Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze It

I suffer from pretty much constant pain in one for or another. Sitting in a chair in any position seems to be a problem for the bones, and muscles between my shoulder blades and neck. I get migraines. My body is sore and stiff every single morning. When I get out of bed it sounds like rice crispy treats. I can't be on my feet very long without them hurting so badly that its more comfortable to walk on the sides of them. I guess I'm just lucky that I have a high tolerance for all of it.

I'm not saying I can tolerate the migraines. I can't. No one can tolerate one of those. I've taken over the counter pains medication for them for soo long that it takes as many as six Tylenol and 4 aspirin just to take the edge off of it.

I can use Freeze It to help ease the pain while I'm waiting for the pills to kick in. You have to be careful when putting it on your face. Its agony if you get it in your eyes but it does help. I also use Freeze It on my neck and on my beck when I have to be sitting for long periods. I've found that its not really strong enough to ease the pain in my feet. I haven't really found anything strong enough to do that. The skin on a persons feet is very thick and tough and since I frequently go barefoot the skin on mine is even more thick. I do find that its much stronger than most of what you get on the market. Remember, its called Freeze It Gel.

This is my picture. Its an old one. I don't look like this anymore. A friend of mine put those cool bubbles in the background.


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