Monday, October 22, 2007

Well I guess the calorie counter and the mild exercise is working because when I lost my water retention this morning my waist was a little bit tinier than before and my belly bulge a lot smaller. I've only been using the calorie counter for 3 weeks and I've had days where I really didn't stay under my calorie goal anyway so I can't complain to much. The point is its slowly going down, not up.

Did you know that romaine lettuce has twice as many calories in it than red leaf does. 1 cup of red leaf lettuce has 4 calories in it and a cup of romaine has 8 calories in it. Even though the dressing really has more calories in it than anything. I've been using French because its lower calorie than ranch which is what I was eating. Its homemade though so its not low fat or low calorie at all. I'm going to buy some low calorie dressing when I go to the grocery store next time though. There is a 100 calorie difference in the low cal and the regular.

I'm still going over on my protein most days though. I'm probably still eating way to much meat.


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