tuesday or Wednesday when he's off again. whatever. He will have to do it eventually because he knows I'm not going to quit bugging him about it. I didn't get much done today. Some vacuum cleaner salesman from church talked him into letting him come over and demonstrate. It was supposed to be an air freshener but it wasn't it was a vacuum cleaner that also worked like an air freshener. Basically it was a rainbow vacuum with a different name and a few alterations. It was also supposed to be only an hour and we ended up running him off after an hour. We were tires after that.

Bear made dinner and then fell asleep for several hours. I took a walk in the woods and enjoyed the changing leaves the way they looked in the light of the setting sun. There's just enough color to hint of fall, still.


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