Friday, November 02, 2007

Used Birmingham

I love to go antique hunting. I don't live in Birmingham or anywhere near it for that matter but has a long list of used stuff you can browse through. Not the actual items but ads for the items. Its pretty cool. Kind of like online classified adds. I found such listings as Arts and Antiques, Cars, Children's items, Clothing and Accessories, Computers, General Merchandise, Electronics. They also have a jobs and help wanted and even a personals section. Just like regular classifieds in a newspaper have only you don't have to pay a subscription fee and you don't have to go down to the local gas station to buy it either. As the cost of driving continues its getting harder and harder for papers to find people who will deliver them. It probably won't be to much longer before reading the newspaper online is the only option that you have left. I'm sure that eventually its going to become to much of a hassle for people to go and get a local paper and almost everyone has a computer these days.


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