Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Christmas village

Our Christmas village is nearly done. bear spent an hour or longer building the wooden platforms today. I guess he decided he needed something different from last year. We did add two new houses this year and a chicken coup so I guess we really did need something bigger. we added more people this year too. We had postmen and firemen and a horses drawn buggy. Plus the same old tired deer from when we started the village. we also picked up some cows and chickens and things like that plus all of the regular people. The new set up is 8 feet long. I don't have all of toe cotton batting on it yet and we need to replace two of the light bulbs. One of the street lights is out and we need another connector for the other street lights because there isn't enough on them. Oh we also added a fiber optic tree. I think it looks a little cluttered but Bear insists that its perfect. I'll take pictures when we get the two lights and lamp fixed and when we get the new cotton on there.


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