Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's supposed to be rain at some point today. I haven't checked the weather yet myself but I remember reading about it. The skies are blue right now though. Bright blue. Painfully blue. So blue it hurts your eyes to look at it. Its getting colder now and its way past time for me to start pulling out my long sleeves. I'm just not really in the mood to do so. The turning leaves outside are getting more and more positive about it every day. I've turned the heat on twice already (still turning it off during the day) and we lit a fire for the first time on Tuesday. That reminds me I need to clean the ashes out. It burned all day long and I'm sure that tiny little fireplace is full of ashes.

I burned my thumb this morning on my coffee cup. When I bought the new set it said Microwavable but not Microwave safe. These dishes get very hot in the microwave. Its not like the stuff you can just reach in and pull out with your bare hands. If you do that with these plates and bowls and cups they will burn you.

Last night I dreamed about Harry Potter and my kitchen. Only the kitchen in this dream wasn't my kitchen. This one was a lot like the kitchen in my old house. Both of them face north so there is always a kind of blueness to the light in there. They both had white cabinets. My old one had black counters and white linoleum floors and white pinstriped wallpaper. It sounds stark and bare but it was in fact very beautiful. Any color I put in it popped and I decorated it in black red and white and green. In this dream this kitchen looked like that without the decorations and it was bigger. There was a gas stove in it and bear kept moving the stove around and the microwave.

As far as the Harry Potter part of my dreams he died, lol. He had a grave on top of the roof of the old Junior High in town,. lol. I haven't seen one of those movies or read a book since the last one came out. I have no idea where that came from.


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