Friday, November 02, 2007

House Plans

I love houses. I also love to look at house plans and go to open houses. Looking at house plans used to be one of my favorite activities. Now designers are trying to put more and more into even the smaller homes.

I used to love log homes and wanted one. I'm not really drawn to them anymore. Log Cabin House Plans tend to be simpler than regular houses. Now I tend to lean toward English Cottage House Plans. I've never really liked the Small Ranch House Plans that seem to be a dime a dozen.

In some of the newer fancier homes the bathtub in the master bathrooms are set up almost like alters in a temple. Thats really how a bathtub should be though. A sacred space.

House Plans and has a beautiful photo gallery of there homes. Not just with outside pictures, they also have inside pictures as well. I love to look at the insides of the houses as well.


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