Thursday, October 18, 2007

Swimming Pool Tiling

Can you imagine how much time it must take to do swimming pool tile. Its usually Mosaic tile and that stuff is so expensive to do. Plus its time consuming even when it does come in those pre done sheets like it does. Maybe they make bigger ones for swimming pools. I do think Mosaic tile are pretty. My aunt had one once. She lived in a house that was made to look like a chalet in the woods and it had a pool in the back with mosaic tile on it. They sold it a long time ago though.

I think your better off doing swimming pool resurfacing and going with concrete or tile when you put it in rather than trying to do one of those plastic liners. Another friend of mine has had a pool for 10 years and they've replaced the liner twice.

My husband knows someone who has a stainless steel pool. That would be really net.

There is a website called and they do pool tiling and resurfacing. we know how all of that chlorine can take a toll on a pool


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