Friday, December 14, 2007


Adknowledge is the next generation of online advertising. it allows you to expand your advertising dollars reach beyond Yahoo and Google. They operate which allows advertisers to bid on multi-channel behavioral targeting ad network. Basically the adds go to the highest bidder. I wouldn't recommend this for a small business with a tight budget as a big business could outbid you fairly quickly.

The way it works is Taglines are inserted into various email communications. This allows businesses to be associated with personal user communications that are exchanged between friends, loved ones, and other trusted sources of information. This unique way of advertising can provide an advertiser with over one-billion impressions per month. Your customers can be targeted on certain times of the day, week and month. You will also reach your target audience according to their online behaviors and interests. This helps to increase ad yields and deliver industry leading CPM’s. It also uses anonymous behavioral targeting to deliver users highly relevant advertisements that will interest them.

Adknowledge is currently offering $50 in FREE PPC Advertising right now so you may want to sign up just to get the free advertising. All free advertising is good advertising. At least as far as I am concerned.


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