Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Digitial Cameras

I love my digital camera. It was a mothers day present 5 years ago. I guess its really time to replace it. Bear has one picked out he wants to get for me thats 500 dollars. I'm more interested in the Nikon D40x. It a canon like the one I have now. My neighbor has one she spent some serious bucks on. She does photography for a hobby though. I have a picture frame on my desk with some beautiful pictures she took of echinacea and butterflies in my garden during the summer.

I do love digital cameras. I think its one of the best inventions. No more having to take the film in and have it developed. You can see the pictures right after you take them and flip through what you've taken and see what you want to delete. Its very very cool.

I love to use my camera mostly to take pictures of the woods as the seasons change and of things I would love to remember. I have online photo albums but I guess I need to get another scrap book. Scrap books are nice to flip through. There also a lot of fun to make.


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