Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pro 360

I’ve talked about my husbands internet gambling before and I’m going to talk about it again now. I'm not complaining or anything. He is entitled to do the things he enjoys. I should be glad there aren’t any casinos in Arkansas or my husband would never be home. No thats not really true. I don't think he would be at them all of the time or he would want to go to them more often than he does. At least he can gamble online. Thats a good thing. Its better than gambling away from the home and its not as though he has an addiction or anything.

Pro360 is an online casino site review where they list the sites online and give them a ranking. According to the front page there are hundreds of sites on there. This is a good thing to keep an eye on after all you never know when the site your using is going to suddenly decided to take money out of your account. My husband had something like that happen once. The site he was using took 50 dollars out of his account and several other peoples accounts and no amount of complaining seemed to make the least bit of difference.


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