Thursday, November 15, 2007

More about Google

I made this button for a friend who requested a pink one for her site. This morning Google went through with another wave of attacks. it looks as though there hitting anything that shows any indication of having sponsored posts on it or what "they" consider to be irrelevant content. My question is why they think they have the right to judge that. They don't. A blog belongs to an individual and they have the right to write what ever the hell they want on it. My cat blog stays related. if i have an off topic add then i find away to relate that go animals in one way or another. Thats still related to the pet blog. And what about personal blogs. You can write what ever the heck you want in a personal blog because they cover a wide variety of topics.

PPP has finally taken notice of this and is implementing there new ranking system right away. I don't know about the other sites. Two of them I use don't mess with Google ranking at all. They base there ranking on a number of other things and I have 3's across the board with them. What aggravating is one of my blogs would have had a 5 if Google had ranked as they usually do. I worked hard for that 5 and now it has a big fat Zero too. That blog has over 1000 sites linking to it.


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