Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Saterday in the Ozarks

Ah yes its Saterday morning in the Ozarks and very clearly late autumn. We had a slight chance of snow last night and none on the ground this morning. Thats pretty typical. The ground is covered in a carpet of leaves. The sky is gray and its cold.

Everything is done for Christmas/Yule except for decorating the tree (which is up with lights on it) and buying my dads gift (and we have no idea what were getting him). I'm already kind of sick of the Christmas thing.

I ran across this TV show on lifetime last night which America's Psychic Challenge. They have 16 people on the show claiming to be psychics. There was some really interesting stuff going on. one of the things they had to do was walk into a murder scene and tell them what happened and try and tie the guy sitting in the room to it. There were 4 people left when I watched it. two of them nailed it almost perfectly. They knew there was a fight. They knew the shooter left the bar and came back. One of them knew the shooter was famous and knew where the victim that died died at. The other one pinpointed where the victim that did not die was sitting when he was shot and mimicked the exact position he was sitting in. She also knew where the victim that didn't die was shot.

Before the breaks they have a psychic challenge for the audience. I've been going through watching old episodes and so far I have gotten everyone of the challenges right, its pretty cool.


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Saturday, that is the way it is spelled dear!

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