Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have seen two rainbows over the last two weeks. Two very vivid ones. Today I decided to combine my cross country hiking exercise and meditation since my meditation area is near the trail I walk on in the woods. The sun was starting to set. It rained most of last night and today and the colors in the leaves are getting more vivid. The sweet gums and maples looked like fire when the golden light shone through them and that eerie yellow light was cast over everything. I like that eerie yellow light.

I hit the trail and started walking. I noticed the rainbow on my third round. I was at 29.5o minutes and decided to go ahead and go to my meditation spot. I stood on the hillside and watched the golden light slowly leave the tree covered hills and enjoyed the rainbow that cut right through the middle of the view in front of me.

I've looked up rainbow symbolism and got several meanings. There is a promise that won't be broken, unattainable wealth, and new beginnings.


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