Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chrocheting with Plastic Bags

I have used a lot of different things to crochet with. I've crochet raffia and grass that I wove into a rope. I've seen people crochet with dried seaweed and would like to try it but I don't live on the ocean. I've also unraveled old sweaters and made them into knew things and shredded old clothing that is stained and can't be recycled and made them into headbands and ponytail holders and rugs.

Now here is someone at who recycled plastic bread bags and crochet them into a colorful handbag. She says that you have to cut the strips thinner than fabric and thats its a little harder on your joints than yarn or cloth. She also says don't over pull on the work. remember plastic scratches and does not bounce back.


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