Friday, November 02, 2007

A new concept in dish draining

This is a coll article I found on tree Hugger, of course showing an interesting dish drainer in which the water drains from the dishes into a flower pot. I can't see this as being all that practical. You clearly can't put that ,many dishes in that dish drainer.


TreeHugger is always on the lookout for materials, ideas, designs and concepts that make the most of what we have and wasting as little as possible; it's a key idea for anyone who wants to maximize the reach of their lives while minimizing their footprint on the planet.

For example, for those of you without dishwashers: ever think about what happens to all the water that drains off your rinsed dishes? (We didn't think so.) Designer Erdem Selek did, and came up with the "Dish Drainer Project," a tree-like contraption that collects the water dripping from your recently-cleaned dishes and waters your plants with it.

It probably wouldn't work for a family of five's-worth of dishes every night, but we think that it'd help contextualize all the water that we all mindlessly waste every day, and show that you really care about being smart about your resource use. We have this funny image of people with dishes all over their homes, dinner plates patiently watering their plants after an evening meal. It might seem a trifle silly to some, but it certainly beats letting that water pool up in your dish drainer, and, hey, waste not, want not.


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