Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Doc Shop

It seems that everyone is really looking forward to me being able to get contact lenses in January when our insurance goes into effect. To tell you the truth thanks to paid blogging I can afford to get them now, I just don't want to because I'm to cheap to pay full price for them. I';m funny like that. Plus I have had to go such long period without health insurance and without the money to buy them that I have learned to live without them. I have enjoyed increased hearing and sensitivity to vibration thanks to it. When the kids school bus arrives I can hear it through 1000 feet of overgrown forest and rolling hills. I've very proud of that, but it would be really nice to be able to see. With contact lenses I can see individual trees on far off mountains. Without them I have to scoot my computer screen to the edge of the desk and enlarge the letters 3 times to be able to read the screen.

Even though I have learned to live without contact lenses I don't necessarily like living without contact lenses. I would much rather be able to see clearly and since I don't know when I may have to go without health insurance for a long period again I am considering Lasik eye surgery. Its been around long enough for people to know if its going to cause any negative effects. I've learned a lot about it on Doc Shop.com. I've also learned about a new procedure called implantable lenses or something like that. Its where they insert a correct lens inside the eye. I think my MCS would make that to risky though. My body does not like things that don't belong there stuck in it and knowing this I would really hate to have anything inserted inside of my eye. Contact lenses are difficult enough.

That procedure is only for those that don't qualify for Lasik though and I think I qualify. Here is a list of the qualifications in your wondering.
  • Ensure that the eye has developed properly and matured, the ideal LASIK candidate is at least 18 years old.
  • Prior to surgery, vision must be stable for at least one year.
  • No eye infection or injury within the past year.
  • Candidates may not be affected by an autoimmune disorder, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome or Lupus.
  • No history of herpes infections in the eye, as LASIK may bring on a recurrence of the infection.
  • No scarring may be present on the cornea to be considered for LASIK.
  • Candidates must understand the risks of LASIK surgery and have realistic expectations regarding the results that can be achieved.
  • A LASIK candidate may not be nursing or pregnant on the date of surgery.
  • Individuals with dry eye syndrome are not good LASIK candidates.
  • Individuals with pupils that dilate beyond seven millimeters in the dark are not good candidates for LASIK.


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