Saturday, November 03, 2007

Techie Deals

Even though I work on the internet I'm not really a technical person. I can't build a computer. Coyote had to program my phone for me. Mouse had to show my how to work the DVR. When something really wrong goes wrong on my computer I have to have our friend Mike come over and fix it. This doesn't mean that I'm not interested in all of the new gadgets thats are coming out on the market though. I'm very interested and even more interested in getting good deals on them since bargain hunting is sort of tattooed into my brain from being broke for so long. So when I ran across this site full of tech bargains I was pretty excited. This site tech bargains .com has a nice looking digital camera right on there front page for 199 dollars and I'm going to need a new digital camera soon. Mine still works fine but the shutter is starting to stick when you turn it on. I even saw a good deal on some Dell slim desktop processors. Its about time they made smaller ones. It saves space after all and with people trying to be more green and going to smaller homes verses those McMansion energy hogs space is pretty important.


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