Monday, October 22, 2007

Teakwood Furniture

I've never really had the expensive lawn furniture. I get the cheap stuff from Wal-mart. Actually all I had for a long time were those cheap white plastic chairs. One year I got a really nice glass top table with basket weave chairs. I still have it. Its sitting on my cedar deck out front. It doesn't look as good as it used to though. From what I have been told (I've never really done a lot of research on lawn furniture) teak garden furniture is the best you can get. Iron furniture is below that.

Teakwood Patio is one of the best suppliers of teak benches and teak tables. Its really beautiful stuff and definitly worth checking out. They have teakwood chairs to of course. Looking at there pictures makes me think of Hawaii. I've never been there so I don't know why it would make me think that. I can see why teakwood is so popular. Its not only rot resistant but its also very beautiful.


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