Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amelia Island

This cold foggy weather makes me think of wanting to get away. There is this placed called Amelia Island that it would be very nice to visit. Its called Florida's legendary Island. I bet Bear knows all about it. Its described as having southern charm with exotic flare. I was looking over the website and they have stories on the the page about things that have happened on the island. When I have time later tonight I'll have to sit down and read them. I just love places like that that have a history. Right now I would love anything that would get me out of all of this mist and fog. Day after day of this is starting to get kind of depressing and those sandy southern beaches are starting to sound really really nice.

There having a Lodging Special right now. If you book 2 nights there in a row you get the 3rd night FREE at any of the 12 participating Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts. That would be awesome for a three day weekend. I can't think of any that might be coming up, but you could always take a vacation day and make one.


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